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Al fresco living not only epitomizes the Australian dream – it is also the key to a healthier lifestyle and a simple way to reconnect with nature.  Whether for mental, physical or even spiritual health, homeowners increasingly want more from their outdoor, indoor living space – for example; a quiet place for thought and meditation.

Geostone™ honed decorative concrete is the key to a perfect outdoor entertaining area too. A wide range of colours and finishes makes connecting the inside to the outdoors easy, and will give a dramatic lift to outdoor entertaining areas including patios, verandas and pool surrounds.

Geostone™ honed decorative concrete offers more than just natural flair and style – it adds comfort and durability to outdoor entertaining areas from patio to poolside. The honing process ensures a smoother, more comfortable and lower maintenance finish designed to amplify the natural beauty of the stone. Application of a sealer once installed creates a durable non-slip surface, perfect for creating your personal poolside oasis.


Welcome Home

Sourced from the great outdoors and designed for great outsides, the uniqueness of Australian stone is fused with reinforced concrete to create Geostone™ exposed aggregate decorative concrete. The stone used is extracted from the earth and carefully selected for its colour, size and shape to maintain its natural variation. Then, it’s put through a process that ensures a tough, versatile and visually stunning product suitable for driveways, pathways and landscaping.

Best of all, exposed aggregates like Geostone™ add value. According to research by Holcim in December 2016, an exposed aggregate driveway can add up to 15% to the market value of a home, well ahead of traditional alternatives such as pavers and plain concrete.

So, imagine. You’re arriving home after a long day. You pause for a fleeting moment to take in your stunning, flowing, Geostone™ driveway. In an instant calmness descends as the natural textures and colours seem to whisper; ‘welcome home’.

Exclusive in Australia to Alternative Surfaces, the globally recognised X-Bond Seamless Stone is a water based, seamless stone overlay system. The mix combines an engineered liquid polymer with Stone-Tex which allows some flexibility and is not as cold underfoot as tiles or concrete.

X-Bond is a hand-trowelled application which is designed to be applied at a 2-4mm depth directly over concrete, tiles and sheeting.

X-Bond consists of internal and external finishes and sealers which are available in a variety of colours and can be applied to floors, walls and joinery pieces.

The finishes available in the Xbond System include:
X-Bond Polished Bond
X-Bond Polished Concrete
X-Bond BI

Similar to a burnished concrete look, the Loft finish provides a textured surface finish whilst remaining smooth under foot. The expressive character left by the trowel marks, create an individual texture which is perfect for individual design concepts. Being a thin, trowel on finish suits all situations, whether it be low traffic residential through to heavy foot traffic commercial projects. For more information visit the brochures section.


Self-levelling and similar to PANDOMO Floor but with a special sand reinforcement embedded into the wet flooring during installation, the Floorplus finish has an improved abrasion resistance of 30%. Ideal for medium foot traffic commercial projects, the Floorplus finish provides a stone floor aesthetic look while having the benefits of an in-situ system. For more information visit the brochures section.

Self-levelling and used to create a lightly polished concrete without exposed aggregate look, PANDOMO Floor can be tinted to a variety of colours to express an individual design.In-situ and natural looking, residential and light traffic commercial floors are transformed into smooth fine grain structures to create a tasteful high-class result. For more information visit the brochures section.

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