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Manufacturers and distributors of skylights, skydomes, ventilators, vented and non-vented skylights, tubelights, acrylic and polycarbonate skylights, round or rectangular skylights, and overhead glazing, for residential and commercial applications.

Translucent yet incredibly Rigid! Clear-PEP Core Panels offer a unique combination of aesthetically pleasing effects and a geometry that offers a lightweight yet incredibly strong panel with compressive strength. Available for UV grades for outdoors and non-UV grades for indoors. Finishes include clear, colour or satin finish as well as customised finishes for projects. Applications are endless from architecture, furniture, noise reduction, decor, awnings, point of sale and lighting.


Clear-PEP® UV PC Colour

Clear-PEP® UV PC colour is a translucent and UV protected panel for design and building applications.

Clear PEP® UV Satin

Clear PEP® UV Satin is characterised by a unique light scattering geometry and subtle surface colours. The acrylic satin surfaces do not show any fingerprints or incidental scratches.

Clear PEP® UV PC Stage

Clear PEP® UV PC Stage is characterised by an anti slip surface, scratch resistance, translucent optic and high load bearing capacity. This material is easy to handle and exceptionally lightweight.

Clear-PEP® UV PC Transparent

Clear-PEP® UV PC Transparent and clear-PEP® PC Transparent are both aesthetically pleasing, high-tech composites which offers unique alternatives in many applications with uses in the architectural field, both indoors and outdoors.

Due to the unique geometry of the PEP core these panels are lightweight and yet provide an excellent combination of high rigidity, compressive strength and noise reduction qualities. Clear PEP® panels are environmentally friendly, inert and fully recyclable as well as energy efficient in production and handling. The surfaces includes UV grades as well as non UV grades.



In an age where environmental consciousness is vital, sunlight is one of the prime natural resources that can be used. The Tubular Skylights by Solatube utilise this resource to maximum efficiency by connecting an optical dome to Spectralight Infinity Tubing. The dome utilised in Solatube products includes smart Raybender3000 Technology which captures sun rays of all angles and directs it towards the tubing. The tubing surface features a 99.7% reflectivity rate allowing the incoming light to continually reflect over 9m with minimal loss of brightness. 

Solatube’s Smart LED system is an innovative day and night home lighting network that utilises SunSense technology. During the day, the system uses sunlight however as daylight levels decrease, LED is introduced to seamlessly blend with natural light until at night, only LED is used. This allows a consistent provision of brightness to be supplied whilst cutting lighting energy use by 94%.

The SolaMaster Prismatic Diffuser easily snaps onto the bottom of SpectraLight Tubing to blend incoming light rays from the sky to create a bright diffusion of natural light. The diffuser is also designed to replicate traditional troffers to create a uniform aesthetic to any interior.

The SolaMaster OptiView Diffuser features Fresnel lenses to collimate the daylight collected by the optical dome. This allows for a more efficient use of light, effectively distributing it throughout the space and reducing energy costs. 

To further enhance the performance of the Brighten Up daylighting systems, Solatube offers a range of accessories to allow easier adaption to any roofing design and environment. Accessories include infinity degree extension tubes to allow installation around obstacles and the Shock Inner Dome to provide greater resistance in high velocity wind zones.

Solatube offers a large range of accessories to accompany the SolaMaster daylighting systems to suit any design vision. Some accessories include the daylight dimmer which uses a butterfly baffle controlled by a switch for periods of lower illumination levels and turret extensions to raise the height of the Solatube dome to avoid snow or water.

Solatube’s Brighten Up Series features four closed ceiling models in two different sizes. The 160 DS and the 290 DS are ideally used for small spaces such as offices and corridors. Additionally, the 160 DSe and the 290 DSe have earned an Energy Star rating for its optimal energy efficiency to minimise heat loss in winter and heat gain in summer.

Like its sister product, the SolaMaster 750 DS also efficiently captures daylight for indoor use however, it is specifically designed to reject the high-angle rays at midday. This allows for a consistent light output throughout the day. The product is available in an open and closed ceiling model for versatile use in large spaces. 

The SolaMaster 330 DS from Solatube captures daylight throughout the day and transmits it to the indoors to provide natural lighting to spaces where variances in light levels are not a prime issue. Solatube also manufactures designs for open and closed ceilings allowing it to be used across a wide range of commercial industries.

Solatube’s GlassDistractions combine the well being feeling of sunlight with the elegancy of glass, taking skylights to a new level. The six models in the new Solatube Glass Distraction range provide stylish, classic and contemporary options to bring daylighting into any dark room or hallway in the home. Manufactured from only high quality materials. Glass Distractions are available for the Solatube Daylighting Systems that are used in both small and large rooms. Applicable to Closed Ceiling buildings using Brighten Up® Daylighting Systems.

+ AuroraGlo
+ VividShade
+ TierDrop
+ QuadraFrost
+ OptiView
+ JustFrost

Poorly lit rooms are often unwelcoming and difficult to occupy, however with Solatube’s Brighten Up Daylighting Systems series of solar tubes the benefits of pure and natural daylight can be experienced in any room. The series uses highly reflective material that captures sunlight, dispersing it evenly and consistently throughout the day, whilst rejecting overpowering midday light and capturing sunlight even from the lowest angle. There is an option between two light diffusers – the OptiView and the Vusion, providing clear daylight with a view of the sky or light harmonisation respectively. Thermally conscious, the solar tubes also use a combination of advanced technology to ensure maximum sunlight with minimum heat gain or loss for efficient energy usage around the house through out the year.

Solatube’s Zero-to-90 Extension Tubes consists of three built-in 30 degree angle adapters that permit tubing to bypass attic obstructions, eliminate ductwork, wiring, cabling, and effectively hide installation along the opposite roofline. The Zero-to-90 degree extension tubes comprise of SolaTube International’s Spectralight Infinity, which permits such dramatic twists and turns for without compromise on lighting performance. These extension tubes are available for installation with the SolaTube Brighten Up Series, including SolaTube 160DS and SolaTube 290DS Daylighting Systems.

The SolaMaster Series has been designed to provide an extraordinary quantity of natural light to various expansive indoor spaces. The product range includes the SolaTube 330 DS, which maximises midday sunlight, and the 750 DS, designed to create a more consistent daylighting experience, improving visual comfort and effectively extending the day for those inside.

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All products can be integrated with Kingspan’s insulated roof and wall panel systems to provide the perfect finish to complete any building project.

A range of daylighting products for both roof and wall that allows natural light into buildings, whilst maintaining thermal efficiency and aesthetic appearance. Available in different colours, they perfectly integrate with the range of roof and wall systems.

No matter the metal decking style, Skydome’s range of skylights are still available for use. The essential design components are maintained however the skylights consist of counter flashing and are designed to work with the existing ribs of the decking for optimal waterproofing.

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