Revolving Doors

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To establish a truly unique building entrance, a revolving door is the best possible solution. DORMA’s range of revolving door systems  can be custom designed in a range of sizes, finishes and features to meet the requirements of the building infrastructure as well as the architectural intent of its designers. The effective airlock provided by a revolving door ensures the external weather conditions do not impact unfavourably on the internal building space, also significantly increasing the overall energy efficiency of a building. DORMA’S series of revolving doors includes the KTV, KTC, KTV Atrium and KTC-2. For more product information visit the brochure section.

Suitable for installation in a broad range of sectors encompassing shopping malls, hotels, hospitals, administrative and civic buildings, and corporate spaces, PORTALP’s range of revolving doors can be tailored to any project.

With excellent flow capacity and a streamlined, contemporary design aesthetic, revolving doors can be combined with PORTALP safety and control systems to ensure maximum operational performance. The doors are available in numerous materials and dimensions to allow both pedestrian and wheelchair passage, and can be installed in new and existing structures alike.

As with all PORTALP products, revolving doors are supplied in conjunction with a collaborative design process and comprehensive post-installation maintenance options. 

The key characteristic of Dorma’s revolving door systems is its energy efficient construction. This is achieved through effective separation between the internal and external climates to maintain a constant room temperature in the entrance area and reducing energy loss. Dorma’s revolving door range includes the KTV for door diameters between 2000mm to 3800mm and the KTC for door diameters from 3600mm to 4800mm.

KONE Revolving Doors are a range of revolving door solutions which address requirements of both low and high volume usage. The attractive but durable finish and a range of choices for door configurations provides any building with a feature entrance to match any architectural requirements. KONE Revolving doors are either manually or power operated, depending on the application and size. These products are supplied with alternatives for two, three, or four door wings, to suit any span of door opening voids.


Motor Drive below or above the door + Mechanical night lock + Spacial canopy + Weather-resistant


Diameter Range Exterior: 1600 to 4000 mm + Clear opening height: 2200 mm + Speed: 1 to 4 rpm *RANGE* 2-Door Leaf Models + 3-Door Leaf Models + 4-Door Leaf Models

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