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Designers, suppliers and manufacturers of interior doors, wardrobe doors, bi-fold doors, door systems and hanging systems in a range of materials from timer to aluminium for commercial, residential and industrial applications.

Aperio provides end users with a simple, intelligent way to upgrade the controllability and security level of their premises. The heart of Aperio is a short distance wireless communication protocol; designed to link an online electronic access control system with an Aperio enabled mechanical lock.

Key Benefits:

Affordable online door control of internal doors

  • Few components
  • Very easy installation
  • No changes to existing access control installation

Extends existing access control system

  • Connects over standard interface
  • No separate management software – uses existing access control system management software
  • No change of cards

Enhances security for internal doors

  • Eliminates key management issues
  • Authorization changes in real time
  • Encrypted communication
  • Audit trails and time zones through existing system

The 9000 Series heavy-duty exit device provides superior durability while the smooth reduced projection touchbar assembly minimizes catch hazards.

  • Available in rim with latch, mortise, and surface or concealed vertical rod with bolts
  • Fire and panic-rated versions
  • Wide or narrow stile devices
  • Motorized and solenoid driven electronic bolt retraction options
  • Anti-microbial coatings available
  • Heavy duty cast chassis
  • Wide range of external trims
  • Battery powered and direct wired alarmed devices
  • Controlled delayed egress available
  • Removable mullions in aluminum or steel

Versatile, contemporary, and exclusive to Slice Veneers, the range of wood veneer doors are ideal for any commercial or residential project.

Featuring a 2.5mm radius on all edges and available in 24 colours that highlight the natural beauty of timber, the veneer doors are a unique and cost efficient solution to complement projects of any style and nature.

Laminex® Contour® Finedge™ doors, one of our many door ranges, feature a contemporary, sleek 3mm edge profile or a wider 7mm edge profile. These streamlined edges give cabinet doors, drawers and joinery a seamless appearance. The durable surface is built to withstand everyday wear and tear. It’s also moisture resistant and easy to clean. All doors are finished with your choice of 1mm or 2mm ABS edging. The colour options complement the wider Laminex range, making it easy to create harmonious interiors.

Laminex® ColourTech® painted doors are coated in a technologically advanced  2 Pac polyurethane paint for a stunning easy clean finish and extraordinary moisture resistance. The range features a variety of designs to suit every taste, with a choice of gloss, satin or textured finishes. There are a large number of decors on offer from the Laminex Colour Palette, making it easy for you to create perfectly coordinated colour schemes. There are also several door profiles available, ranging from elegant simplicity to rich colonial character, with matching frame and edging options. ColourTech painted doors are the perfect way to create your your own premium, yet low maintenance look.

Mobe Kitchens Sydney holds an extensive array of Moma Lamitech Doors, a high-pressure manufactured timber-look cabinetry material. The premium quality product is manfactured in America and Europe, offering a more durable and functional finish than natural wood veneers. Available in Vertical or Horizontal grain styles, and an array of natural timber colours, including Teak, White Oak, and Sapelly, Moma Lamitech Doors provide a stylish and flexible solution to the modern residential kitchen.

Constructing cabinetry from extremely durable, high-gloss Ultra Glaze high-pressure laminate, Mobe Kitchens Sydney provides a stylish and durable storage solution to residential kitchens. The 1mm finish and mirrored finish result in a uniquely dramatic finish, which is fully customisable and available in a range of colours, including stylish whites, earthy browns, striking Wild Cherry, and luxurious blacks.

Mobe Polyurethane/Lacquer Doors combines flexibility of design, quality construction and gorgeous finish to offer the premium solution in kitchen storage. Each door is coated in four layers of the latest polyurethane surface and double baked to an extremely durable, moisture-resistant surface, with cabinets available in any colour, finish and front shape. The quality product and customised design make Mobe Polyurethane/Lacquer cabinetry the ideal choice for completing the most stylish of residential kitchens.

Soundblock Solutions provides soundproof doors for residential, commercial, and industrial applications.  Acoustic primary doors are available ranging from Rw34 – Rw45 with MDF, metal or veneer finishes.

Our secondary retrofit door solutions can reduce internal noise transmission by up to 70%, the range of doors also offers excellent thermal performance capabilities, effectively reducing the need for interior climate control. 

For retrofitted applications, Soundblock supplies a range of acoustic seals for use with solid timber doors. Installed on a timber or metal jamb, the acoustic seals reduce both noise leakage and air movement.

The Soundblock product range also includes acoustic aluminium sliding doors, which are combined with a 100mm ideal cavity to create up to an Rw 43dB system.

All Soundblock aluminium doors are supplied with a 7 year conditional warranty and suitable for use in residential, commercial and industrial applications.

Studform ensures that every part of a build is made from a quality product, including access panels. The Comet range accommodates for this often forgotten feature with a classic and neat design. The doors are lockable with a concealed hinge and minimalist trim for an enhanced appearance. The products are also highly moisture resistant for a superior paint finish to ensure the panel blends in well with the surrounding surface.

To formulate a range of doors for residential areas, Studform have created the Kingdom collection. Kingdom features a range of handcrafted veneer doors to panel doors that can capture any desired style. The high class finish ensures that the doors are long-lasting, befitting to their extensive use, and are aesthetically pleasing.

Satellite is Studform’s commercial custom door range that blends a quality finish and performance. The collection specialises in fire doors and metal clad, security doors. The customisable nature of Satellite ensures that the doors are fitted to the location so that safety during use is guaranteed.

Acoulite by Studform are range of lightweight acoustic doors that provide high quality acoustic ratings suitable for any partition system in your office, school, library or home. Acoulite’s lightweight structure allows for easy installation and reduces stress applied to hinges on standard doors for simpler maintenance. The acoustic door is finished with quality MDF for a superior paint finish and includes options for a range of timbers. Timbers include: sliced pacific maple, Hoop pine, Tasmanian oak, jarrah, european beech, rock maple, blackwood, and western red cedar.   

Standard 2mm Veneer edge strips, custom thickness available on request with 100mm wide rail perimeter for additional door hardware.

The Ditec Sector Reset door is a sturdy and compact free standing structure with tight-sealing, safe, self repairing curtains. The curtain slides inside the side hinges making it very resistant to air and static wind pressure – up to 120km and hour. Featuring a front motor with ABS protective cover and an optional release device, the module allows for easy and quick component checks. The Ditec Sector Reset door is characterised by high safety levels afforded by features including the Safety Linear Encoder system and sequential barriers, guaranteeing reliable operation and durability.

The Genesis Aluminium Folding Door system by Capral delivers an attractive lightweight door panel that effortlessly blends space whether used as interior folding doors or exterior doors for the home. These reliable retractable doors incorporate ease of use with the practicality of high quality hardware, as these folding glass doors are an excellent way to increase natural lighting in a house. Australian made and corrosion free, these stainless steel and aluminium doors are weather sealed and suitable as great folding patio doors that are easily compatible with the entire Genesis family including sliding windows, hinged doors and more. 

Frame dimensions: 80mm or 101.6mm (Depth & height). Single glazed window: 5mm – 10.38mm; Double glazed window: 16mm – 22mm  

Compatible with 400 Narrowline and the full range of Genesis window and door suites

Dorma manufactures two panic door systems: the PHA 2000 with crossbar actuation and the PHB 3000 with pushbar operation. No matter which system is used, elegant handles are assured and the modular construction allows a customised solution to be produced. The hardware is fabricated with a stainless steel finish to ensure durability and excellent performance with required.

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