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Manufacturers and suppliers of entry doors, hinges and knobs, including heavy duty doors, entrance gates, door windows, hardwood doors, decorative handles and knobs for residential and small scale commercial applications.

Soundblock Solutions provides soundproof doors for residential, commercial, and industrial applications.  Acoustic primary doors are available ranging from Rw34 – Rw45 with MDF, metal or veneer finishes.

Our secondary retrofit door solutions can reduce internal noise transmission by up to 70%, the range of doors also offers excellent thermal performance capabilities, effectively reducing the need for interior climate control. 

For retrofitted applications, Soundblock supplies a range of acoustic seals for use with solid timber doors. Installed on a timber or metal jamb, the acoustic seals reduce both noise leakage and air movement.

The Soundblock product range also includes acoustic aluminium sliding doors, which are combined with a 100mm ideal cavity to create up to an Rw 43dB system.

All Soundblock aluminium doors are supplied with a 7 year conditional warranty and suitable for use in residential, commercial and industrial applications.

Your entrance door is like your business card:  when visitors come to your home the entrance door will give a first impression. Paarhammer entrance doors are energy efficient, are made to your design or ours, in any size or configuration, and you can choose from a range of timbers and glazing options.

With double rebated rubber seals drafts are reduced to almost zero. Our multi-point locking system allows the door to be locked in several places at once just by turning the key. Alternatively, with electronic stand-alone locks or integrated locks into your house security system, the front door can be operated by phone, keypad or fingerprint recognition.

Locks are located at the top, middle and bottom of the door, and hooks can be included, which make it impossible for an intruder to lift your door off its hinges.

Fast, sturdy and reliable in the most diverse conditions, Ditec Traffic C is suitable for medium to large entrances and works with ease in entrances exposed to wind and in special conditions such as low-pressure rooms. It has a built-in motor, fully concealed in the frame, which operates at the lowest possible power, conserving energy and prolonging operator life. The sequential safety barriers, specifically designed to be mounted near vertical runners, translates into additional reliability.

Characterised by rationality, compactness and modularity, Smart Plus is a fast door – both in operation and installation. The sturdy load-bearing structure, the motor and the Ditec original components, are optimally designed and tested along with the modularity of the curtains. The extremely small sizes allow installation even where there are limitations of space. The SOFT START and SOFT STOP functions reduce stress on mechanical parts, ensuring reliability while prolonging the lifetime of the door.

Ditec Alimax is the most advanced evolution of the rapid door created to meet the specifications and strict cleanliness requirements for applications in the food industry. Compact and versatile, Ditec Alimax reduces drafts, loss of heat, noise pollution and dust. The fast opening (up to 1.5 m/s) and closing speeds make it possible to optimise the flow of people, trolleys and vehicles. Its self-repairing system is capable of automatically resetting the door, minimising downtime and maintenance costs.

The Genesis Aluminium Folding Door system by Capral delivers an attractive lightweight door panel that effortlessly blends space whether used as interior folding doors or exterior doors for the home. These reliable retractable doors incorporate ease of use with the practicality of high quality hardware, as these folding glass doors are an excellent way to increase natural lighting in a house. Australian made and corrosion free, these stainless steel and aluminium doors are weather sealed and suitable as great folding patio doors that are easily compatible with the entire Genesis family including sliding windows, hinged doors and more. 

Frame dimensions: 80mm or 101.6mm (Depth & height). Single glazed window: 5mm – 10.38mm; Double glazed window: 16mm – 22mm  

Compatible with 400 Narrowline and the full range of Genesis window and door suites

The key characteristic of Dorma’s revolving door systems is its energy efficient construction. This is achieved through effective separation between the internal and external climates to maintain a constant room temperature in the entrance area and reducing energy loss. Dorma’s revolving door range includes the KTV for door diameters between 2000mm to 3800mm and the KTC for door diameters from 3600mm to 4800mm.

Dorma manufactures two panic door systems: the PHA 2000 with crossbar actuation and the PHB 3000 with pushbar operation. No matter which system is used, elegant handles are assured and the modular construction allows a customised solution to be produced. The hardware is fabricated with a stainless steel finish to ensure durability and excellent performance with required.

To complement a frameless glass door, VISUR is the ideal door pivot. This product is 100% transparent and secures double action glass doors without any visually disruptive functional elements. Instead, the system is hidden within the floor. The fitting is also proven to be highly durable, successfully completing a 500,000 cycle endurance test.

The MANET Ambient range consists of sliding and pivoting systems that can transform the functional into stylish designs. These products can be partnered with glass or fine wood surfaces, providing the designer with an unlimited scope for creativity. The collection is also the result of careful engineering, as despite its minimalist appearance, the systems boast high durability and strength.

Winstorm from Wintec is an aluminium, self-draining door sill that effectively protects home interiors from water penetration and air leaks. The installation of Winstorm means that no seal is required on the door itself and also creates a mini wheelchair access ramp due to its low profile design. The product is suitable for single, single and sidelight and double doors that all swing inwards.

For a high strength, hinged door, Wintec’s French Hinged Door is the solution. Hollow rails, stiles and midrails give this product its beneficial qualities in addition to the unique “Z” seals for excellent protection against the weather. The French Hinged Door can also be partnered with any of Wintec’s other door and window products for a cohesive design.

Slimline cavity doors by Corinthian Doors, a Jeld-Wem Company, are the perfect compact solution for doors when space is at a minimum. These doors slide back, requiring little space. The sliding door frame is built into the wall, and then any Corinthian internal door can be attached. The hinge offers eight precision roller bearings for smooth running, as well as a rattle-free and jump proof twin roller tracks.


Compact door  +  Compatible with any Corinthian internal door  +  Runs smoothly  +  Easy removal of doors for painting or staining  +  Available in single or double openings 


Units available to suit 70, 75, 90 & 100mm stud thicknesses  +  Flush Jamb and Flush Pull options available  +  Eight precision roller bearings  +  Jump proof twin roller track  +  Rattle-free construction  +  Can accommodate doors in standard heights of 2040mm and 2340mm  +  Custom door heights and widths available

The Trifold Door by Corinthian Doors, a Jeld-Wen company, is a stylish way to bring the outdoors inside. Unlike conventional bifold doors, the Trifold door features bottom rolling hardware which eliminates the need for distracting structural beams or lintels.  The door is also easy to install and simple to use, requiring no more than two people to install. Made from long lasting engineered hardwood, the Trifold Door will not warp from exposure and is ideal for existing and new-build projects.


Bottom rolling hardware  +  Easy to install  +  Simple to use  +  Will not warp


Taking away the difficulties of installing doors. Pre-hung doors, from JELD WEN’s Corinthian Doors, is a stylishly easy door to install into any wall. The internal door system can be used for nearly all doors from Corinthian Doors, combining door, jamb, mullion, hinges, latch and striker plate, all in one package. This will ensure a perfect fit, no matter where the installation is. Corinthian Doors’ Pre-hung Doors are available with bright gold or bright chrome hinges. 


Easy to install  +  Versatile  +  Compatible with nearly all internal doors from Corinthian Doors  +  5 Year Guarantee


Pre-cut and prepared jambs – left and right  +  Pre-cut and prepared transom  +  Hinges – bright chrome standard (brass optional)  +  Latch (optional)  +  Face hole – for door furniture (optional)  +  Architrave is sold separately

Corinthian Doors, a Jeld-Wen Company, has an established reputation as Australia’s largest and most innovative manufacturer of quality doors. Established in 1942, Corinthian Doors promise is “Consistent Quality, Reliability and Value for Money”. Corinthian has worked hard and long, since its foundation in 1942, to establish a reputation as a company with total commitment to customer service and quality. Corinthian offers an extensive range of timber doors, entry doors and internal doors to suit every decorating theme and style. Corinthian Doors also provides a range of door systems to take the hard work out of installation – such as the Quickslide Wardrobe, Cavity door units, Pre-hung and Pivot door systems. An innovator in the door industry, Corinthian’s development of groundbreaking manufacturing technology has delivered stylish doors with consistent quality. When you purchase a Corinthian door or door system, you are assured of a quality product backed by the Corinthian Doors Five Year Guarantee.

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