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Gainsborough is a proud distributor of world leading electronic access controls. From off-line stand-alone electronic locks to wireless integrated electronic locks, Gainsborough has an electronic access control to suit most applications including hotels, universities, child care, aged care, offices and residential dwellings.

Clay by SALTO: The easy cloud-based wireless locking solution. Manage access on the go: open remotely, block tags, view entry activity and receive activity messages on your phone. Get real-time control with Clay by SALTO.

The SALTO XS4 access control platform combines electronic door components, peripherals and software, providing tailor-made wire-free networked access control solutions. Everything fits together, everything works.

AElement by SALTO is the minimalist RFID lock with stylish design. It allows the integration of all physical security needs in an energy efficient and easy to manage system. Totally wire-free and networked through SALTO Virtual Network and SALTO Wireless network.

Gainsborough introduces a complete range of architectural door hardware to fully complement other architectural products offered in the range.

These items include:

  • Pull Handles and Push Plates
  • Indicator Bolts/Sets
  • Flush Pulls
  • Flush Bolts, Barrel Bolts and Skeleton Bolts
  • Floor Stops and Wall Stops
  • Brass Double Ball and Roller Catches
  • Rim Nightlatch
  • Electric Strike Plates

Gainsborough offers a range of quality architectural hinges to suit commercial or upper residential building requirements. All products are manufactured to Gainsborough’s high-quality standards and feature stainless steel, steel or brass materials with flat capped pin design. The range features the popular sizes required for commercial applications with a cross section of fixed pin or loose pin varieties to cater for external or internal doors.

Gainsborough continues to evolve its offering of pull handles to include various sizes, opening configurations and styles. Pull handles are available in 300mm, 370mm, 450mm, 520mm, 600mm, 750mm, 900mm and 1800mm lengths in an impressive array of styles. Pull handles are available as single fix or back to back sets, making them an ideal entrance solution for commercial and residential applications. Pull handles are also available combined with matching leverset, 755 Series mortice lock and key escutcheons, to suit exterior door applications.

Available designs include:

  • Horizon
  • Senator
  • Linear
  • Styled
  • Curved
  • Oblong

Designed to meet the needs of residential and commercial applications, Gainsborough introduces a range of surface mounted, quality door closers. With high purity aluminium body, rack and pinion hydraulic controlled piston, Gainsborough door closers are suitable for today’s building requirements. Gainsborough's door closer offerings range from the economical 3000 Series to the 3100, 3200 and 3050/3060 Series, which cater for the mid to top end range of multi-strength power adjustment requirements of the commercial end of the market.

The Gainsborough 3000 Series Hydraulic Door Closers are the ideal solution for those projects where value and ease of installation are absolute requirements.

The Gainsborough 3100 Series Hydraulic Door Closer suits both internal or external doors. It features a compact design with minimal projection, and standard backcheck with regular and parallel arm installation and power adjustment.

The Gainsborough 3200 Series Hydraulic Door Closer is a multi-strength, power adjustable surface mounted closer for exterior doors and doors in high traffic areas. The 3200 Series complements the 3100 Series in appearance and has as standard, adjustable regular arm, parallel arm bracket and backcheck.

The Gainsborough 3050/3060 Series Slimline Hydraulic Door Closers feature a minimum projection from the door face of 36mm for the 3052 and 41mm for the 3063, designed to reduce the risk of damage to the closer when the door is opened against adjacent walls. The Slimline series is suitable for interior or exterior doors and is available in size 2 or size 3. The range includes standard and parallel arm functions, with or without backcheck.

The Gainsborough Key in Lever Locksets offer curved lever design in a variety of functions and finishes. The tubular design allows for quick and easy installation and is available in 70mm, 60mm and 127mm backsets.

The 4600 Series Lever Locksets offer a commercial grade curved lever design on large diameter (80mm) round rosettes. This series features a tubular design that allows for quick and easy installation and is available in Satin Chrome Plate. The 4600 Disable Access Series Lever Locksets are also compliant with Australia Standard 1428.1 Design for access and mobility.

Offered in Satin Chrome Plate finish and in a variety of popular functions, the Gainsborough 4700 Series Heavy Duty Cylindrical Locksets include a stylish spherical knob design on the outside and the impressive 4600 style lever on the inside. The series features stainless steel knobs and roses and is easy to install.

Gainsborough’s tubular latches are dual sprung to allow firm action during normal operation of door handles. A secondary latchbolt spring also provides soft door closure. The self-aligning cam allows for easy installation with Gainsborough door hardware.

Gainsborough offers the following tubular latches:

  • 480: Rectangular Face with D Strike
  • 481: Rectangular Face with D Strike
  • 480T: Rectangular Face with T Strike
  • 488: Radius Corner Face
  • 981: Rectangular Face (Sintered steel cam)

Stylish and functional range of lever on plate options, designed for any project undertaken by architects and specifiers. Various options are available to suit the locking function required. Wide and narrow long plate versions are available, as detailed.

The 7000W Series on Brass Long Plate is available with the following levers:

  • Radius Lever
  • Crescent Lever
  • Senator Lever
  • Aero Lever
  • D Lever
  • Horizon Lever
  • President Lever

The 7000W Series on Brass Long Plate is also available as a plate only.

The 7000N Series on Brass Narrow Stile is available with the following levers:

  • D Lever
  • Crescent Lever

The 7000N Series on Brass Narrow Stile is also available as a plate only.

Gainsborough’s range of levers on round rosettes and square backplates provide the ideal product choice for today’s door furniture requirements. Highly popular and aesthetic designs add the perfect finishing touch to new construction and fit out. Visit to specify your ideal combination of backplate, lever and finish.

Gainsborough have a range of mortice locks to suit a variety of commercial applications. Designed for compatibility with the Gainsborough door furniture range, a selection of narrow stile mortice locks are available to suit hinged and sliding door applications. The 2000, 2100 and 2200 Series Deadlocks are ideal for narrow stile hinged, pivot and sliding doors and offer a series of deadlocking and sliding deadlocking functions, while the 2400, 2500 and 2600 Series offers vestibule, combination and passage deadlatches and latches and can be used with matching 7000N series narrow stile furniture.

Gainsborough have a range of mortice lock functions to suit a variety of commercial applications. These locks are designed for compatibility with the Gainsborough door furniture range. A selection of special narrow stile mortice locks are also available to suit hinged and sliding door applications.

The Gainsborough mortice lock range includes:

  • 1700 Series Mortice Deadbolts
  • 1800 Series Mortice Sliding Door Deadlocks
  • 3400 Series Mortice Vestibule Locks
  • 3500 Series Mortice Combination locks
  • 3600 Series Passage Latch
  • 3900 Series Mortice Nightlatches

Patch fittings are ideal for almost any frameless all-glass design. DORMA’s range of patch fittings allow designers to create interior and exterior openings that are both technically sound and visually attractive. DORMA offers three fitting styles with a broad range of options and configurations— Universal, ARCOS, and EA offset. For a detailed overview visit the brochure section. 

DORMA’S Coastal Series Door Furniture is made from exceptional technical expertise in the manufacture of stainless steel components that meet both the economic and practical needs of the customer. The DORMA Coastal Series has an extensive combination of possibilities with co-ordinated roses and backplates. Moreover the Coastal Series lever handles on rose, plate designs and accessories are characterised by exemplary functional integrity, wear resistance and excellent loadability in both commercial project and residential applications. For comprehensive product information visit the brochure section.

Award winning Italian designer Sandro Santantonoi’s Change series, exclusive to Parisi Doorware, offers fourteen interchangeable patterned and coloured inserts with a classic chrome plated leaver. With such a wide range of inserts, Change can be used to complement any interior trends, lifestyles and atmosphere.

D&D Technologies Pty Ltd, the Australian design and manufacturing company that invented magnetic safety gate latches and polymer safety gate hinges, has introduced its range of SureClose® hydraulic gate hinges and closers for commercial-style gates. 

These precision-engineered hinge-closers are constructed of high-grade aluminium housings and stainless steel components for lasting operation. Dual sealed thrust-bearings in each hinge give the capacity to cope with the heavy loads (up to 680kg point load) of commercial-style and high-traffic gates.

Closing adjustment nozzles located at the top of these hinge-closers provide fine adjustments for either gate-closing speed or a ‘final snap-close’ feature that not only reduces gate slam noise and enhanced gate latching, but also helps protect and prolong the life of the gate and its latching mechanisms.

SureClose are designed to replace conventional hinges and many of the commercial door and gate closers used on certain upmarket applications. Think gates and accesses around shopping centres, childcare centres, schools, playgrounds, hotels-motels, apartments, industrial complexes, airports, gated communities, high-end glass pool gates… Through its unique design that conceals the closer hydraulics inside the fence post, SureClose provides greater strength and performance over traditional heavy duty hinges and closers, with an installed cost at or below current alternatives.

SureClose®FlushMount and CentreMount come in three basic models, with screw-on or weld-on mounting brackets that cover most square-posted gates and fences, notably steel and aluminium. Some models feature the “final snap-close action” for overcoming electric or coded locks found in many security applications, and there is also a non-self-closing hinge model designed for large estate gates.

Each self-closing hinge comes with its own adjustment tool and gate mounting bracket. Post mounting brackets are sold separately to match specific applications.

The Q-Bolt™ is a stylish and affordable drop-bolt designed to retain a range of common household gates.

The Q-Bolt is made from high-grade stainless steel that has also been electro-polished to add to its rust resistance. It is then powdercoated to further protect it from harsh weather elements.

Because locking security is only required in certain situations or applications, an optional padlockable feature has been built into the Q-Bolt. For convenience, the Q-Bolt also offers a padlock storage facility for when the padlock is not being used.

A bolt retention feature prevents the rod from dropping and dragging across the driveway, and also keeps the rod from being pulled out of its mounting brackets when mounted to a gate.

The Q-Bolt™ comes in lengths of 610mm & 1016mm (24” and 40”). There are models for metal gates, and also models with wider mounting brackets ideal for wood gates.

Like all of D&D Technologies’ products the Q-Bolt™ comes with a limited Lifetime Warranty.

All products are Australian owned and Australian made, from D&D Technologies Pty Ltd.

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