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Heavy Duty & Aesthetic Carport Kit

High performance carport that is designed to be set-up easily by a do-it-yourself assembly.

Main Benefits

  • Easy assembly – 2 persons, no special tools, no foundation fixing needed
  • Maintenance free – no rust, rot, moss or fungus
  • Sturdy & durable – designed to resist extreme weather conditions
  • Rust resistant powder coated frame made of aluminum and galvanized steel
  • Virtually unbreakable polycarbonate covering
  • Compact, efficient package to save storage space and shipping costs

Typical Applications

  • Carport

As the largest predesigned unit in the Cargotecture c-series of container dwellings, the c640 lookout marks a revolution in modular container housing. Comprised of two conjoined 40 foot shipping containers, the c640 features an expansive floor area of 640 square feet.

Suitable for family or other shared dwelling applications, the c640 lookout incorporates an expanded bathroom and laundry, spacious fully equipped kitchen, open plan dining and living room space, and a hall accessed sleeping bunk. Other features include three openings with full height glazing, two bedrooms with built-in storage, and a bamboo finished floor.

Pricing for the self contained dwellings also includes IKEA cabinets, kitchen fixtures, and lighting, alongside a 30 gallon electric water heater, aluminium clad wood windows and doors, and Convectair Apero heating.

The most widely recognisable of the Cargotecture range, the c320 lookout is a combination of the c160 nomad and c160 scout. The resulting structure boasts a floorspace of 320 square feet, and is a mid-sized dwelling suitable for couples or small families.

Ample space within the two modules allows for full kitchen and bathroom facilities alongside a double bedroom, living, and dining area. Awnings and wide outdoor openings can also be installed to allow for passive heating and cooling, capabilities that alongside the unit’s full insulation assure the c320 lookout’s environmental sustainability.

An exemplar of modular design and construction, the c320 lookout can be installed and assembled on site in a matter of hours, with extension via the addition of extra 20′ units also possible.

The c320 nomad is a stretch variation of the c192, employing a 40 by 8 foot shipping container to accommodate a separate bedroom and storage space with exterior access.

The module is ideal as a remote camping retreat, with its full height openings, secure storage, and expansive sleeping accommodations making it the optimum dwelling for outdoor recreation. Offering the same speed and efficiency of delivery and installation as Cargotecture’s smaller units, the C320 nomad is insulated and equipped to withstand moderate to hot climates. 

Featuring awnings for passive heating and cooling, an outdoor deck, and water and electricity connection capabilities, the c320 nomad is a bold innovation in outdoor dwellings. 

Accommodating a family of four, the Cargotecture c192 nomad is a medium sized container housing alternative to the conventional modular home. With a low base price of $59 500, the c192 is a cost efficient, compact housing solution.

The unit consists of a single repurposed container 24 feet in length and 8 feet wide, with bunk and double bunk bed options available. Featuring plumbing and electricity amenities, the interior of the c192 can be customised to retain the creature comforts of the standard contemporary home.

Floor, wall, and ceiling finishes can be selected from Cargotecture's modern palette, as can joinery and kitchen and bathroom fittings. As with all Cargotecture dwellings, the c192 nomad is thermally insulated with a combination of recycled plastic and soy spray, and can handle snow loads of up to 60psf.

The smallest and cheapest in HyBrid’s range of container accommodation, the c160 scout is ideal for use as a backyard retreat or home office. At just under 20 feet long by 8 feet wide, the compact unit can be quickly and easily installed on any site.

The c160 scout is fully permitted and compatible with heating, insulation, and electrical wiring, with plumbing options also available. Clients can choose from a range of interior surface finishes, with awning and outdoor deck extension options also available.

A cost effective solution to temporary building needs, Marathon Group’s portable buildings are available for sale or hire. The buildings are supplied in a range of dimensions and spatial configurations to accommodate needs as diverse as office blocks, storage space, or bathroom amenities.

All Marathon Group temporary building products are OH&S compliant, with the extensive selection of floor plans ensuring the optimum solution for any seasonal requirement.

With a patented quick-lock assembly system, Marathon Group’s quick build containers can be assembled in minutes. Featuring ground ventilation for lasting protection against damp and rot, the containers are suitable for use as temporary storage facilities.

The high grade containers are robust and flat packed for efficient storage and transport, and are available in a range of colours.

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