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In today’s competitive world, there will always be ways to cut corners and save on cost, but the phrase ‘they don’t build them like they used to’ was created for good reason.

The imported structural products on the market are designed to be fit for purpose but they are generally created from soft woods that have a fraction of the nail retention, compression and beauty of GOODWOOD SUPASPAN. These are some of the reasons the best builders prefer SUPASPAN.

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High performance and sustainability

EGGER OSB is a flat hardboard with a three-layer structure of micro-veneers (strands) according to DIN EN 300. The special strand geometry (length up to 160 mm) and high strand orientation of the surface layers provide good technical properties.

EGGER OSB – The features speak for themselves:

  • For use in load-bearing, reinforcing construction with board thicknesses of up to 40 mm
  • For high load dissipating construction in humid conditions (NK2)
  • For the use in timber structure applications with large spans and high fire protection requirements
  • For decorative applications with a nearly blueness-free and closed surface
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LP SolidStart offers a range of LVL E14 (F17) as a solution to the structural elements of a build. Engineered for consistent performance, LP provides a variety of widths and lengths up to 12m to ensure there is no limitation of choice when constructing for maximum safety and endurance. LP also provides a wax SiteCoteTM option for wet areas.

LP SolidStart expands its structural range with the new H2S treated I-joist. Ideal for floors and ceilings in a residential or commercial build, joists are available in a range of depths between 225mm to 406mm to span a variety of areas as required.

Design Pine by Innovative Timber Ideas (ITI) is a range of structural and decorative engineered timber products coated with a genuine primer. The product of advanced manufacturing processes, Design Pine is a combination of the finest quality plantation grown timber, an innovative organic preservation system, and a genuine BLUE primer. 

Prior to priming, Design Pine is impregnated with an organic preservation system (H3) which increases its durability for all above ground exterior applications. This system preserves the pine, preventing the onset of rot and decay, and protecting the timber from insect attack. Consisting of waxes and resins, the preservative slows the pine’s absorption of moisture, making Design Pine a more stable product. All visible natural defects (knots, pith) are removed in the manufacturing process, reducing the risk of dimensional instability and resin bleed. Combined with the pre-applied, BLUE primer, which offers good UV resistance, Design Pine maintains an immaculate appearance for years to come. 

Commonly used for cladding, fascia, weather boards, beams and posts but extremely versatile in its possible range of applications, Design Pine is easy to use, ready to paint, and ideal for a beautiful, smooth finish.


Radiata pine  +  25 year limited guarantee  +  Superior primer technology  +  Sustainable plantation grown timber  +  Low embodied energy  +  Excellent thermal insulation  +  Design Pine Cladding up to 1100kg lighter than alternatives  +  Reduced support structure costs  


Light colours with a light reflective value (LRV) of >30 or Total Solar Reflectance (TSR) >29 are recommended (dark colours absorb light and heat)  +  Available in standard template, including: mouldings, bottom rails, handrails, door jambs, fascia, weather boards, beams and posts, and boards

Boral Structuralwood is a structural plywood manufactured to AS/NZ2269 using phenolic A bond and is recognised as an engineered panel under AS1720. With the widest range of Australian native species, Boral Structuralwood offers a diverse range of potential projects, including flooring in new residential, commercial projects and renovations. Sold nationally through Boral Timber and distributors., there is also provision of wide range of timber structural hardwood products. Structuralwood can be worked with any standard machinery, and cut, can be drilled, routed, bored, sanded and planed with ease.

Can be nailed within 10 mm without any damage + Manufactured in Australia from plantation grown resources + Engineered products manufactured to Australian Standard AS/NZS2269 + Preservative treated for protection against fungal attack or decay.

13m particleboard + 8 mm hardboard + 4.5 mm fibrous cement + Dimensions: 2700mm x 1200 mm, 2400 mm x 1200 mm and 1800 mm x 1200 mm + Thickness: 4.5 to 45 mm + 630 kg/m3

The Boral Evolution Plywood collection are structural grade plywood panels for external cladding which are engineered and manufactured to Australian and New Zealand standards, and sold in all major Australian markets. As an external cladding solution, Boral Evolution Plywood panels are not only lightweight, but they offer strength or weight ratio compared to steel. Evolution cladding is also designed to withstand the harsh Australia climate, and is manufactured from a renewable and sustainable pine plantation resource. Further, they are 12 mm thick sheets.

Sheets are machined, grooved, ship lapped and sawn + 40 years of durability with bond and treatment warranty + Treated against fungal and insect attack to H3 for outside ground use + Each panel given individual veneer treatment.

Veneer species – plantation pine + Surface finish is band sawn + Sheet thickness: 12mm + Sheet length: 2440/2745/3050 mm + Sheet width: 121mm (cover: 1200mm) + Weight 23 to 29 kg

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