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Using a protective coating of zinc with a metallurgical bond, Korvest Galvaniser’s hot dip galvanising provides long lasting and efficient corrosion protection for steel products.

Cost effective, reliable, and resulting in a tough low maintenance finish, hot dip galvanising protects the entire surface area of the product with a single treatment. A continuous and even coat offers protection for corners, recesses, and otherwise inaccessible areas. 

Alongside servicing large scale and construction products, Korvest offers a centrifuge or spin galvanising facility for small and complex steel components.

Items are batch spun in baskets at high speed following immersion in molten zinc, ensuring a clean, even finish on components as small and intricate as clips, bolts, and hinges. Stringent quality checks are carried out intermittently throughout the galvanising processes, and items finished in this manner have an even matte appearance. 

A zinc-rich paint for the long term anti-corrosion protection of steel, Galmet Cold Galvanising is a tough and flexible surface treatment. The fast drying coating is quick and easy to apply with a brush or in an aerosol, and uses 98.5% pure zinc to create a self-healing surface on steel products.

Suitable for the touchup and repair of existing damage as well as application on newly fabricated steel structures, the metallic zinc coating is available in a grey tint and in varying quantities.

NEPEAN Building & Infrastructure’s Galserv® team have been providing Hot Dip Galvanising services to a wide range of different industries including mining, oil and gas, construction and fabrication, for 50 years. With two plants located in NSW, they operate 24 hours to provide a high quality, fast and on time service for our customers.

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