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Basalt’s sophisticated dark graphite colour makes it one of the most popular choice in contemporary landscape design, often used to contrast and complement another stone to define and accentuate spaces. Common applications include residential cobblestones and paver formats for driveways, landscaping, pool surrounds and stepping stones. Sareen Stone Basalt is quarried from volcanic rocks and is particular hardwearing and strong when sealed, perfect in building and construction. Their collection includes Black Titan Basalt and Black Titan Microhole Basalt, both available in Honed and Water Sanblasted finishes.

Ideal for garden edging, retaining walls, and driveway entrances, Sandstone Ballast Blocks from Sydney Sandstone Cutters are a versatile and durable outdoor construction product.

The rough dimension ballast is supplied in a variety of sizes split to the length requirements of every individual project, with thicknesses and height varying significantly. A warm natural palette makes the blocks compatible with projects of any style, scale, and nature, and is certain to remain contemporary for years to come.

Available in a range of easy to install shapes, sizes, and natural colours, sandstone crazy pave from Sydney Sandstone Cutters is ideal for any outdoor paving project.

Particularly favoured by designers and renovators for the creation of walkways and the tiling of pool surrounds, Sandstone Crazy Pave offers all the durability and versatility of regular sandstone, and can be used in commercial and residential projects alike. 

Caesarstone’s wide portfolio includes the Concetto collection of unique semi-precious stoneware applied in commercial or residential kitchens, bathrooms or furniture. The uniquely luxurious surface consists of individually cut and bound semi-precious stone, sourced from all over the globe, to construct a surface that is never repeated and always distince. Aside from its beautiful appearance, the Concetto Collection is heat, stain, and scratch resistant. 

Caesarstone’s collections Classico range is the core range available in the series. The seamless surface does not require seals or joints, resulting in an elegant, polished finish that requires minimal maintenance. The natural quartz material gives the Classico range a number of beneficial qualities: the surface is highly resistant to heat and waterproof, resists scratches and stains, mould, mildew, household cleaners, acids and oils. The range is available in a wide range of beautiful natural shades spanning from deep black, through earthy browns to textured whites. 

The new addition to Caesarstone’s collection Supremo is the cream of the crop of quartz, the series was born from innovative technology and first class design with innovative technology. Most quartz surfaces available for kitchen, bathroom, commercial and furniture applications are limited in the way each slab turns out, but because of the special way Supremo is created following the natural flow pattern and colour, every quartz slab is unique for each client. Supremo is available in a series of trademark rich and natural colours, it includes- Swan Lake, Fair Lady, Armor, Maharaja, Queen of Sheba, and Black Knight.

Scratch and Stain Resistant + Resistant to most household chemicals, acids and oils + Waterproof + Heat Resistant + Mould and Mildew resistant + 10 Year Limited Warranty

Proudly Australian owned and operated for over twenty years, BEST bricks and pavers is a leading supplier of large format and segmental paving and natural stone flooring products for South Australian markets.

Prizing product quality, material and technological innovation, and environmental sustainability, BEST is dedicated to delivering world-class solutions for any commercial or residential project. With a dedicated and highly skilled team of customer service staff and paving contractors, BEST ensures that customer satisfaction is delivered for briefs of any scale and nature.

Engineered or composite stone products from Gitani Stone are composed of 90-95% natural quartz combined with high quality pigments and resins. The resulting surfaces are highly resistant to stains, wear, and water damage, and suitable for use in benchtops, splashbacks, and interior cladding.

Engineered stone from Gitani is supplied by Caesarstone and is available in a broad range of colours, finishes, and textures. 

Since inception in 1982 our company has been supplying quality natural stone products to the Australian market. From early days as one of the countries largest suppliers of raw material block for monumental processing, our activities have expanded and diversified in response to changing market demand.

Today, our primary focus is natural stone for building, and our already extensive range is constantly being reviewed and refreshed to satisfy a broad range of increasingly sophisticated building stone applications.

Our stone slab products have been processed by local stone mason customers into literally thousands of kitchen bench tops and bathroom vanity tops, and for many years now our stone tiles have been finding favour in homes of distinction and prestigious retail and commercial applications. Of course, then there is the myriad other applications for dimensional natural stone where we have been involved for contract or project supply.

In our natural stone catalogue you will find some of the very many completed installations of our natural stone products. From these examples, we hope that you the reader will gain some understanding of the quality and selection that our company strives to source and supply, and the extensive range of materials and finishes that our company can offer.

The European Castle Stone follows a sandstone appearance reminiscent of ancient European buildings. The randomly sized pieces allow a unique pattern and texture to be formed to bring classic elegance to any structure.

Reflective of traditional stone, CraftStone’s Quarry Stone selection reproduces the natural beauty that has captivated its users over time. The advantages of such stone being lightweight allows its strong pattern to be adapted into areas previously unheard of, expanding the bounds of modern design.

The Stacked Ledgestone collection is manufactured from real dry stacked ledgestone to guarantee an genuine stone finish. The regular shape of the stone makes it easy to install with pieces spanning between heights of 25 to 150mm and 75 to 500mm long.

For those who prefer sharper details, CraftStone offers the Classical Ledgestone range with thicker stone. Like the Vintage Ledgestone, pieces are available in varying lengths to easily achieve a popular, stacked look. 

With a wide selection of colours and tones, no two pieces are identical in the Mountain Ledgestone series, creating a facade that can easily be passed off as real stone. The diversity of thicknesses of each segment also adds a sense of grandeur to any structure.

Vintage Ledgestone is CraftStone’s flagship product, available in a common height of 100mm and varying lengths of 200mm, 300mm and 500mm. The assortment of lengths ensure a unique and authentic appearance to the surface and a modern aesthetic to the structure.

Cladstone is an environmentally-friendly sandstone product harvested directly off quarry walls and blocks in thin 3mm layers. Weighing just 5kg per m2, it is incomparably light and ideal for any building or feature wall project. Cladstone is highly flexible, mouldable and able to carry any conceivable shape. Easy to install, it is a practical choice for building facades or internal walls. Unlike traditional stone products, Cladstone can be easily cut with a knife which eliminates the need for power tools and subsequent cleanup mess. Cladstone can be used on any non-structural wall to create the effect of a real stone wall without the fuss and weight of blocks and panels, making it particularly applicable to shopfitters and builders in commercial and retail applications. Domestic projects can also benefit from Cladstone’s great versatility which allows any old walls to be converted without major renovation works.

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