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Structural porcelain vitrified tile ranges for exterior spaces – Classic, varied aesthetic

The elegant Stone Inspire range is characterised by a subtle tonal variation making each tile unique. Structurally engineered, the tiles also disguise marks from day ­to­ day use, keeping the outdoor space timeless. Equal in durability and features as Outdure's Mineral tile range, which has a more consistent finish.

Key Features

  • Anti-slip rating of R11
  • Soft edge
  • Resistant to frosts, chemicals and staining
  • Dimensions: 600 x 600 x 20mm
  • Variation: V3 Mod – High
  • Composition: full body
  • Finish: Rough
  • Type: Exterior

Al fresco living not only epitomizes the Australian dream – it is also the key to a healthier lifestyle and a simple way to reconnect with nature.  Whether for mental, physical or even spiritual health, homeowners increasingly want more from their outdoor, indoor living space – for example; a quiet place for thought and meditation.

Geostone™ honed decorative concrete is the key to a perfect outdoor entertaining area too. A wide range of colours and finishes makes connecting the inside to the outdoors easy, and will give a dramatic lift to outdoor entertaining areas including patios, verandas and pool surrounds.

Geostone™ honed decorative concrete offers more than just natural flair and style – it adds comfort and durability to outdoor entertaining areas from patio to poolside. The honing process ensures a smoother, more comfortable and lower maintenance finish designed to amplify the natural beauty of the stone. Application of a sealer once installed creates a durable non-slip surface, perfect for creating your personal poolside oasis.


Welcome Home

Sourced from the great outdoors and designed for great outsides, the uniqueness of Australian stone is fused with reinforced concrete to create Geostone™ exposed aggregate decorative concrete. The stone used is extracted from the earth and carefully selected for its colour, size and shape to maintain its natural variation. Then, it’s put through a process that ensures a tough, versatile and visually stunning product suitable for driveways, pathways and landscaping.

Best of all, exposed aggregates like Geostone™ add value. According to research by Holcim in December 2016, an exposed aggregate driveway can add up to 15% to the market value of a home, well ahead of traditional alternatives such as pavers and plain concrete.

So, imagine. You’re arriving home after a long day. You pause for a fleeting moment to take in your stunning, flowing, Geostone™ driveway. In an instant calmness descends as the natural textures and colours seem to whisper; ‘welcome home’.

NaturaStone is a premium quality, 6mm thick quartz surfacing material that combines beauty with ease of handling and durability. The diamond polish finish of the NaturaStone slabs is to a high standard, achieving a lustrous gloss and exceptional scratch, stain, heat and impact resistance.

Made in Australia, NaturaStone is a green choice when it comes to quartz surface applications, with environmental programs ensuring a long product life cycle while minimising environmental loads.

NaturaStone offers a tailored solution to a huge variety of applications in a wide range of projects categories. The material is perfect for countertops and surfaces in both new and existing projects, bathroom application for shower and bath panels, shower bases and toilet partitioning, as well as horizontal and vertical decorative surfaces.

Cultured Stone cladding comes in a wide variety of shapes, colours, sizes and textures to satisfy the most exacting tastes.

Each texture is cast in the mould of a natural stone, and meticulously hand coloured to give it a visual authenticity that can͛t be matched. Whether a project is interior or exterior, commercial or residential, there͛s a Cultured Stone cladding solution perfect for the job.

Limestone is mainly made of calcite, a mineral form of calcium carbonate. Limestones are typically grey however other colours are found some also with strong markings such as strong veins or blotches. Because it can be easily worked, Limestone makes an excellent building material. Ideal for Bathrooms, Furniture, Flooring etc.

Austech’s CraftStone® brings the natural appeal of stone to any building at a quarter the weight of a full thickness wall.  The low maintenance stone has been designed with both simplicity and elegance in mind with the soft yet solid appeal of stone.  Its lightness reduces installation costs and eliminates the need for structural support. In addition to this, CraftStone® is designed with contoured edges that allow the stones to interlock together for extra bondage.  It’s aesthetic appeal will last for years with a durable and colour-fast surface to significantly reduce time spent on maintaining.  The stone is suitable for interior and exterior applications including feature walls, fireplaces, chimneys, retaining walls and around pools. A range of colours and textures mean the stone can be made to suit the aesthetic of any design and a 25 year limited warranty ensures CraftStone®’s long lasting quality.   


Low maintenance  +  Requires no additional structural support  +  Durable and colour-fast surface  +  Ideal for interior and exterior applications  +  Available in a range of colours and textures  +  25 year limited warranty

CraftStone ® cladding stones bring the beauty and appeal of stone into any design or building which cannot be matched or achieved by any other building material. As with all great designs, Craftstone plays an important role in transforming the landscape, bringing the beauty of nature right to your door step.

The simplicity and elegance of CraftStone® enables you to enjoy the unique feeling and homely ambience of nature, while providing wide design space and imagination. In every prospect, CraftStone® products lend stature and a sense of permanence, turning what might have been an ordinary space into a remarkable designer show-piece.

Since early civilization, man has recognised the use of stone as a core building product. In this Common Era the supply of fine natural stone is often scarce and limited

Stone offers a great alternative to an otherwise limited range. Our profiles are inspired by history & nature whilst being re modelled to suit present applications.

With a neutral, warm beige and ivory colour versatile enough for any outdoor and landscaping project, Himalayan Split Sandstone pavers add rustic charm to any residential exterior. 

The durable stone is resistant to fading due to sunlight exposure, and features a slip resistant surface and high degree of salt tolerance. Ideal for pool surrounds, Himalayan Split Sandstone pavers stay cool during the summer heat, and are supplied in a standard 30mm thickness and selection of factory sizes.

Versatile, hardwearing, and suitable for both interior and exterior applications, Mountain Sandstone Tiles and Pavers from Hunterstone are a durable, high performance flooring option.

Favoured by architects and designers for residential and commercial projects alike, Mountain Sandstone features a dense, fine grain that yields a rich blend of orange and brown colours. Available in a selection of four sizes to suit any project, the 30mm thick tiles and pavers are designed to withstand Australian environmental conditions, and can be laid over existing concrete slabs.

Ideal for cladding, Rural Stone’s Donnybrook Sandstone is weather resistant and durable, with a neutral colour palette compatible with projects of any design and scale. 

Sourced from South Western Australia’s Donnybrook foothills, Donnybrook Sandstone varies in colour from pure white to deep buff or pink, and is available in a range of grain sizes from very fine to moderately course. Donnybrook Sandstone is supplied in standard course height dimensions, and is also suitable for use in feature walls, tiling, and dry-laid rubble walls.

Versatile, neutral, and easy to maintain, Golden Sunset sandstone from Rural Stone is suitable for use in building blocks, staircase treads and risers, floor tiles, cladding, stone flagging, pool surrounds, and more. 

With a subtle colour palette and classic processing form, Golden Sunset sandstone can be honed or sandblasted to enhance texture and tone, and is capable of withstanding most weather conditions with minimal wear. 

Sandstone Paving Tiles from Elite Sandstone are ideal interior and exterior floor cover, suitable for use on patios, gardening areas, pool surrounds, and pathways. The robust and low maintenance pavers are richly coloured and naturally textured, and certain to add visual depth to residential and commercial projects alike. 

Capable of withstanding extreme weather conditions with minimal damage, the pavers are favoured by designers, landscapers, and renovators as a cost effective, practical flooring solution. 

Thermally and acoustically efficient, durable, and with a prolonged performance lifespan, sandstone is a timeless cladding material for residential and commercial projects. The environmentally friendly material is low maintenance and fireproof, making it particularly ideal for applications in homes located in bushfire prone areas.

Elite Sandstone offers a broad selection of sandstone cladding materials, with a warm palette ranging from off-white to brown and complementing projects of any style and nature.

Proudly Australian owned, Elite Sandstone is a leading provider of locally sourced and manufactured sandstone products. Supplying premium sandstone products for use in landscaping, cladding, outdoor paving, garden furniture, and more.

Elite Sandstone also stocks granite, marble, limestone, and engineered stone, with all natural stone products handled by a team of highly qualified stonemason staff. 

Durapanel features 3mm of genuine natural stone bonded to a 15mm aluminium honeycomb panel. The honeycomb structure provides each panel with high strength and rigidity with low material use, allowing Durapanel to be lightweight and reach sizes up to 1200x2400mm. The product can be used for interior or exterior floors, walls and fixtures.

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