Reconstituted Stone

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Manufacturers and distributors of reconstituted or recomposed quartzite, sandstone, marble, limestone, granite, or other stones, and of faux stone products, including paving stones, tiles, pool coping, stackstone, mosaics, cladding, flooring, splashbacks and vanities, partitions, kitchen benchtops, and countertops, for residential and commercial applications.

All CaesarStone’s quartz surface products are manufactured from up to 93% quartz (one of nature’s hardest minerals) and high-quality polymer resins and pigments that are compacted under intense vibration, vacuum, and pressure into dense, non-porous slabs. CaesarStone’s quartz slabs are then post cured, gauged to precise thicknesses,and polished to an enduring shine. This results in surfaces that retain the cool, tactile qualities of natural stone while offering design freedom with almost unlimited application possibilities.

Acclaimed as Western Australia’s favourite paver, Brimakers’ Blokpave stone pavers are now available in reconstituted stone.

Made from a combination of crushed quartz and rainbow stone, the Stonewash collection has a unique texture and appearance that complements residential and commercial projects of any style. The 60mm thick pavers are supplied at a standard size of 190 x 190mm, and are highly resistant to impact abrasion and general wear and tear. Pavers in the Stonewash collection are supplied in a subtle palette of greys and silver, and are suitable for outdoor use.

Since their establishment in Western Australia ten years ago, the Brikmakers name has become synonymous with the delivery of versatile, contemporary brick products that are both functional and innovative.

Combining the latest in production technology with a committed service and development team, Brikmakers manufactures and supplies a broad catalogue of bricks, pavers, and stone blocks for commercial and residential use. Brikmakers is committed to providing Australian markets with cost efficient, safe, and durable masonry products, and works closely with customers to ensure that the demands of every design brief are met.

Parthenon Marble stocks a range of reconstituted stone products alongside their selection of natural stones. Binding metals, coloured and natural glass, and other minerals with resin, reconstituted stone mimics the appearance of natural stone while ensuring visual consistency and uniformity.

Reconstituted stone can also be engineered for higher performer capabilities than natural counterparts, and is suitable for domestic application in bench tops, fireplaces, splash backs, and other feature pieces. Parthenon Marble stocks products from a number of leading masonry suppliers, including Caeserstone, Quantum Quartz, and Stone Italiana.

Durapanel features 3mm of genuine natural stone bonded to a 15mm aluminium honeycomb panel. The honeycomb structure provides each panel with high strength and rigidity with low material use, allowing Durapanel to be lightweight and reach sizes up to 1200x2400mm. The product can be used for interior or exterior floors, walls and fixtures.

As the name suggests, Ultralite is a Marbledge’s lightest stone panel with a weight of 14kg per m2. 3mm of genuine natural stone is bonded to a 3mm aluminium composite panel giving the panel a thin profile. Due to its low weight, the panels are easy to install, rendering low construction costs.   

Marbledge’s Duratile is best suited for internal and external floors and walls. Each tile features a 3mm covering of genuine natural stone, supported by 7, 12 or 18mm of ceramic or granite. The slightly thicker profile provides users with the traditional properties of tiles with trustworthy insulation and durability.

Bold, modern, and reflective of sleek contemporary European design, the Milan collection from Smartstone features a range of reconstituted stone surfaces for interior use.

With a dark and sophisticated colour palette of flecked and veined surfaces, the Milan range of slabs incorporates high quality materials such as copper chips and black granite to create a subtly luxurious finish. Slabs may be polished and finished to a range of edges and profiles, and are available in both factory and larger slab sizes.

Drawing inspiration from the Spanish citadel of Toledo, Smartstone’s Toledo collection features a range of neutrally coloured reconstituted stone surfaces. Then hard-wearing surfaces are supplied with a factory thickness of 20mm, with slab sizes able to be specified by the customer.

Evocative of the ancient castles, stone walls, and earthy cobbled streets of Toledo, the versatile collection includes veined and flecked surfaces alike and can be polished to a smooth finish, making it the ideal addition to any contemporary home interior.

Inspired by the bright white of Santorini’s iconic whitewashed houses, the Santorini range of reconstituted stone surfaces is classic and timeless. Available in a selection of bright white and warm off-white colours, the luxury range is supplied in standard slab sizes and with a thickness of 20mm.

Ideal for use in kitchen and laundry bench top applications, materials in the Santorini range can be finished to a range of profiles and edge effects, giving a smooth and highly professional finish for every project. Subtle mirror chip additions and larger slab sizes are also included within the range.

Caesarstone’s Motivo range incorporates a stylish sculptured pattern into the material’s surface design, creating a uniquely elegant surface finish. Most commonly applied vertically in residential, as well as commercial interiors, the surface slabs are non-porous, with no need for sealing or grout, facilitating easy maintenance. The surface is available in creamy Motiva Lace, deep Motivo Crocodile, and brilliant white Motivo Crocodile Snow. Each surface is 13mm in thickness with a variety of details available for edge profile styles. 

Antique Stone supplies a range of high strength pavers engineered to withstand the pressures of a domestic driveway. Designs include ‘Village Stone’, an imitation of the classical style of ancient Italy for more traditional homes and a more contemporary finish for modern homes from the Paving Stone collection. 

Antique Stone’s large format pavers exhibit a non-slip surface and high-strength capabilities allowing it to be used for a large variety of domestic and commercial applications such as wall cladding or interior flooring. Pavers can be manufactured in sizes up to 900x900x50mm and are available in three different designs.

Antique Stone’s Sea Wall Pots are designed to increase marine life along waterways that have lost their natural rock pools due to levies and sea walls. Marine grade 316 stainless steel brackets are used to hold the pots to the sea wall allowing them to withstand varying climate conditions. Sea wall pots are an environmentally friendly solution for property owners.

To further enhance exteriors and interiors, Antique Stone offers products such as segmented columns, fountains, retaining wall blocks, capping, garden edging, wall plaques and furniture. Step threads and wall capping are also available as made to measure items, and driveways can be beautified with flagstone in the “Village Stone” style or Paving Stone.

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