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Designers, suppliers, manufacturers and wholesalers of natural stone products of marble and granite slabs for building cladding, benchtops, splashbacks, kickboards and vanities for kitchen and bathroom applications, marble and granite flooring, decorative panels, stairs, plus natural stone maintenance, for both commercial and residential applications.

The wall series with a marble look!

The characteristics of Lasa marble from Southern Tyrol are known throughout the world. This classic technique creates an exciting dialogue between two materials, creating a casual look which unites both classic and modern design. This tile series picks up on the fine streaks and colour nuances of the classic marble – with conscious highlights set by the duo and brick decors.

Euro Marble can process solid stone to any product specification.  We can create custom made fire places, waterfalls, fountains, basins, sinks as well as artistinal garden or ornamental stone features.

Similar to the stone-on-glass product offering, stone-on-aluminium is an offering that consists of the stone being carefully attached to a sub-structure of aluminium honeycomb board.  This introduces lightweight veneer panels of marble, granite and limestone.

The stone veneer can vary in thickness from as little as 3mm-10mm where weight is a consideration.

Stone-on-aluminium is an ideal material for use on luxury boats, feature doors, walls and ceilings, in lift cars, access floor panels and feature walls where stone can be used as panelling instead of conventional joinery.  This product offers the aesthetic advantages of natural stone without the weight, allowing greater flexibility for use and a broader range of applications.

The stone-on-glass technique is used to create a striking visual lighting effect, with translucent marble giving a luminous highlight to interior decoration.  Stone-on-glass is perfect for feature walls, bar tops, skylights and as a contemporary alternative to conventional windows.

Granite is a light-coloured plutonic rock commonly found in mountain belts. Granite forms as magma as it cools slowly deep far under the earth’s surface. Granite’s durability makes it an excellent material to be utilised internally and externally in commercialand domestic projects and as an ornamental stone.

Ideal for Kitchens Benchtops, Splashbacks, Bathrooms Vanity Tops, Wall Cladding, Flooring, Counter Tops and General Internal and External Use.

When limestone re-crystallises under intense geological pressure and heat, Marble rock is formed. Large, coarse grains of calcite are formed by fossilized materials, along with carbonates. Marble stone has long been valued for its beauty and strength; it was and still is widely used in commercial buildings, monuments, sculptures and residental houses.

Marble Uses – Bathroom Vanity Tops, Splash Backs, Tile Flooring, Wall Cladding (commercial & residential), Fireplaces, Marble Bars, Stairs and Kitchens Benchtops

Marble tiles are perfect solution to add impact to your latest project. Available in a variety of colours from natural beige tones to deep dark greys with striking veins. All marbles are available in Polished or Honed finishes.

Durable, low maintenance, and highly decorative, Galala Marble Pavers are a versatile flooring solution for indoor and outdoor application. Featuring a smooth, polished surface and classic marble veining, the pavers are resistant to wear under most weather conditions, and are recommended for pool surrounds, courtyards, and other landscaping use.

Galala Marble Pavers from Hunterstone are consistently coloured and finished with a tumbled edge, increasing traction and slip resistance capabilities while further enhancing visual appeal.

With a flamed finish and elegant bullnose edge, Raven Black Granite Bullnose pavers from Hunterstone are the ideal product for pool surrounds, stair treads, and kitchen bench tops.

Supplied in a consistent palette of charcoal and grey, the hard wearing pavers provide a timeless alternative to concrete for commercial, residential, and industrial applications. The slip resistant, non-abrasive pavers are suitable for areas exposed to water, and can be installed atop existing concrete slabs.

Calacatta Oro marble from Finestone is a sumptuously coloured and textured marble slab for interior application. Timeless and durable, the water resistant natural stone is ideal for use in wet areas such as kitchens and bathrooms, and can be fabricated into counters, bench tops, tables, splash backs, and more.

Part of the White range of marble from Finestone, Calacatta Oro is supplied in a factory thickness of 20mm, and can be polished to achieve a high shine surface.

Offering a sleek polished finish and rich gold and black marbled appearance, Black Forest Gold Granite brings luxury to any interior application.

Ideal for kitchen and bathroom counters, bench tops, splashbacks, and wall slabs, the hard wearing, water resistant granite is a versatile product suitable for residential and commercial projects. Available in a range of slab sizes and standard 30mm thickness, the luxury stone is part of Finestone’s wide range of black granite, and can be machined to proejct specifications.

Established in 2004 and with over a decade of industry experience, Finestone is committed to delivering an unrivalled selection and quality of natural stone products to Australian markets.

Sourcing their products from local and international quarries alike, Finestone is favoured by builders, architects, designers, and stone masons for their comprehensive catalogue of high quality natural stone slabs and paving products. With a range that includes marble, granite, limestone, travertine, and onyx, Finestone is certain to have the natural stone solution for projects of any scale and nature.

Part of the popular Blokpave range of natural stone pavers and tiles, Edgepave Granite is a cost efficient rounded-edged natural stone product for outdoor paving use.

Ideal for pool surrounds and steps, the versatile stone product is resistant to wear, water, and UV damage, and requires little maintenance throughout its extended product lifespan. Edgepave Granite from Brikmakers is available in six timeless and neutral colours, and is supplied in a standard size of 330 x 300 x 60mm.

Developed in consultation with a team of architects and designers, the Vistapave collection of granite tiles and pavers is a versatile natural stone solution for driveways and outdoor walkways.

Cost efficient, highly durable, and available in a selection of six neutral colours to complement projects of any style or nature, the pavers are supplied in various sizes and paving formats. 

Since their establishment in Western Australia ten years ago, the Brikmakers name has become synonymous with the delivery of versatile, contemporary brick products that are both functional and innovative.

Combining the latest in production technology with a committed service and development team, Brikmakers manufactures and supplies a broad catalogue of bricks, pavers, and stone blocks for commercial and residential use. Brikmakers is committed to providing Australian markets with cost efficient, safe, and durable masonry products, and works closely with customers to ensure that the demands of every design brief are met.

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