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Make a natural lasting impression, with brick slips. Better than traditional brickwork, see design meet function.

Successful modern day architecture now demands more than just a particularly straight edge design. Current trends in architecture focus on a state-of-the-art outer building sin that breathes by using natural materials. The Riegel brick slip range combines the archaic impression of blue reduction firing, or subdued sinter patina effect, all with the elegant simplicity of special long formats.

Make a natural lasting impression, with brick slips. Better than traditional brickwork, see design meet function.

With its extruded vintage look, shine effect and with a used look, this brick slip fits naturally into any modern design, whilst paying homeage to the past. With a used look texture throughout, the surface still maintains a smooth consistency for a cleaner, unobtrusive effect.

Make a natural lasting impression, with brick slips. Better than traditional brickwork, see design meet function.

Contouring is the name of a style that is currently on trend, which gives a natural surface a particularly rounded and modern feel. With three types of surface textures available, create a perfectly natural finish, with perfected modern contouring.

Make a natural lasting impression, with brick slips. Better than traditional brickwork, see design meet function.

This series unites the current spirit of sustainability whilst embodying original features from brickwork. Hand formed edges and water struck surfaces that are frost resistant and easy to lay. Without treatment for water -repellency, without impregnation and without wasteful cutting of a full brick. This product is environmentally sound band ready to be used.

Make a natural lasting impression, with brick slips. Better than traditional brickwork, see design meet function.

Materials with character and soul. Architecturally they provide an exciting contrast to modern reduced design. Age and usage are allowed to show here. With their strong character, they give rise to a sense of security and modernity, in a subtle way.

Brick Slips: providing the look and feel of traditional bricks.

Lightweight and easy to install extruded brick slips provide a cost-effective solution for multi-storey buildings, refurbishments, housing, feature walls and shop fit-outs.

Ströher’s brick slip range comprises of 60 colours and styles; including long and thin bar formats to give a building an unmistakable identity͟. With matching angle pieces, returns and windows, Ströher brick slips create the perfect façade when the use of real bricks is impractical.

German-made, Ströher brick slips are extruded from clay and fired at 1300°C, making for a lightweight, durable and dimensionally accurate design. This not only provides a cost-effective method of achieving a genuine brick facade, but also the ideal solution to extremely tight building schedules, with the application of brick slips being much faster when compared to traditional methods.

Ströher brick slips are available in Australia through Ceramic Solutions Pty Ltd.

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Pro-Fit® Modera™ Ledgestone.

Our Modera Pro-Fit® collection offers a practical way to achieve a tailored ledgestone look with small-scale, low relief stones. It's quick and easy to install because it isn't applied one stone at a time. Instead, the primary building blocks are groups of small stones meticulously bundled together to form modular components of equal height.

Modera Pro-Fit® products also feature the patented Cultured Stone® cladding interlocking mortar groove for secure adhesion without grouted joints.

The new Morada brick collection from PGH delivers stunning finishes to modern buildings. Formed in Spain using ultra fine clay, this premium range delivers clean lines and a matte, porcelain-like finish.

Providing architects and builders with versatility, Morada includes a designer colour palette in three sizes, from Standard and Splits to the long, sleek look of the Linear shape. The epitome of modern European style, Morada is a fresh, colour through brick for sleek, sophisticated and creative projects.

* Standard size available from September. Allow 8-10 weeks for major orders.

With a reflective metallic sheen, the ‘Metallic’ range offers an ultra-premium finish. They are ideal for almost any project. Popular in the multi-residential market and commercial market as well; from the grey Pewter to the mottled Blue Steel Flash these bricks make a modern, stylish statement.

Metallic bricks are available in the following colours: Blue Steel Flash, Nickel Flash and Pewter.

A semi-glazed premium range with strong base colours and sharp edges in a stunning range of colours. For the best look, PGH recommends ironed mortar joints for this collection.

Altitude bricks are available in the following colours: Apollo, Everest and Olympus.

Our Sandstock bricks honour an important part of our history, the traditional method of brick making. Only a handful of companies still make these ͚Convict Bricks͛. Incredibly wet clay is dropped into large sawdust-lined moulds to produce solid bricks with very individual rough and irregular textures and shapes, giving them their hand-made character and beautiful appearance. Fired in intermittent batch kilns, we can alternate the temperature to produce a variety of colours and tones, reminiscent of the very old down draught wood or coal fired kilns. PGH Sandstock bricks are timeless in their look and feel and deliver a statement of tradition and authenticity. They are suitable across a variety of building designs, ranging from contemporary prestige homes, to those requiring an authentic colonial period look.

Sandstock bricks are available in the following colours: Balmain, Balmoral, Blackett, Cadman, Castlemaine, Chatswood, Chisholm, Endeavour, Greenway, Homestead Blend, Jackson, Lawson Blend, Mitchell Blend, Monet, Newport Blend, Northbridge, Renoir and Van Gogh. Renoir and Van Gogh.

This range has a suite of products to choose from delivering a modern look. They can be colour matched with bricks from the Smooth range to achieve tone and textural variation.

These bricks come in the following colours: Brown, Choc Tan, Cream, Crevole, Mild Steel, Mineral, Pearl Grey, Red, Terracotta and Volcanic.

Dry Pressed bricks are for those that appreciate the craftsmanship of traditional bricks. It's the unique manufacturing technique of Dry Pressed bricks that makes these premium bricks so special. Under high compression, dry clay is pressed into individual moulds, which creates a solid brick with sharp, clean edges. Firing in boutique batch kilns enables us to make a wide variety of crisp colours, from deep dark blues to light creams. These bricks can be used to create modern showpieces in residential or commercial properties, or to match existing brickwork.

PGH also offer Dry Pressed Linear and 50mm Splits bricks. Dry Pressed Linear bricks combine the best of the PGH Dry Pressed collection with slender and elegant proportions to create distinct residential and commercial designs. Used as a feature or to amplify street appeal, these slimline 290mm bricks are Australian-made and fired in boutique batch kilns for crisp colours, sharp edges and a premium finish. Their modular format allows for standard installation methods and joint returns to minimise brick cuts and any increased costs. Dry Pressed bricks in 50mm splits deliver a very distinguished look, as well as numerous shapes, which are a popular choice for multiple projects, like archways, fireplaces, window frames and bond patterns.

Dry Pressed bricks come in the following colours:, Blackbeauty, Flicker, Hawkesbury Bronze, Livingston Gold, Macarthur Mix, McGarvie Red, Megalong Valley Grey, Mowbray Blue, Red Rum and Silver Shadow. Dry Pressed Linear bricks come in the following colours: Balmerino, Hawkesbury Bronze, Livingston Gold, Macarthur Mix, McGarvie Red, Megalong Valley Grey and Mowbray Blue. Dry Pressed 50mm Splits bricks come in Mowbray Blue.

With clean lines, a smooth finish and unique contemporary colours, these bricks (formerly Escura Smooth) deliver a modern, premium finish. They can be colour matched with bricks from the Velour range to achieve tone and textural variation.

Smooth bricks come in the following colours: Black and Tan, Cashmere, Choc Tan, Copper Glow, Cream, Harvest Cream, June, Volcanic, Mineral, Pearl Grey, Red and Rustic Harvest Cream.

Robertson’s Building Products is the proud sole distributor of Petersen Tegl bricks within Australia. The Danish brickwork brand is internationally renowned for their high quality products and excellent craftsmanship, and supplies a full range of unique brick products. Petersen Tegl products have been used in a host of commercial, residential, and civic projects, and are favoured by architects and builders alike.

From conventional waterstruck and coal fired bricks to handmade, custom-sized bricks, Petersen Tegl’s exciting selection is certain to include the brick product for any design brief.

Ideal for both adhered and inlaid concrete solutions, thin brick facing tiles or brick slips are an innovative facade solution for residential and commercial projects.

Available in a range of colours, textures, and finishes, brick slips are suitable for both indoor and outdoor application, providing the feel and aesthetic of brick with only a fraction of the weight. Brick facings can be laid in a variety of patterns, and are joined using specialty techniques to ensure a seamless edge finish. 

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