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Make a natural lasting impression, with brick slips. Better than traditional brickwork, see design meet function.

This series unites the current spirit of sustainability whilst embodying original features from brickwork. Hand formed edges and water struck surfaces that are frost resistant and easy to lay. Without treatment for water -repellency, without impregnation and without wasteful cutting of a full brick. This product is environmentally sound band ready to be used.

Make a natural lasting impression, with brick slips. Better than traditional brickwork, see design meet function.

Materials with character and soul. Architecturally they provide an exciting contrast to modern reduced design. Age and usage are allowed to show here. With their strong character, they give rise to a sense of security and modernity, in a subtle way.

PowerFence. Aesthetic, affordable and easy to install solid masonry system.

New Hebel PowerFence is an innovative solid masonry fencing system that’s attractive, versatile and easy to install. It’s suitable for houses, low rise multi-residential projects, low rise apartments and ideal for DIYers with its lightweight panels and easy construction method.

Perfect for boundary fencing and an alternative to standard masonry for front fences, the Hebel PowerFence can be painted or rendered to blend in with or enhance the visual appeal of homes.

The innovative and simple Hebel PowerFence system provides a modular masonry structure using standard 1800 x 600 x 75mm PowerPanels and steel posts which can be easily and quickly erected – without the need for extensive excavation or strip footings, normally required for traditional masonry fence construction.

Key innnovations that deliver a superior Hebel PowerFence system include:

  • specially designed PowerFence Bracket
  • one common low-cost 75mm steel post for all configurations
  • one type of fixing screw for the PowerFence bracket and final post covers
  • use of standard 1800 x 600 x 75mm PowerPanel, or for heavier use and under stricter design conditions 2400 x 600 x 75mm PowerPanel can be used.

Hebel PowerFence can be finished in either an Expressed or Monolithic look and can also be adapted to include a range of decorative treatments such as timber panels and ironwork.

The unique benefits of the new Hebel PowerFence system:

  • it’s easy to use, cost effective and attractive
  • it creates privacy and acts as a reflective noise barrier system
  • is perfect for boundary fencing and as an alternative to standard masonry for front fences
  • has a range of wall profiles and looks that can be created to give design freedom and flexibility
  • is non combustible – the perfect choice for bushfire prone areas
  • uses standard 1800 x 600 x 75mm PowerPanels, and under stricter design conditions, 2400 x 600 x 75mm standard PowerPanels
  • its steel reinforced PowerPanels are specially coated to prevent corrosion and provide maximum durability
  • is designed to meet the majority of environmental conditions for suburban fencing in Australia.

The Hebel PowerFence system – a better way to build.

PowerBlock+ the premium alternative to double brick.

Solid masonry construction has long been regarded as the ‘ultimate’ home building method. Hebel PowerBlock+ is the ideal alternative to double brick, giving you an extremely solid construction with exceptional acoustic and thermal insulation properties to provide a more comfortable and energy efficient home.

The face size of a PowerBlock+ is 600mm x 200mm. External walls are typically constructed using 250mm thick Hebel PowerBlock+ whilst internal non-loadbearing block walls generally use the 100mm PowerBlock+. The large format blocks are lightweight and, forming a single wall, are rapidly installed.

  • A solid load-bearing masonry home.
  • A Hebel PowerBlock+ home ‘breathes’ and controls moisture making it an incredibly comfortable living environment.
  • With over one and half times the thermal resistance of double brick, Hebel PowerBlocks+ systems* easily exceed the Building Code of Australia (BCA) minimum energy requirements for climatic zones 1 to 7 inclusive.
  • Excellent acoustic performance and sound insulation attributes.
  • Design and build freedom and flexibility – easily worked with standard power tools.
  • Non-combustible – up to a four hour fire rating makes the Hebel PowerBlock+ System ideal for rural or bush fire prone areas.
  • Enhanced design freedom can be achieved through routing and shaping. Lintels and sill blocks complement the high aesthetic appearance.

Twice the size of a standard brick, Hampton Clay Blocks are an architectural brick suitable for use in both contemporary and classic designs. 

The large format bricks allow a significant reduction in construction times, and offer all the durability and performance of more conventional brick counterparts. Supplied in a palette of warm colours, Hampton Clay blocks can function as a complete facade system, and can also be combined with brickwork, render, timber, stone, or steel. 

Ideal for garden edging, retaining walls, and driveway entrances, Sandstone Ballast Blocks from Sydney Sandstone Cutters are a versatile and durable outdoor construction product.

The rough dimension ballast is supplied in a variety of sizes split to the length requirements of every individual project, with thicknesses and height varying significantly. A warm natural palette makes the blocks compatible with projects of any style, scale, and nature, and is certain to remain contemporary for years to come.

Masonry Concrete Blocks are a modernised alternative to conventional bricks, block colours, and textures. Most widely used in commercial projects, masonry concrete blocks come in a huge spectrum of sizes and shapes suitable for diverse applications. The product range includes custom profile, full and half-height blocks in a range of sizes (100, 150, 200 and 300mm wide), acoustic masonry blocks, and the masonry block Estate Wall System.

Grey + Parchment + Joondalup + Toodyay + Golden Sand + Telfer + Buff + Sunset Red + Carbon

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