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CCS Pigments are ideal for colouring precast panels and onsite panel construction, such as panels destined for use on building facades and freeway sound barrier walls. Adding Concrete Colour Systems integral pigments during the mixing of precast panels allows for easier construction and an overall more finished look. Successfully colouring precast panels requires fastidious and consistent manufacturing techniques, because form preparation, release agents, sand and aggregate selection, vibration techniques and the use of sealers can all have a dramatic influence on the final colour.

Hollow Core Concrete Trimmer Beams permit for the inclusion of very large floor voids, without the need to add additional columns, with adjacent planks on either side of the void designed to carry the extra imposed load. Hollow Core Concrete Trimmer Beams can be designed to appear as a steel lintel, and can also be utilised as an in-situ concrete beam, that can be cast together with topping screed. This trimmer beam range is especially designed to support both Hollow Core’s precast concrete slabs an also any adjoining precast stairs.

Precast stairs can be used even with respect to in-situ stairs, with common applications including safety/fire stairs, and access to working levels during the construction process. The off-site production of Hollow Core Concrete Precast Stairs permits for speedy change in stair profiles, and installation and erection can both be completed easily and with minimum interruption.

Easy installation + Structurally very safe + Can be used for indoor or outdoor applications + Ideal for internal access to upper floors during construction works + Cost effective + Manufactured off-site

Precast Bridges by Hollow Core Concrete are a stable, speedy, and cost-effective alternative to other standard bridge constructions. The process of construction is rapid, so the bridge can be completed and ready to use within days instead of weeks. The construction procedure involves preparation of footings and abutments as is case for decking bridges and beams, and for farm or rural requirements, hollow core concrete planks could be easily lifted into place before mounding up the footings. Hollow Core Concrete Precast Bridges are the smart option for any bridging application, small or large span, light or heavy traffic.

Because production occurs off-site when using Hollow Core Precast Concrete Beams and Columns, each product is put through a rigorous prestressing process. Furthermore, by choosing a precast concrete product, there is no need to prop the beams, and no need for expensive on-site formwork. Hollow Core Concrete Precast Columns and Beams are available in a range of cross sections, including an inverted T beam, inverted L beam, and rectangular beam, so that even though precast, the beams and columns offer maximum design versatility. *FEATURES* Rugged and durable + Manufactured off-site + Prestressed + No need for expensive and inconvenient on-site formwork + Wide range of cross-sections for design flexibility *RANGE* Inverted T Beam + Inverted L Beam + Rectangular Beam

Penetrations and floor voids can easily be designed and incorporated within Hollow Core slabs. Penetration widths completely depend upon the position of penetrations, as well as the span and load requirements of the structural layout. Smaller service pipe penetrations can usually be accommodated after the slabs have been placed, while trimmer beams might be needed if bigger penetrations are needed.

Hollow Core Floor Slabs are prestressed, precast concrete slabs usually utilised for strong, lightweight structural flooring. Each slab has between 4 and 6 longitudinal cores running through it, the primary purpose of which is to decrease weight and material inside the floor, while maintaining maximum strength. To further increase the strength, each slab is reinforced with 12mm steel strands running longitudinally. There are a range of slab depths available, chosen on the basis of project requirements, depending on loading performance and span.

No propping, long spans + Flexible in terms of design + Quick construction + Lightweight structures + Trimmer beans can get used

Design Width : 1200 mm + Self-weight: around 426 Kg/sq. Km + No. of cores: 4 to 6

Slab Depths: 200 mm, 220 mm, 300 mm, 320 mm

The 17 m long and 400 mm thick span plank from Hollow Core is perfectly suited to carpark design applications. Maximum flexibility can be obtained in terms of floor layout, through elimination of loadbearing components. It spans up to 17 m to give an uncluttered, clear space. Hollow Core delivers complete precast structural solutions which meets specified construction requirements. Feasibility and design solutions have been designed by Hollow Core’s specialist in-house design team utilising the company’s long term expertise and superior quality precast concrete products.

Elimination of columns and beams + Reduction of site labor costs + Speedy construction + Maximum use of floor area for high-density parking

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