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With its smooth, flat surface and square-edge finish, BGC’s Duracom™ Facade System is ideal for the exterior cladding of low to medium-rise buildings. Utilising BGC’s trusted fibre cement-coated compressed sheeting, Duracom™ delivers a strikingly modern, durable finish. Lightweight yet exceptionally resilient, Duracom™ facade system is perfect for expressed jointing and a variety of finishes – from painted to textured coatings.

A semi-glazed premium range with strong base colours and sharp edges in a stunning range of colours. For the best look, PGH recommends ironed mortar joints for this collection.

Altitude bricks are available in the following colours: Apollo, Everest and Olympus.

With over 1000 timber products in the Havwoods portfolio our passion for wood is indisputable, but occasionally we find a non-wood product which impresses us enough to include it. TrikBrik is one such product. You can recreate the Servian Wall overnight, emulate the Arc de Triomf in under a week, or simply turn pillars of plaster into pillars of stone in a day; if you’ve a mind to do something special, this is the product which will enable you to bring it to life.

Contemporary design is all about textures, so brick and stone now feature strongly in interiors. The downside is that they are heavy, messy to fit and require a skilled labour force; brick slips make use of any existing structure, but are equally as messy and are still best left to a bricklayer. TrikBrik is completely different: designed as a metre square interlocking cladding panel system, it comes complete with mastic and paints (sometimes several to achieve the effect) to hide the joins, and it enables you to achieve authentic-looking brick and stone walls and other features, quickly and cleanly using unskilled labour.

The patented manufacturing system is the result of no less than 30-years research. High density polyurethane, polyester resin and crushed marble stone produce an exceptionally light yet durable, highly realistic panel, with excellent thermal, acoustic and flame retardant properties. TrikBrik is water repellant and non-permeable, so will not be affected by humidity; nor will it fade in the sun. The panels are easily cut to size, requiring no special tools, and can be treated with anti-graffiti formula if required. Furthermore, they can be repainted with a polyester resin paint; so when your Arc de Triomf starts to pall in red, you can always paint it purple. ​

See Havwood’s entire TrikBrik range here.

Ceramic Tiles

Agrob Buchtal’s ceramic tiles provide unlimited combinations for elegant room designs. With a great variety of styles and colours available in modular formats, interior designers can create harmoniously coordinated wall and floor designs throughout entire buildings.

Made in Germany, Agrob Buchtal tiles are manufactured in accordance with maximum quality standards to ensure consistent colour clarity and a high-quality finish, which is an essential requirement for any large retail flooring area.

The latest innovation in tensile membrane is the MakMax Architectural Facade; an alternative to traditional building facade with the added flexibility that fabric brings to architectural design. Create interesting shapes, colours and textures all with the added functionality of all climate weather protection or simple solar control. Used as a modular vertical facade or to create more organic shapes through thoughtful design applications, a building facade can be transformed into an architectural feature or design icon. Simple forms of facade such as window shading applications or digitally printed fabrics create a design feature with added functionality.

The stone-on-glass technique is used to create a striking visual lighting effect, with translucent marble giving a luminous highlight to interior decoration.  Stone-on-glass is perfect for feature walls, bar tops, skylights and as a contemporary alternative to conventional windows.

Surface Gallery’s wall cladding range is vast and has a look for both Classic and Contemporary designs. The natural Stone wall cladding range includes the sleek Black Knight and Eden Grey strips, along with the split granite Rockwall cladding. Also available is the Bennelong Sandstone cladding to give a sandstone block wall finish.

A classic seamless finish, the Cemintel Rendaline has provided a texture coat finish for decades. The Rendaline System provides a complete external cladding system with lightweight construction and a flush-joined textured finish suitable for a range of commercial and industrial projects. Rendaline is a tried and tested, autoclaved cellulose fibre reinforced cement sheet that is 8mm thick and supported by vertical top hats and countersunk screws. With a warranty from sheet to coating, the Rendaline system is rounded out by the Cemintel Texture Coating system which seamlessly protects against weather, ageing and can be fire rated to 60 or 90 minutes. CemintelRendaline is a practical solution with a recognisable textural elan.

Cemintel Creative Facade is a system for high-performance, stand-out architecture of the highest quality. Using the proven Cemintel Expresswall framing system, panels are fixed to the vertical top hat framing using a stainless steel pop rivet with colour-matched head and EPDM seal. With rearrangeable panels to suit a variety of patterns, expressed joints and a ‘colour through’ technology that allows the panel to deliver a consistent colour through the 8mm thick fibre cement street, Cemintel Creative Facade is the key to exceptional facade appearances. Creative Facade does not just allow adaptability to clad masonry, concrete, or steel, but comes in a huge modern range of style-driven colours and textures to suit everyone from a detail-focused architect to a soaring design visionary.

A classic and underrated piece of Australian architectural history, weatherboard is in the middle of a renaissance. Valued for its cutting edge, linear recess, its easy nail-gun application leaves homes with a traditional linear and flat-topped profile. A double width board provides quicker installation with a 17mm overlap to conceal fixings. Cemintel Weatherboard™ is immune to water damage, and is supplied with pre-fabricated detail options such as windowsills and corners. Simple and lightweight, the clean and weatherproof cladding is ideal for combining style and practicality.

Your local art showroom uses this. Your local hipster cafe is clad in this. Recently optimised for interior use, the BareStone cladding solution provides an ultra-trendy contemporary appearance with pre-finished panels to speed up the construction process, delivery cost, and time-effective results. With concealed or architectural face fixing solutions, the degree of finish is up to you. Cemintel BareStone also features stain-resistant technology that allows BareStone to resistant household liquids and commercial spills while maintaining its raw cement appearance. For an ‘unfinished’ artisan appearance, you needn’t look further than Cemintel BareStone.

Need a versatile, solution-driven cladding product? Cemintel Mosaic is your answer. A durable and geometric facade comprised of fibre cement cladding, the surface can be finished with a wide variety of paints or aggregate finishes, enabling a versatility beyond the norm.Cemintel Mosaic is more than just a durable, modern 8mm cladding, it is a highly adaptable system for use over steel or timber stud framing, which is easy to install with machine driven nails and is pre-primed for creative freedom. For today’s modern project you need something that is pre-primed for attractive, durable and forward-thinking finishes, more than a cladding, Cemintel Mosaic is a vehicle to express your design.

SGI Architectural prides itself on being one of Australia’s leading distributors for high-quality glass manufacturers from around the world.

With a wealth of experience in glass for projects focusing on hurricane resistance, acoustics, blast mitigation or high performance coatings, SGI Architectural is a gateway to specialised knowledge and the highest quality contacts within the glazing industry.

SGI Architectural is an established distributor of product ranges that include High Quality Low-E Coated Glass, Solar Reflective Coated Glass, Insulated Glass Units, Laminated Glass, Tempered Glass, High Quality Clear Float Glass, Tinted Glass and Silkscreen Glass.

With a number of significant small-scale and large-scale residential and commercial projects, SGI Architectural is a trusted name in glazing professionalism.

The Wall&decò Outdoor Unconventional Textures (OUT) System of fabrics is a robust, vibrant collection of heavy duty wall papers suitable for external use. Encompassing a high-strength adhesive, a durable exterior-grade technical fabric, and unique finishing treatment, OUT is a revolutionary exterior wallpaper yet unrivalled on the market.

Suitable for application to flat facades, the unique wallpaper system allows large scale photographic reproductions and graphic designs to define the character of a building from the first glance. Wallpapers in the OUT series have enjoyed wide use in hotel and restaurant applications, and are also appropriate for smaller scale pavilions and residential projects.

The specially treated system is designed to withstand UV rays and all manner of weather conditions, ensuring that designs remain as bold and eye-catching as the first day of their installation.


Nuline™ is a unique minimum maintenance weatherboard-style cladding system that looks like real timber weatherboard, but doesn’t come with any of the headaches associated with natural timber weatherboard constructions. These fibre cement weatherboards are safe, manufactured as planks and are a general-purpose fibre cement cladding for external applications. Planks are cured in a high-pressure steam autoclave to create a durable, dimensionally stable product. The Nuline™ joining system is quick and easy to install giving a seamless finish that looks good and lasts a lifetime.



Eco-friendly  +  Level joining system provides seamless finish  +  Quick and easy to cut, handle and install  +  Available in two different profiles and design choice  +  Offers a range of attractive corner and end finishes  +   Durable  +  Rot and decay free  +  Low maintenance  +   Fire resistant  +   Termite resistant  +   15 Year Warranty



Manufactured from Portland cement, finely ground silica, cellulose fibres and water  Available in a smooth finish   +  14 mm thick provides the strength to withstand the rigours of all normal family activities

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