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Translucent yet incredibly Rigid! Clear-PEP Core Panels offer a unique combination of aesthetically pleasing effects and a geometry that offers a lightweight yet incredibly strong panel with compressive strength. Available for UV grades for outdoors and non-UV grades for indoors. Finishes include clear, colour or satin finish as well as customised finishes for projects. Applications are endless from architecture, furniture, noise reduction, decor, awnings, point of sale and lighting.


Clear-PEP® UV PC Colour

Clear-PEP® UV PC colour is a translucent and UV protected panel for design and building applications.

Clear PEP® UV Satin

Clear PEP® UV Satin is characterised by a unique light scattering geometry and subtle surface colours. The acrylic satin surfaces do not show any fingerprints or incidental scratches.

Clear PEP® UV PC Stage

Clear PEP® UV PC Stage is characterised by an anti slip surface, scratch resistance, translucent optic and high load bearing capacity. This material is easy to handle and exceptionally lightweight.

Clear-PEP® UV PC Transparent

Clear-PEP® UV PC Transparent and clear-PEP® PC Transparent are both aesthetically pleasing, high-tech composites which offers unique alternatives in many applications with uses in the architectural field, both indoors and outdoors.

Due to the unique geometry of the PEP core these panels are lightweight and yet provide an excellent combination of high rigidity, compressive strength and noise reduction qualities. Clear PEP® panels are environmentally friendly, inert and fully recyclable as well as energy efficient in production and handling. The surfaces includes UV grades as well as non UV grades.



Ci is an unrivalled architectural resource for large format LED display, whether indoor or outdoor. Achievements include Australia’s best stadium perimeter LED (MCG/Etihad), best light transparent media façade (Emporium), first giant interactive LED wall (QUT) and Australia’s most impressive shopping centre LED examples, whether indoor or outdoor. Very soon Ci will also complete Australia’s two most exciting Civic LED projects. There is no company in the country better qualified.

LED display offers many traps for the unwary but Ci can provide you with the technical knowhow necessary to ensure you get the right product specified for your project. Ci offers every LED display category imaginable, from screens seen up close to roof top giants, from ceiling LED to flexible wall LED, from boardroom screens through to the most exciting lobby installations in Australia. Ci can supply, install and support on an ongoing basis all leading brands of LED and are considered to be the best implementation partner available. Advice is given freely to designers to ensure better-informed decisions are made.

Havwoods’ TrikBrik range of brick and stone wall panels are even better than the real thing.

Havwoods’ TrikBrik collection of faux brick and stone wall-cladding panels are visually true to life. But even better than the real thing, they can be installed quickly and cleanly by unskilled labour and without special tools.

Havwoods is renowned for its innovative flooring and walling products and TrikBrik is one of the most revolutionary wall-cladding products on the market. Aesthetically and technologically advanced, TrikBrik can be used on interior walls, columns and other vertical features such as kitchen islands and around fireplaces.

The easy-to-use system consists of lightweight interlocking panels that are exceptionally light, durable and visually realistic. Each TrikBrik panel is composed of high-density polyurethane, polyester resin and crushed marble stone. They can be easily cut to size and come with mastic and paints to conceal joins. Made in Europe, the patented manufacturing system eliminates difficult installation and the need for skilled labour and special tools, and has a lesser load than real brick and stone walls.

Havwoods’ TrikBrik collection includes eight products that imitate a brick, slate and mosaic walls in a variety of colours, including white brick, aged red brick, urban brick brown, urban brick aged white, Snowdon white, Snowdon grey, Angelsey and qube ochre.

TrikBrik panels have excellent thermal, acoustic and flame retardant properties. Being water repellent and non-permeable they are unaffected by humidity and won’t fade in the sun. The panels may be treated with anti-graffiti formula if required and can be repainted with polyester resin paint if a different colour is preferred.

All of Havwoods’ high-quality products are backed by superior service, delivery and guarantee. Samples are readily available and a large holding on all stock lines means orders can be dispatched same or next day.

Havwoods has built and duly earned itself the reputation of being Australia’s foremost wood flooring and decorative cladding company. Visit the Sydney or Melbourne showroom to view Havwoods’ TrikBrik collection and to speak to the team for expert advice, or view the collection online at

For up to the minute exteriors or interiors, choose BGC Duragroove™ cladding. A peerlessly adaptable, vertically-grooved panel available in different profiles and spacing, Duragroove™ has a shiplap join to ease and speed your installation. Specify Duragroove™ for single-storey and medium-height projects.

Duragroove™ comes in four variants:

  • smooth wide (150mm)
  • smooth extra wide (400mm)
  • smooth narrow (100mm)
  • woodgrain wide (150mm)

BGC’s market-leading fibre cement sheeting makes the Duragrid™ facade system a wise choice for cladding exteriors of both low to medium-rise homes and light commercial properties. Extremely robust and hardwearing, Duragrid™ will give any building an excitingly modern sheen. With its smooth, flat surface, a square-edge finish simply made for expressed jointing and panels that won’t rot, burn or corrode, Duragrid™ enables easy decoration in an exciting variety of design finishes.

With its smooth, flat surface and square-edge finish, BGC’s Duracom™ Facade System is ideal for the exterior cladding of low to medium-rise buildings. Utilising BGC’s trusted fibre cement-coated compressed sheeting, Duracom™ delivers a strikingly modern, durable finish. Lightweight yet exceptionally resilient, Duracom™ facade system is perfect for expressed jointing and a variety of finishes – from painted to textured coatings.

Paarhammer’s new release, ECO Façade, is slender and sturdy. The visible aluminium profile on the outside is only 50mm wide and available in a variety of colours. The internal timber structure ensures stability and high energy efficiency makes this also suitable for a Passive house façade.

Inserts of openable windows or doors can easily be accommodated to suit design requirements, and can be operated manually or automatically. Doors can be single, French, bi-fold or sliding and can have fingerprint recognition, or be included in automation systems.

Glass units between 24 and 48mm, to customer’s specifications, are inserted. There are many glass combinations to choose from, including Low-E, tinted, self-cleaning etc. The contact pressure of the glazing caskets is regulated by sealing profiles.

Choose a glass façade instead of a wall for easy site assembly and increased thermal performance every day for the life of the building.

AGP makes superb products for specialist façade treatment projects by making use of steel, aluminium, and glass. AGP’s work on has included the design, production, and installation of their exclusive aluminium cladding system for various customised sun shading panels on the façade of a university building. Other projects involve the restoration of existing facades, with AGP providing various thoughtful, customised design solutions to minimise disruption to the building.

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