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For cost efficient screening, fencing, and facade decoration, the range of composite timber battens, beams, and bollards from Innowood is certain to contain the product for any exterior project.

The easy to install products are available in a range of profiles and realistic timber finishes, and are supplied in various lengths. All beam, batten, and bollard products from Innowood are termite, water, and UV resistant, as well as fire retardant and 100% recyclable, making them a sustainable and high performance alternative to natural timber. 

A composite wood system for external cladding and internal lining, InnoClad is ideal for commercial and residential projects. With a high thermal performance, excellent acoustic ratings, and an ability to be installed vertically or horizontally, InnoClad is suitable for new builds and retrofitting alike.

Available in various profiles and finishes, InnoClad is supplied with one of three integrated and fully concealed joint mechanisms: shiplap, flat join, and clip fixing. All InnoClad profiles are low maintenance and compatible with other products in the Innowood catalogue, and can withstand all environments and weather conditions. 

Available in several profiles and dimensions, the range of Facade Screen components from Biowood Australia is contemporary and low maintenance. Fabricated from a termite resistant blend of wood and plastic, Facade Screen products achieve a realistic timber finish alongside outstanding durability and an extended product lifespan.

Products in this range are available in lengths of either 5.7m or 5.85m, and are supplied in 84 piece quantities and in a selection of timber finishes. Certain products in the range also feature a clip edge for easy attachment to battens. 

SymoniteHD composite panels are manufactured using a heavy duty fibre reinforced thermosetting resol phenolic resin core finished with decorative coloured aluminium surfaces available on either one side or two. The phenolic cores are vastly superior in performance characteristics as compared to thermoplastics such as polyethylene or polypropylene, and perform exceptionally well in impact resistance and wind load performance. The unique superior qualities of Symonite include excellent temperature stability, increased rigidity and improved durability whilst emitting zero VOC’s as a finished panel.

SymoniteHD is unique amongst composite panels as its core does not melt or contribute to the spread of fire along a building facade. Symonite's phenolic resin core has excellent fire performance properties. CSIRO fire tests confirm that Symonite complies with the Building Code of Australia requirements for use as interior and exterior cladding.

The outer face of SymoniteHD panels standardly consist of an aluminium skin continuously coil-coated with a PVDF paint system. PVDF coating is used extensively worldwide for curtain walling and facades. This enduring paint coating removes the need for repainting and requires little ongoing maintenance, making it an excellent façade choice. Because of the flexibility, this finish is ideal for fi nishes where panels are required to be folded or rolled. PVDF has a minimum life expectancy of 20 years under normal conditions. Visit for the latest colour range.

SymoniteHD panels are also available with a mill raw, quality raw, anodised, two pack polyurethane and photo printed finishes.

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