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Ceramic Tiles

Agrob Buchtal’s ceramic tiles provide unlimited combinations for elegant room designs. With a great variety of styles and colours available in modular formats, interior designers can create harmoniously coordinated wall and floor designs throughout entire buildings.

Made in Germany, Agrob Buchtal tiles are manufactured in accordance with maximum quality standards to ensure consistent colour clarity and a high-quality finish, which is an essential requirement for any large retail flooring area.

Laminam® is a unique 3mm ceramic material with a weight of less than 8 kg per sqm made using the latest Italian ceramic technology.

Suitable for both interior and exterior application, Laminam® ceramic sheet is available in large formats up to 1000 x 3000mm x 3mm but also in 1000 x 1000mm and 1000 x 500mm. Laminam® is available in a wide range of colours, which are the base of ongoing graphic and material developments that can fulfil any creative and planning requirement. Laminam® is a totally natural product. It does not release any substances into the environment and can be easily milled and recycled in other manufacturing processes.

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