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Wouldn’t it be great to get those invoices out to your clients on time, every time? 

Just imagine no more pressure at the end of the month when it comes to invoicing as all your time and cost data are in the one place. 

With Abtrac you are able to produce pre-billing reports that give you high level of confidence and assurance that you have got the numbers right. With Abtrac you are able to format your invoices to match your fee structure that you use with your projects.  



+ Hourly rate invoices 

+ Automatically generate progress claims 

+ Percentage billing 

+ Duplicate invoices from last month 

+ Create your invoices from scratch 

+ Choose from our templates or customise your own


For more information about customised invoicing click here

Easy to follow time and cost recording screens. Individual employees can take responsibility for their own timesheet entries. Abtrac gives different levels of access which will permit you to show/hide sensitive fields.

You are able to view Time capture in two ways:

– Use a clock or enter time units.

– Copy your current jobs/projects from last week.

Administrators can set certain fields for data capture as required making sure relevant information for timesheet reporting is right there.

There is an optional add on browser version available.   



+ Easy to follow screens  

+ Easily accessible overviews and performance reports  

+ Optional add-on browser module  

+ Data accessible remotely from the cloud 


For more information about time and cost recording click here

What makes Abtrac unique is the level of reporting we offer – this set’s us apart from other solutions. Abtrac offers over one hundred standard performance reports. Many of these have been created in direct response from existing Abtrac users. Throw away those time consuming spreadsheets, and let Abtrac save you hours collecting all that information. 



+ Employee and Project Profitability 

+ Actual vs. Budget, Write On/Write Off 

+ WIP and Pre-billing reports 

+ Timesheet entry reporting 

+ Many more great features


For more information about performance reports click here

Everything is all in the one place. No more spreadsheets or post it notes around the office. Abtrac is all about contact management. Your clients, contacts and sub consultants are all saved in Abtrac with comprehensive detail. By using Abtrac at the job/project and at the client level, you are able to document phone calls and important client meetings. Create marketing and contact lists to generate mail merge letters. 



+ No more spreadsheets 

+ Record important conversations  

+ Enter diary annotations

+ Create marketing lists and email groups


For more information about contact management click here

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