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Columns are made in two halves to wrap around steel or timber posts. Columns can be round, fluted, square and tapered.

EZYtube offers a range of standard sizes for various concrete column forming shapes including, triangular octagonal and pentagonal shapes. For other shapes and sizes EZYtube offers our custom design section to cater for unique requirements.

Oval concrete columns (rectangular shaped with rounded ends) are commonly specified for areas such as carparks, but can be difficult and costly to form. Ezytube offers a simple solution by taking one of the standard Ezytube round Formatube, placing it between two timber shutters, and squashing the tube to the required width. The shutters are supported by simple timber beams which are held in place at both ends using Z-bars. The concrete column can be formed using either spiral or plastic lined Ezytube depending on the surface finish required on the column.

To achieve a smoother, higher standard of surface finish on the concrete column, an additional thicker plastic liner can be inserted within the square or rectangular EZYtube formatube. The standard liner results in an easy release from the concrete and will achieve a class 3 surface finish. The option to install an additional box liner will result in a more consistent high quality surface finish for every column poured.

Boomerang™ is a range of column forms to produce square and rectangular columns. Lightweight user-friendly, its perfect for set up and stripping. Internal components can be re used by returning to closest Ezytube factory for a re-asembly, making it the cost effective choice. Less site work means a faster and more effective set up.

To achieve a smoother, higher standard of surface finish on the concrete column, a durable plastic liner can be inserted within the EZYtube. EZYtube liners are designed to be thin yet robust, which ensures a lower overall tube weight, minimising the effect of the vertical seam and allowing for easier removal. Unlike thicker alternative tube forms, EZYtube’s advanced design allows for simple removal processes which will not damage the smooth concrete surface that has been formed.

The Ezytube Spiral Tube Formliner is a light weight, extremely strong tubing suitable for forming typical pour-in-place round concrete columns. Ensuring extremely high burst strength at very thin wall thickness, the lightweight formatube is easy to cut to remove after pouring, and can be poured in most cases at unrestricted pour rates. Ezytube spiral formatubes can be manufactured in a range of diameters from 200mm to 990mm in 50mm intervals, and up to almost any transportable length.

International market leader in concrete column forming tubes for over a decade, Ezytube delivers world-class products that are easy to use. Ezytube products have a track record of saving time and money in almost all situations, as well as significant benefits in safety, ease of use, increased productivity, lower skills requirements and high quality results.

Setting them apart from their competitors, Ezytube can provide a fully customised service achieving form, efficiency and finishes previously unseen within the industry. Ezytube have recently rolled out their innovative new product, Yellow Formliner™ which uses world-first technology to significantly improve surface finish of off-form finished concrete structures. Ezytube customised systems and Yellow Formliner™ have been used on major projects including 1 Bligh St, Sydney and Adelaide and is set to revolutionise formwork technology.

Uni-Shape Architectural Columns are available in Tapered, Standard or Fluted designs, with a variety of Bases and Capitals which suit all architectural styles. These products arrive ready to use in the standard grey cement finish in various sizes, with an internal void of 100 mm x 100mm and custom voids available on request. Uni-Shape Architectural Columns are made from a lightweight centre with a reinforced coating of pure resins and cementicious minerals, so they are strong and lightweight, as well as easy to install in both non load bearing and load bearing applications.


  • Four types of architectural columns, tapered and straight: CT260, CT350, CS260 and CS350
  • Varying base diameters at 260 and 350 mm with top diameter of 210, 290, 260 or 350 depending on the product
  • Approximate mass weight is 11, 26, 12 and 18 depending on the product

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