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Installation, maintenance, and consultation services for CCTV security systems, and the manufacturers and distributors of security cameras, transmission products such as fiber optic cabling and wireless hubs, and integrated security software, infrared sensors, number plate recognition cameras, and other surveillance equipment, for residential and commercial applications.

Designed and made in Italy, BTicino audio and video intercoms suit all applications and budgets, from modest single homes to prestigious multi-storey apartment towers. Choose from simple single home kits, or mix and match your internal and external panels to suit the project you’re working on. These systems are the fastest and easiest to install as well as the most reliable, so you’ll save time on every job.

The complete range of motion control cameras from Bosch

When it comes to security, detail is everything. It is vital that you can see all the relevant information in the scene you are surveying so you can see clearly, react faster and make accurate decisions.

The AUTODOME IP cameras enable you to do just that – to locate, track and zoom in on objects quickly and easily, for precise identification and hands-on control. With a

choice of resolutions up to 1080p combined with 30x optical zoom, you can identify objects over large distances, giving your surveillance even more reach.

A camera for every need and budget

Bosch offers a comprehensive range starts with the AUTODOME IP 4000 HD for indoor use and goes right up to the AUTODOME IP starlight 7000 HD

model, which includes Intelligent Video Analysis (IVA) and starlight technology as standard. IVA enables the camera to interpret images, follow interesting objects automatically and alert you when needed. Combined with starlight technology you can tackle even the most challenging lighting conditions. So, no matter what your application there is an AUTODOME IP camera to suit your exact needs.

Ideal for use in busy commercial spaces such as: shopping malls, casinos, convention centers, large retail stores, car parks, city centers, and entertainment facilities.

Autodome IP 5000 IR features:

  • High-performance HD outdoor PTZ dome camera with integrated IR illumination for scenes with low or no ambient lighting
  • Choice of HD resolution (720p25/30 or 1080p25/30)
  • Long distance illumination up to 180 m (590 ft) allows easy detection and following of moving targets
  • Variable illumination ensures that IR light is uniformly distributed in the field to avoid dark spots or over illuminated scene
  • Superior privacy masking to safeguard the privacy of individuals


For the full range of AUTODOME IP Cameras, please see our brochure section, or click here for further product details specifications. 

As tough as they get – built to resist practically everything from punishing winds, relentless rain, huge temperature

fluctuations, clouds of dust or high-impacts.

Each MIC IP 7000 camera delivers the highest quality of relevant video images in the most challenging environments. The Intelligent Defog feature, which can be activated manually or automatically, improves visibility when viewing foggy or other low-contrast scenes. The integrated silicone wiper and washer keeps the glass clean and our Window-defrosting function makes sure MIC IP cameras capture the highest quality video no matter how cold it gets.

State-of-the-art technology 

Advanced Intelligent Tracking with IVA. ONVIF conformant. Optional IR/White light illuminators.

Built-in Intelligent Dynamic Noise Reduction (IDNR) technology saves up to 50% bitrate at the source, which significantly reduces your storage costs and network strain without compromising on video quality. Thanks to intelligent backlight compensation, (moving) objects

of interest can be easily identified in scenes with simultaneously bright and dark areas. And our Intelligent Video Analysis technology ensures Intelligent Tracking. Now you can automatically track moving objects based on predefined alarm rules or with a simple click.

MIC IP Starlight 7000 HD


  • Exceptional strength and ruggedness for any outdoor, industrial, or commercial surveillance application
  • Starlight (720p50/60) camera technology with high-performance 30x lens for scenes with limited or non-uniform illumination
  • Optional, field-installable combo illuminator (IR/White light) provides detection of objects up to 175 m (575 ft) away
  • Simple installation with new hinged DCA mounting accessory and new cable design


Also available in MIC IP Dynamic 7000 HD

Features same as the Starlight with additional: 

  • High Dynamic Range (HDR) to see details in bright and dark areas simultaneously
  • ONVIF conformant; provides interoperability with other conformant systems

For further product information please visit our brochure section or click here for specifications. 

The Bosch IP 4000 and IP 5000 camera family offers a cost-effective, reliable and comprehensive portfolio to safeguard your business.

Flexible and complete

Our IP 4000 and IP 5000 cameras set new standards in security and data management for everyday surveillance applications such as schools, hospitality venues, retail shops and commercial buildings. The camera family offers a complete portfolio with dome, panoramic and bullet cameras suited to every facility – indoor or outdoor, day or night, discreet or obtrusive surveillance.

Highest image quality at minimum cost

Resolutions from 720p up to 5 megapixels deliver detailed images to easily distinguish individuals or minor details, significantly increasing the effectiveness of retrospective analysis. Intelligent Dynamic Noise Reduction technology reduces bitrates by up to 50 percent, which significantly lowers your storage requirements and network strain without compromising video quality.

DINION IP Bullet 4000 HD


  • Outdoor IP bullet camera with varifocal lens
  • Built-in IR illuminator with 25 m (82 ft) viewing distance
  • 720p resolution for sharp images
  • Fully configurable quad streaming
  • Regions of interest and E-PTZ

To see the full range and further product information for IP 4000 and IP 5000 cameras, please visit our brochure section or click here.

No more blind spots

This panoramic camera offers a full 180-degree or 360-degree overview in a single image. With its 12 megapixel resolution and

fisheye lens, you get a complete overview image without blind spots. The FLEXIDOME IP panoramic 7000 MP camera oversees everything with superb clarity and gives you information at a glance.

Capture images in the highest detail

Thanks to the 12 megapixel sensor resolution and fisheye lens, the FLEXIDOME IP panoramic 7000 MP offers an overview image of an area, while enabling users to simultaneously zoom in on an object of interest. The close-up images are transmitted in a separate stream so that both overview and detail can be viewed at the same time – and all in high resolution. With 12 megapixel resolution at an incredibly high frame rate of 30 frames per second, the camera enables fast moving objects to be captured easily, significantly improving the quality of your surveillance operation.

Perfect exposure every time

Objects of interest are captured at the perfect exposure in every situation thanks to Intelligent Auto Exposure. It automatically adjusts the exposure of the camera offering superb front light compensation and incredible backlight compensation by dynamically adapting the camera’s exposure to the changing light conditions.


  • 12MP / 30 fps sensor for fine details with smooth motion
  • Edge or client-side dewarping for easy integration
  • Intelligent Video Analysis on full panoramic overview
  • Discreet and aesthetic, low-profile design
  • Easy twist-click installation

Please click here for further product information, specifications and product variants. 

Never miss a single thing thanks to the 360-degree overview provided by the FLEXIDOME IP panoramic 5000 MP camera from Bosch.

In combination with your current camera set up, it significantly improves your situational awareness by eliminating blind spots. With 5 megapixel resolution at 15 frames per second and a fish-eye lens, you can capture moving objects easily while maintaining a complete 360-degree overview without blind spots, providing innovating security where you need it most.

The smallest 360-degree dome design

The FLEXIDOME IP panoramic 5000 MP camera combines innovative technologies with the smallest 360-degree dome design available on the market. The perfect balance between performance and aesthetics makes it ideal for applications where appearance is just as important as discretion. In addition to its great design, the camera is also built to resist vandalism and is available in for both indoors and outdoors.

Remote access and control 24/7

Supported by Dynamic Transcoding technology and in combination with the Video Security Client, the FLEXIDOME IP panoramic 5000 MP gives you easy instant 24/7 remote access to camera controls, live video streams, recordings and HD de-warped images, regardless of available bandwidth.

Safe and secure storage

By revealing blind spots in your video surveillance solution, the FLEXIDOME IP panoramic 5000 MP makes it easier to keep personnel and property safe and secure at all times. The camera triggers alarms when needed and video data is recorded and stored safely – either in the cloud, on the built-in SD storage or on an external storage device. So you can always review what has happened, regardless of time and place. With the FLEXIDOME IP panoramic 5000 MP, professional video surveillance is easy for everyone.


  • Indoor polycarbonate dome
  • XF-Dynamic for wide dynamic range
  • NightSense
  • 15-bit DSP technology
  • 540 TVL color resolution
  • SensUp 10 x extended sensitivity
  • Bilinx bi-directional communication
  • Patented dome shape for 90º vertical view

For more information, please visit our brochure section and for specifications and related products and variants, please click here.

Offering a high definition 1080p video quality, the Ness HD-SDI Camera Series is a significant upgrade from conventional low resolution CCTV systems. The plug and view cameras can be retrofitted to update any existing CCTV system without need for new cables or programming, and is compatible with any Ness HD-SDI DVR.

All Ness HD-SDI cameras offer real time HD video output with a wide dynamic range and digital noise reduction, alongside low light imaging capabilities. The selection of high performance cameras are available in full body, tube, dome, and ball cameras, as well as IR ball or mini ball bodies for operation in total darkness.

Compact and vandal resistant, Security Distributors Australia’s range of CCTV cameras will help you to keep your property safe. Complemented by an array of illuminators and DVRs, the range uses cutting-edge technology to bring you the most accurate results.

IP uses the internet to carry security communications instead of the old switched telephone network. Vastly more information of vastly more types can be sent without the need for dedicated lines. Soon IP in security will be the norm. Security Distributors Australia provides simple, reliable and proven ways to convert existing, analogue security installations to modern, internet-based IP communications.

Leviton Security & Automation is a leading international manufacturer of automation products for residential and light commercial applications. Now available in Australia, Leviton products offer you complete control over energy consumption, entertainment and peace of mind. Their solutions are customised to suit every income level, lifestyle, and can be controlled over the telephone or internet using existing smart devices. Ideal for new or existing structure.

KOCOM provides home network solutions through home control, home security and home entertainment products that are eco-friendly. With a range of home automation, home network, video phone, interphone & doorphone, CCTV, LED lamp and unmanned systems, you can create a digital home that is always safe and connected. The products can be used specifically for certain parts of the home – kitchen, bathroom, door, or as a central monitoring device. Recognised internally as a leader in networking technology, KOCOM products give you confidence and total control over any home.

The Push Control system allows homeowners to operate their home technology from one portable device. Downloadable onto smart phones, tablets and wall mount displays, this program gives householders control from the palm of their hands. Not only do you have full control over AV, lighting and security, you can also keep an eye on climate control, blinds and awnings, watering and leisure systems through a complete and user-friendly interface. Environexus is the expert energy management program that offers you full access to monitor energy consumption in any home.

The home security systems provide maximum flexibility and monitoring to guarantee safety within any household. Argus Technologies supplies eight motion sensors as well as telephone connection to alert mobiles and any security station in the event of a breach. The whole system can be managed and monitored from inside the house or externally. Using mobile device, laptops or tablets you can easily and securely assess the system from anywhere in the world – keeping an eye on your home and loved ones.

For these critical markets, Amber Technology offers a range of high-performance solutions, including advanced DVD-based Interview Recording systems, DVD transcription products, airborne video systems for law enforcement & emergency services plus ruggedized transport & storage solutions.

The Bosch HD Camera Control combines the HD Conference Dome Camera with HD-SDI (Serial-Digital-Interface) with dedicated interfacing software integrated into the DCN conference systems. Ideal for large venues, broadcasts, video conferences, or webcasts, the HD camera automatically pans to the current speaker, displaying both the crystal-clear image and name of the speaker on all screens.

The Solution 880 Ultima Security System ensures total protection for any domestic or commercial building, offering sophisticated, reliable electronic surveillance. Up to 8 zones and 16 wireless devices can be integrated on the Solution 880 Ultima Security System, and the in-built memory has a 40 event history memory. For added convenience and peace of mind, the system can be armed and disarmed simply by the touch of a button, and has an easy to operate built in panic function. It is also programmed as it gets automatic call diversion which diverts the calls to another number when the premises is unoccupied.

Covers 8 fully programmable zones + 16 codes with 8 key pad PINS and 8 RF codes + 16 wireless Devices + STAY/AWAY arming options + Automatic arming and zone lockout + 40 event history memory + Five programmable output + Partitionable to two separate areas. + LED and LCD ICON keypad support + AC Fail supervision

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