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Compress 3000

Reduces energy use by up to 65% compared to conventional electric storage.

Smart controller allows users to optimise operation.

Suitable for 3-4 person households.

Features and Benefits:

  • Highly efficient heat pump – reduces energy use by up to 65% when compared to conventional electric storage
  • Eligible for generous government rebates
  • Smart Controls to:
    – allow user to set operating time systems
    – operate with PV solar electric systems to optimise energy efficiency
  • Low noise performance and additional noise reduction timer function
  • Designed for easy and low-cost install and servicing
  • The heat pump operates from -7°C to 40°C, delivering energy efficient hot water even in colder climates

Viega Propress – Industry leading press-fit technology that delivers quality copper installations for water, gas, oil and compressed air.


Viega Propress – for all potable water applications from DN15 to DN50.

Viega Propress XL – for all potable water applications from DN65 to DN100.

Viega Propress G – for natural gas, LPG, compressed air and oil line installations from DN15 to DN50.

Viega Propress G XL – for natural gas, LPG, compressed air and oil line installations from DN65 to DN100.

• Completely replacing the need for brazing or soldering and totally eliminates heat, gas and flame from the worksite for much improved worksite safety.

• Propress joints can be completed in around three seconds providing massive savings in installation time. 

• No heat or annealing during the pressing process so the tube maintains inherent strength compared with brazed joints, therefore eliminating the most likely point and cause of failure.

• Australian Certified for over 10 years. Proven in millions of fitting worldwide over decades.

• Patented Viega Smart Connect-Feature, which allows installers to quickly identify any un-pressed connection during a pressure test. Fittings can be pressed without any time-consuming draining of lines.

• Can be installed directly on-site and under the most difficult conditions, such as in tight spaces, alongside other assembly sections, and by just one person using the purpose designed battery operated power tool. 

• Viega offers two pressing tools, the compact Picco tool that can press DN15 to DN32 fittings, while the larger Pressgun 5 can press up to DN100. 

• Extensive range of pressing jaws, including ring jaws that can be rotated to any desired angle to ensure access in even the most difficult spaces. 

• Viega pressing tools are manufactured to the highest standards, and include electronic self-monitoring to ensure guaranteed joints and to provide extended low maintenance operation.

• Can operate with liquids at temperatures of -25 °C to +110 °C and pressures up to 1600kPa. 

• Also proven in commercial solar installations with peak temperatures up to 200°C. 

• Through its team of experienced technical representatives, Viega offers support and high performance tailored solutions Australia wide. 

• German engineered Viega is the industry leader in press-fit technology, the first to pioneer a proven method to verify secure connections, and the first to produce the same time saving press technology in multiple materials. 

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Viega. Connected in quality.

Control the pH and ORP (acid and chlorine) levels of your swimming pool with the EMEC WDPHRHPER 1.203 PS 23. This high quality controller includes German made self-priming peristaltic pumps, foot valves, injection valves, 4m of suction tubing and 4m of discharge tubing. Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) ensures proportional control, while floats on foot valves stop the pumps dosing when the chemical level in the tanks is low.

Burkert’s innovative diaphragm valve, the RoboValve, will save process time and reduce costs by minimizing the number of valves and diaphragms. Two valves, independently actuated and mounted under a single diaphragm, saves space and eliminates T-pieces, leading to no hold-up volumes. Improving performance in down-stream processes such as filtration or chromatography and in many other situations where you’re handling valuable products, RoboValve is a pioneering development in the field of valves.

Aussie high pressure drain cleaning equipment have revolutionised the way that blocked drains are cleared. The Cobra range makes short work of drains blocked by tree roots with a unique Turbo Root Mulcher nozzle. It vibrates and rotates, clearing roots with a super high powered spinning water jet. Perfect for removing roots, grease and fat, sand and silt, and graffiti.

Grundfos in-line pumps are used in a variety of applications. The pumps are all single-stage, in-line centrifugal pumps with standard motors and mechanical shaft seals. The pumps are of the close-coupled type, i.e. pump and motor are separate units. Consequently, the pumps are less sensitive to impurities in the pumped liquid than similar pumps of the canned rotor type.

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