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Manufacturers, suppliers and wholesalers of gas, electric and solar fuelled water heaters, boiler systems, heat systems, recirculation systems and heat pumps for hot water supply, as well as storage tanks and pool heating for commercial and residential applications.

Compress 3000

Reduces energy use by up to 65% compared to conventional electric storage.

Smart controller allows users to optimise operation.

Suitable for 3-4 person households.

Features and Benefits:

  • Highly efficient heat pump – reduces energy use by up to 65% when compared to conventional electric storage
  • Eligible for generous government rebates
  • Smart Controls to:
    – allow user to set operating time systems
    – operate with PV solar electric systems to optimise energy efficiency
  • Low noise performance and additional noise reduction timer function
  • Designed for easy and low-cost install and servicing
  • The heat pump operates from -7°C to 40°C, delivering energy efficient hot water even in colder climates

A durable range that delivers reliable hot water in a variety of sizes to suit most applications.

The Bosch Tronic 1000T range is manufactured using durable vitreous enameled lined steel and are produced in a variety of capacities. The Tronic 1000T provides a cost effective solution to delivering hot water in external and internal residential applications.

The Tronic 1000T includes a range of 1.8 kW to 4.8 kW element sizes and a slimline design is available in 80L & 125L models.

The Bosch OptiFlow Professional range has a 6 star rated efficiency with the use of Bosch patented technology. Bosch’s patented OptiFlow combustion management system constantly monitors and adjusts the burner gas-to-air ratio ensuring optimum combustion, providing better energy efficiency over the lifetime of the appliance.

The range has the ability to be connected to up to four wired controllers and is also compatible for use in conjunction with a solar hot water system.

Australia’s first hot water appliance with Bluetooth connectivity.

The Bosch OptiFlow range has a 6 star rated efficiency with the use of Bosch patented technologies. The combination of the OptiFlow Combustion Management System and Easy Minimum Technology provide consistent and efficient delivery of hot water at the desired temperature.

The range also includes the application of Bluetooth technology which can be accessed via the Bosch Water app (users) or Bosch ProWater app (technicians). This connectivity feature allows for energy usage and costs to be monitored as well the adjustment of temperature via your mobile phone or tablet.

Specifically designed for the commercial and building trades, Bosch’s commercial hot water range offers high quality, reliability and performance.

Bosch offer a standard (KM3211WH) and condensing 32L (BC3200RA) commercial grade appliance. Depending on requirements, these appliances can be used individually, in manifold, or in combination with a tank.
Bosch also offer a CascadeTherm, which is a 32L unit mounted and connected to a 315L tank. This set up allows for an increased availability of water during periods of high demand.

Hot water, even when the sun isn’t shining.

All of Rinnai’s gas boosted solar hot water systems utilise a dedicated continuous flow unit built around the same technology as the Rinnai Infinity, Australia’s number one continuous flow hot water system. It is always recommended that a solar hot water system be installed with a booster unit for days when there’s low solar gain. And because the gas booster is connected to the solar tank’s outlet line, it only operates when hot water is in use.

The 26 SolarBooster is a dedicated solar boost unit only

  • Must be used in conjunction with either Rinnai Prestige or Sunmaster Solar Systems
  • Preset to 70°C
  • Flow rate: 24L/min @ 25°C rise and 26L/min @ 20°C rise
  • Not compatible with Water Controllers
  • Cannot be used as a dedicated Continuous Flow unit

Rinnai Quality Features

  • After sales support
  • 12 year warranty on heat exchanger in domestic installations
  • 5 year parts and warranty on domestic installations

Also available is the S20 Solar Booster.

Please visit the Rinnai website for specification.

The Bosch Gaz 6000W is a 30kW standard efficiency boiler for hydronic heating. At 88.5% net efficiency, it is the most efficient standard efficiency boiler in the Australian market. With an integrated external casing, the Gaz 6000W Boiler allows for easy installation, straight out of the box without the need for any additional flueing accessories. It is available in Natural or LP gas and can only be installed externally.

The Bosch Highflow Condensing range features hot water units in 21L and 26L capacities.  These condensing hot water units differ from standard highflow units as they capture heat from the exhaust gas and use it to preheat incoming cold water, making them some of the most energy efficient gas hot water systems on the market. The range boasts a 6.7+ energy efficiency rating and also provides a 12% energy saving when compared to the same capacity standard Bosch highflow hot water unit. Each unit is capable of utilising up to 4 optional temperature controllers and is available in Natural or LP gas.

The Bosch GB162 range features boilers in 65kW and 100kW outputs. The boilers provide a net efficiency of up to 110% with ultra-low levels of CO and NOx emissions for cleaner combustion and increased carbon savings. They have an award-winning ALP-Plus heat  exchanger for added durability and low cost servicing, as well as a modular design for flexible installation. As an individual boiler, the GB162 sets new standards for delivering reliable, fuel-efficient heating. However, the GB162 can also be linked together as part of a multi-boiler kit to make it suitable for larger systems with high demands for heat. Up to 8 of the GB162 boilers of different outputs can be combined either inline or back-to-back using our simple, yet very robust cascade frame kits. The framework can be easily constructed in the boiler room and comes complete with all the necessary pipework, low-loss headers, custom-fit insulation and high quality fixings to ensure a quick and reliable installation. The compact, space saving design of the Worcester GB162 Cascade kit means that a 4 boiler 400kW system takes up only 1m2 of floor space.The Bosch GB162 runs quietly and has intuitive user controls for increased system functionality and  reduced running costs.

Bosch is a global leader in heating technology and the design and manufacture of boilers for hydronic heating. The Bosch hydronic boiler range includes non-condensing and condensing boilers.

The Condens 5000W range of high performance, energy efficient boilers represents the very latest in heating technology for the environmentally conscious home-owner. With an award-winning customer-focused product design, and the engineering quality you’d expect from one of Europe’s most respected heating brands, the Condens 5000W is sure to surpass the expectations of anyone looking to upgrade to a modern heating system. For such a compact boiler, the Condens 5000W is particularly powerful with individual heat outputs of 18kW and 30kW. If larger outputs are required Bosch provide the 37kW ‘Combi’ boiler which is able to perform as a hydronic boiler (30kW) as well as a water heater (37kW) at over 90% energy efficiency.

For more information about the benefits of hydronic heating please visit

Bosch Professional packs have been developed for commercial applications where consistent hot water volumes are required at certain times of the day, or where peaks in hot water demand are frequent. The product is preassembled ensuring simple installation; connections to water, gas and electricity are all that is required. Cascade Professional Packs are available, supplied in modules of 2 or 3 cascaded appliances and connection of the cascade module to the tank via a pump connection kit. Professional packs are available in Natural or LP gas and are only available with the Bosch 32 water heater.

Siddons BOLT-ON has been designed by Siddons to connect to and work with any water storage tank, whether old or new, providing the tank itself is sound.

As such, many customers choose to purchase a Siddons BOLT-ON to upgrade their existing hot water system, hence avoiding the cost of purchasing a new storage tank.

However, it may be best for you to purchase a new storage tank with the Siddons BOLT-ON heat pump.

When you do purchase a storage tank together with the Siddons BOLT-ON, you may be eligible to receive Government rebates to help offset the cost.

For a new Siddons BOLT-ON heat pump with new hot water storage tank, we can supply a range of vitreous enamel and stainless steel storage tanks. The stainless steel (316 marine grade) tanks come in two sizes, 250 litre or 315 litre.

The vitreous enamel tanks come in two sizes, 250 litre or 315 litre.

Siddons BOLT-ON. The easiest and most cost effective way to make solar savings!

The BOLT-ON is a new and brilliantly designed heat pump that works with any storage tank, new or existing, night or day.

Why pay for a new storage tank if your current tank still has life in it, even though its heater may not work or is too expensive to run?

Siddons introduced the heat pump to Australia more than 30 years ago and has been improving this efficient solar technology ever since. It takes solar heat from the air rather than direct radiation from the sun, so it can work in all weather conditions, from minus 5°C to 45°C, night or day. And it doesn’t take up your roof space; you can use that for PV electricity-generating panels instead.

And because the BOLT-ON is energy-efficient, it’s much cheaper to operate than electric element or gas bottle water heaters. For a family of two adults and two kids, you can save up to 75% of your hot water costs or around $600 per year, savings that will increase as the cost of electricity and gas increases.

The BOLT-ON does not need an electric element, gas burner or condenser coil from the storage tank to help it heat, so you can buy it on its own and bolt it onto your existing storage tank.

Applications include:

  • Upgrading your existing electric element or gas bottle water heater to solar heat pump and save around $600 per year
  • Attaching the BOLT-ON to your existing water heater that may no longer be working to avoid having to pay for a new storage tank
  • Including the BOLT-ON with a new vitreous enamel or stainless steel hot water storage tank, which will earn you rebates to help cover the extra cost

It is also much smaller in size than a typical integrated unit and therefore much easy to transport. It will even fit in the back of a ute or a station wagon.

The BOLT-ON was designed for easy installation. Any plumber can do it. And the BOLT-ON is just as easy to uninstall. This means that if you rent you can even take it with you when you move!

The Siddons All-In-One, it’s the perfect solution for your domestic hot water requirements!

Siddons All-In-One heat pump water heater extracts solar heat from the air and transforms it into steaming hot water, whether the air temperature is as low as minus 5°C or as high as 45°C.

And because the All-In-One is energy-efficient, it’s much cheaper to operate than electric element or gas bottle water heaters.

For a family of two adults and two kids, you’ll typically save up to 75% of your hot water costs or around $600 per year if you switch from electric element or gas bottle water heating to the Siddons All-In-One, savings that will increase as the cost of electricity increases.

The Siddons All-In-One is ideal if space is limited and is available in two convenient tank sizes, depending on how much hot water you use. Generally, for a two to three bedroom home not using a bathtub, choose the 270 litre model. For a three bedroom home using a bathtub, or four to five bedroom home, choose the 340 litre model.

The Siddons All-In-One is made from high quality, marine grade (316) stainless steel. It has a sleek design that complements both modern and traditional homes, with two choices of finish – powder coated and stainless steel. We recommend the stainless steel finish for seaside locations.

The All-In-One is easy to install. There are no refrigeration connections to be made – just water fittings and an electrical plug. Any plumber can do it.

The All-In-One’s digital controller will continually monitor performance and let you know if anything is not optimal. It also lets you to choose the time of day the unit runs to take advantage of cheaper off-peak rates or warmer air in the afternoon. Note that for every 10 degree rise in air temperature you will gain 20% more efficiency from the All-In-One. The digital controller also allows you to adjust your preferred hot water temperature.

The Siddons All-In-One earns attractive Government rebates.

For kitchens of any size, the TempoTronic over-sink boiling water dispenser instantly delivers boiling water. A convenient two-way tap makes filling cups or jugs simple, while tank capacities ranging from 2.5L to 25L can supply between 8 to 150 cups of boiling water in a single filling.

With a low maintenance stainless steel body and interior tank, the TempoTronic boasts an extended product life, and is supplied with 12 months full parts and labour warranty.

All Storage Rheem water heaters have Rheem Main Pressure advantage built in, which means a water heater especially designed to offer steady and hot water at main pressure to more than one tap simultaneously, reheating almost 200 litres of water an hour. These products, like the Stellar 850330 Domestic Gas Storage Hot Water System have a ten year warranty on the storage cylinder and SuperFlue, as well as a twelve month warranty period for labour and parts.

Stellar Superflue increases the efficiency and performance of the water heater + Storage capacity is 130 litres + Serves two to five people in a moderate climate and two to four people in a cool climate + Recovery rate at 45 degree Celsius is 200 Litres per hour.

Height 1600 mm x Width 485 mm x Depth 558 mm + Maximum Thermostat Setting 65 degree Celsius + First hour capacity 330 litres + Thermal input on an hourly basis is 42 MJ.

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