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Designers, manufacturers and suppliers of drainage and water management products including grates and access covers, pipes, culverts, precast channels and pits, for commercial applications.

The TR is a standard style grate featuring a 3mm/5mm gap. Manufactured from 316 marine grade stainless steel. Available in 65mm and 100mm wide grates as a fixed length unit with centre outlet, made to length with variable outlet position or a modular kit.

VersiDrain 60P is a high volume water retention and drainage layer in one.  VersiDrain 60P stores water in a network of mini reservoirs connected by drainage channels.  Water and soluble nutrients are returned to the growing media, whilst reducing irrigation requirements, this promotes healthy and sustainable growth.  VersiDrain 60P also helps to mitigate stormwater runoff and regulates the discharge to storm drains by capturing over 16litres of stormwater every square metre.

HYDRO Grates and Frames are hot-dip galvanised in accordance with Australian Standard AS3996, providing a seamlessly streamlined and anti-corrosive finish. These grates and frames are available in styles suitable for sump grates, trench grates, and frames up to 2-metres long.

Compliant with Australian Standard AS1428.2, HYDRO Grates and Frames are bike and wheelchair-safe, with applications throughout Australia and New Zealand in carparks, petrol stations, vehicle cross-overs, driveways, and landscaped areas with available traffic access. Grates and Frames can be customised to suit heavier loads and Hydro Construction can handle the project from beginning to end with HYDRO Polymer pits and channels.

For the best results and Australian Standard-driven excellence, HYDRO Grates and Frames are the mid-steel or stainless steel solution for cast and in-situ applications. For more information, visit Hydro Construction Products.

For an extensive range of uses, HYDRO Stainless is the product specifiers have been waiting for. Practical, attractive, hygienic and ingenious, HYDRO’s Stainless grates and systems are used Australia and New-Zealand wide alongside pools, in kitchens, bathrooms, in landscaping and healthcare.

With an abundance of uses, HYDRO Stainless systems are durable, strong and corrosion resistant, due to use of a high-quality #304 grade steel and marine grade #316 stainless steel. With a constant depth and three different sloped or non-sloped fall options, Hydro Construction’s range in bespoke options is virtually limitless.

Finish options are available in textured R12 finish, a ‘bathroom specific’ finish, electropolish and SureGrip safety finish, according to client needs and the project budget. With over 12 years of industry knowledge and experience, Hydro Construction is happy to suggest a fit-for-purpose system for your next project, informed by a considered analysis.

Waterproofing and easy installation are simply par-for-the-course in Hydro Construction’s Stainless product design. With optional membrane flanges and weep-holes which can be incorporated into drainage solutions, the design is fully customisable and waterproof, with fysch plate joins that are caulked on-site. For easy installation, mitres and carious outlet options are available to be fabricated in-workshop.

MEA® DRAIN Supreme is a stunning general-purpose channel that has applications in carparks, pedestrian zones, parks, shopping centres and schools as well as public spaces. Suitable for an extensive range of spaces, the functionality and visual appeal of MEA® DRAIN Supreme is unparalleled.

MEA® DRAIN Supreme features slender integrated galvanised or stainless steel edge rails to maximise aesthetic appeal and performance, with alternatives fitted according to your needs. The Z 1000/2000 channels in galvanised steel edge rails and S 1000/2000 with edge rails in stainless steel.

The MEA® DRAIN Supreme also features a wide range of grate options, including alternative options for loading classes A10 to D210.The edge rails are embedded in channel bodies made from eco-friendly, high-strength polymer concrete which protects groundwater reliably from chemically aggressive liquids.

With security features that lead the way in drain design, and safety at the forefront of Hydro Construction Product’s rationale, the channel grate features the innovative MEA®DRAIN CLIPFIX or bolted grating securement system for your peace of mind.

With the support of our distributors, our loyal customer base, and a team of dedicated professionals who are simply passionate about what they do, Hydro Construction Products has grown to become Australia and New Zealand’s pre-eminent supplier of water management solutions for any application. Key to Hydro’s success in the water management sector has been our long standing relationship with MEA, one of the world’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of modular linear drainage systems.

This successful partnership with MEA began in 2003 and we’re extremely proud to remain MEA’s long term exclusive supplier throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Products and Services

Hydro Drain: Provides a rapid, reliable and cost-effective way of draining all types of surfaces, taking into account variables such as: surface type, average rainfall and local incline. We offer a full free of charge technical design service providing hydraulic calculations, CAD layout drawings, quantity schedules and product specifications.

Hydro Stainless: We design and manufacture quality stainless steel surface drainage products and systems for a variety of applications such as bathrooms, showers, commercial kitchens, chemical industries, food processing plants, wineries, and aesthetic areas.

Hydro Cablepit: Provides a comprehensive range of pits, covers and ducting systems to suit a wide variety of applications for the electrical and communication market.

Hydro Covers: A broad range of cover options to complement its entire polymer and HDPE range of pits. Where projects require a unique solution, we also offer a “made to order” service.

Hydro Grates and Frames: Galvanised Steel grates and frames designed to be pedestrian, bike and wheelchair safe.

Hydro Diamond Tools: Proud suppliers of leading brands such as Arix, Pentruder, Stihl, ICS, Promac, Kerrick, Darda and the exclusive supplier of LISSMAC.

Recent Projects

• Star City Casino, NSW

• Adelaide Oval, SA

• Shrine of Remembrance – Melbourne, VIC

• Waterfront Place Newstead, QLD

• ASB – Nth Wharf, NZ

• Darwin Waterfront, NT

Serviceable Areas

Australia-wide and New Zealand

The Bartlett Pumpline™ is a high quality and durable PVC hose used for transferring large volumes of water. Developed as an alternative to traditional water transfer methods in open earthen channels, the Bartlett Pumpline™ completely eliminates evaporation by enclosing the water in a fully welded tube. The high quality PVC material of Pumpline™ also makes the tubing more durable and able to carry higher volumes of water at higher pressures than unsupported fluming.

Utilising vacuum pressure for the collection, conveyance and disposal of grey water through a piping network, Avac vacuum grey water systems can be routed horizontally or even run uphill. Consisting of water collection points, a closed vacuum drainage piping network, and a vacuum generating system, Avac can offer a prefabricated system, or can design and size a customised system to suit specific project needs.

Considered the industry benchmark amongst civil products, Weldlok® Drainage Grates are load tested and NATA certified, and comply to AS3996-2006. Every load bar is welded to the edging bars, while cross bars are forge-welded into the load bars, providing one-piece construction. Manufactured from steel grade HA250 and with heavy-duty fixed hinge pins, these grates are suitable for both pedestrian and bicycle traffic applications.

Since the original release in 1986, Flo-Cell set a benchmark for sub surface drainage. Flo-Cell is the most advanced geocomposite for sub surface drainage and offers high compressive strength up to 148.58 t/m2, lightweight construction, ease of installation and low cost compared to traditional drainage methods. Removing only excess water, the Flo-Cell features water retention cups which provide optimal moisture conditions for growing media, while functioning as a protective membrane for waterproofing and providing ventilation for concrete slabs which alleviates heat induced stress and cracking. With excellent long term durability, the Atlantis Drainage Cell is resistant to all ground chemicals.

The Atlantis channel system provides permanent underground waterways which restore water quality and recharge the natural environment. The underground Atlantis channel system provides a unique way of working with nature to solve the enormous problems currently associated with open concrete channels. The permeable channel system can be designed to follow inherent contours of the landform and emulate the flow of natural waterways. The design creates vertical flow turbulence and reduces the overall flow velocity, while increasing the self cleansing capacity of the channel bed to create healthy aerobic conditions.

Atlantis Wall Panels are a system of vertical drains which attach onto walls and as such are not only able to drain water but also protect the surface of the wall against water. Atlantis Wall Panels measure 30mm in thickness and feature an unique geo—textile on both sides, thus acting as a cavity which allows for the dissipation of hydrostatic pressure. Atlantis Wall Panels are a permanent and effective way of draing water inconspiciously without compromising the overall design. Atlantis Wall Panels also feature a number of distinguished qualities such as: exceedingly light eight which allow for it to be transportable, high compressive strength which can support loads of up to 100t/m², and rigid construction allowing for easy installation. The Atlantis Wall Panel can also be attached to an Atlantis Strip Filter Pipe which can efficiently collect drain water and release it into discharge point. The Antlantis Wall Panel can be installed in a large range of instances, and as such is a highly effective and economic solution ideal for vertical wall drainging systems.



Efficient drainage + protects waterproof membranes + eliminates need for gravel + rigid panels + strong structure + quick and simple installation.



1.2m, Measurements: (T)30 x (W) 400 x (H) 1200, Flow Rate: 80 1/min

1.8m (T)30 x (W) 400 x (H) 1800, Flow Rate: 80 1/min

2.4m (T)30 x (W) 400 x (H) 2400, Flow Rate: 80 1/min

1.2 m x 1.2m (T)30 x (W) 1200 x (H) 1200, Flow Rate: 80 1/min

52mm Wall Panel (1.9m), (T) 52 x (W) 260 x (H) 1920, Flow Rate: 142 1/min.

Often, after exposure to rain, Sports fields are diluted with rainwater and cannot be used for long period of time. Atlantis Sports Field Drainage System is an innovative infiltration and management system that ensures the function of a field even after wet weather conditions and at the same time treats and purifying stormwater runoff.  The filtration and the strategic channelling of excess water vertically and the horizontally means that stormwater pollution is minimised and water logging, erosion and soil deterioration is eliminated.  During dryer periods of the year the system works to increase moisture retention to keep the turf healthy, strong and green.


Efficiently channels excess water to eliminate water logging, erosion, and soil deterioration  +  Sports fields are in use for longer throughout the year  +  Keeps turf healthy especially during extreme seasonal conditions such as prolonged water conditions 

Turf cell by Atlantis Water Management is a reinforcement structure designed especially for access roads, footpaths, parking bags and driveway conditions. Placed between existing soil and growing media, it acts as a supportive layer protecting and keeping the grass roots temperature cool and comfortable. The grass reinforcement paver is easy to install, light weight and highly durable.   Each modules, with a thickness of 52mm and a floor space ratio of 260 mm x 480 mm easily click together and can be assembled to cover 1.04 by 0.96 metres. The system works effectively under the worst conditions – during wet weather conditions when the soil becomes muddy and sloppy, the earth is held together preventing the uneven channelling of rainwater and making it pedestrian and vehicle friendly.  


Excellent chemical resistance  +  25 x 260 x 480 mm  +  made up of 8 assembled units that covers the floor space of 1.04 x 0.96 m  + Nominal weight of 4.58 kg per metres squares    


compressive strength combined is greater than 400 t/m2  +  compressive strength of 148.8 t/m2  +  service temperature unfilled is between -30 degrees to 120 degrees Celsius 

The Storm Water Purification and Re-use System for Roads (SPARSR) by Atlantis Water Management provides a long term sustainable at-source infiltration system solution for new and existing roads.  The integrated system works by treating contaminated road storm water then making the treated water available for re-use or recharging ground waters.  The system helps reduce the environmental damage caused by storm water contamination which brings highly toxic pollutants into river systems, creeks, harbours and the ocean.  Many old systems are more prone to this problem and increase the possibility of localised flooding, the SPARSR system offers a practical and cost effective solution for this.  The system includes Atlantis Water Management’ Flo-Cell drainage cell and Flo-Tank module for the purification and storage of stormwater. 


At-source infiltration system  +  Cost-effective  +  Suitable for old and new roads  +  Filters water  +  Purified water available for re-use 

Permeable paving by Atlantis Water Management is an alternative paving solution to traditional impermeable materials like concrete, bitumen, stone and tiles. Unlike paving used in most urban areas that retain heat and increase temperatures around buildings, Atlantis permeable paving reduce surface temperatures and eliminate the need for traditional external drainage.  To accommodate a variety of conditions, the permeable paving is available as three different products: Turf Cell, Gravel Cell and Flor-Grid.  Turf Cell is designed for grass parking bays and low use access roads, offering ongoing root protection and maintaining grass integrity as well as horizontal and vertical root growth.  Gravel Cell is ideal for settings prone to medium to heavy use like parking areas and some access roads while the heavy duty Flor-Grid is designed for parking and exit driveways prone to frequent traffic.  With permeable paving, water supplies are replenished to landscaped areas and a unique and easy to use interlocking system means the paving is quick and cheap to install. 


Reduces surface temperature  +  No surface drains required  +  High load bearing 148.58 t/m2 unconfined  +  Unique interlocking system for easy installation  


Turf Cell  +  Gravel Cell  +  Flo-Grid Garden 

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