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The Skytube ventilation range features mechanical ventilation, electric lighting, and natural lighting solutions, including mechanically and naturally ventilated skylights especially designed for single rooms, and the Superflow 250 roof-mounted fan’, which can be used to connect several ventilators and skylights, providing ventilation and light to a number of rooms. The Skytube ventilation range combines three distinct features into a high-quality, high performance package: an incandescent light during the night, a high-performance extraction system, and a highly powerful tubular skylight.

Skydome happens to offer a broad range with respect to commercial and domestic ventilation systems, from standard Static and Twirly roof vents to the market-leading Skydome PowerVent Motorised Roof Ventilator. This rooftop ventilator been fitted with a whisper-quiet yet powerful, 70-Watt electric motor, and has ability to expel around 15000 litres of hot air per minute from the roof cavity. The SkyDome PowerVent Mtorised Roof Ventilator costs much less to run compared to its counterparts, making it ideal for common applications such as cooling the home, introducing ventilation and light, or meeting council ventilation requirements. *SPECIFICATIONS* Motor: 70 W, 240 V, 48 A + Airflow: 900 cu. m/hour + Range 1 X SMV300 / 1 X SMV300 / 2 X SMV300

The SV10 Solar-powered domestic ventilator is a rooftop ventilator designed to remove hot air from single-storey, double-storey, and other average-sized houses. The SV10 Solar-powered ventilator is suitable for any type of domestic roof cavity, including homes with cathedral ceilings or raked ceilings. Internal paltec vents can also be used to circulate fresh air, eliminating the need to open windows and doors, and maintaining the safety and security of the home. Using a rooftop ventilator improves the efficiency of air conditioners and reduces the operating costs of ducted heating. Common applications include attics, swimming pools, built-in patios, workshops, dog kennels, chicken coops and games rooms.

Volume of air which can be extracted on an average: 210 liters/minute + Height: 250 mm + Base Width: 550 mm + Base Length: 550 mm

Caravent from Western Solar is a solar-powered, and therefore environmentally-friendly device for ventilating hot air, odours, and fumes out of small and mobile enclosures. Common applications include ventilation of dog kennel ventilation, off-road vehicle ventilation, mobile home ventilation, and many more. Caravent is absolutely maintenance-free, has no running costs once installed, and is powered completely by solar energy collected by photovoltaic cell.
Maintenance-free + Ducting is possible + UV stabilised + Exhausts around 900 cu. ft./hr + Structural Warranty: 5 years + Warranty on components: 12 months

The SV 90 Solar-powered ventilator is a commercial scale rooftop ventilation unit used for ventilating or reducing fumes, dust, or smoke, as well as lowering internal air temperature. Easily powered by solar energy and/or 12 V electrical power source, The SV 90 Solar-powered ventilator can extract on average 1470 litres of air per minute, especially when operating under full solar power.

Height: 800 mm + Base Width: 1200 mm + Base Length: 1200 mm + Structural Warranty: 5 years + Warranty of all components: 12 months

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