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We all hate mould. For healthy air, great ventilation is essential. It helps prevent deadly mould from sprawling an evil path across your walls and ceilings. So whisk away bad odours and minimise condensation with Legrand’s HPM’s classic exhaust fans.

Ventilation for your home or workplace is beneficial in both summer and winter. Summer heat traps hot air in the roofline and can create a stuffy and uncomfortable environment inside, where an effective ventilation system would spin the heat out. Likewise in winter, when heating is on inside and air is cold outside, dampness tends to collect in the roofline which can cause moisture and mould if not removed.

Galaxy Rooflite are proud to supply a superb range of vents from the basic no frills brand through to straight vane heavy commercial vents. Their name is a badge of quality as they have been operating for over 30 years. Their vents can be adapted to cater for dampers both electric and manual, and they can custom make bases to suit the project if required or you can take an off the shelf version all ready to go.

Galaxy Tornado ventilators are wind-driven ventilators that continuously replace built up super-heated air in your roof cavity with clean fresh air all year round. All Galaxy Tornado ventilators have a high performance aluminium construction.

The Galaxy Tornado 300 can make your home more comfortable to live by keeping you cooler in summer and by removing moisture in winter which is caused by steam build up from bathroom extraction fans. The Tornado 300 comes complete with a 300mm diameter variable pitch tube, turbine ventilator head and base flashing to give you a simple, reliable and efficient way to ventilate your home, all year round. This system is economically priced, maintenance free and easy to install with the unique variable pitch base for all roof angles up to 22.5°.

To meet the needs of the current industrial building market, Galaxy Rooflite have developed the Tornado 500 & 600. Economically priced, the Tornado is reliable, maintenance free and rotates freely due to the permanent lubricated bearing system. The unique variable pitch base also allows rapid installation as one size fits all roof pitch angles. The Tornado complies with AS2428.1 – 1993 to wind speeds of 200km/h and to the entry of wind driven rain at a range of 2.5L/sec under cyclonic conditions*.

Galaxy Rooflite have also developed the high performance Tornado Straight Vane 600 to meet the requirements of the current industrial building market. Economically priced, the Tornado Straight Vane 600 is maintenance free and reliably rotates freely, due to the permanently lubricated bearing system. The Tornado Straight Vane 600 are suitable for all composite metal and fibre cement roofs, with pitches up to 22.5°. The Tornado package comes in a durable cardboard box which contains the turbine head, matching diameter variable pitch throat tube and base flashing. Proper ventilation provides a cooler, damp free and low humidity working environment, reducing the need for costly air conditioners or industrial fans, as well as eliminating the problems caused by rising damp & humidity such as corrosion of building structures, painted surfaces, metal fittings and potential corrosion damage to electrical wiring.

Keeping air circulating and at an effective rate can be difficult and expensive. Galaxy Rooflite’s Tornado 900 Industrial Ventilator is the inexpensive, reliable and efficient ventilation solution. Using only the power of the wind, this high performance industrial straight vane turbine ventilation system silently draws hot, damp and stagnant air from the building, replacing it with clean, fresh air – all year round. The whisper quiet, maintenance free operation is built to withstand heat and moisture extremes in excess of normal operating conditions. In the case of a fire Galaxy’s Tornado 900 Industrial Ventilators will aid in extracting deadly smoke and fumes from the building, allowing occupants a much better chance of escaping safely. Galaxy Rooflite’s Tornado 900 rotates freely, due to the permanently lubricated bearing system. The unique variable pitch base also allows rapid installation, as one size fits up to 22.5° roof pitch angles. A fabricated square to round fixed base is also offered as an alternative fitting system, subject to special order. The Tornado complies with AS2428.1 – 1993 to wind speeds of 200 km/hr and to the entry of wind driven rain at a range of 2.5L/sec, under cyclonic conditions*.

*special figures and fixings are required for cyclonic areas

It simply makes sense to support natural air flows through Rooftop Ventilation Systems to minimise any need for powered fans and electrically run machinery, wherever possible, thereby reducing greenhouse gases. As all extreme heat, gases, stale air and smoke rise to the highest points of a contained space, rooftop vents offer the perfect exhaust positioning. With the correct ratio of air inlets lower down in the structure, you create a flow that draws fresh air in, and stale air out.

Some workplaces are also exposed to explosive and corrosive conditions, so Building Management Systems can be designed to better manage any exposure to contaminant build ups, internal and external differentials and fail-safes for worst case scenarios.

Being cool and spendthrift has never been so easy. Call us to assist you with your project ventilation design. We have designs appropriate for residential, commercial and extreme industrial environments.

Wet areas need continuous and effective ventilation to prevent damage to building materials from excessive moisture. Cross flow venting is inefficient, while mechanical venting such as exhaust fans are only capable of extraction whilst on. Condor’s Dreadnought Pool Roof Ventilator overcomes these problems with its natural ventilating solution. Condor Roof Ventilators are manufactured in various sizes for industrial, commercial and domestic applications, and can be installed to any roof type.

For specialised roof ventilation, look to Condor’s GO Series, Micro Series and PR Series. GO Series Terminals were developed to provide a more efficient discharge medium for combustion gases emanating from gas and oil fuelled heaters and cooking stoves. The Micro Series was developed for the small ‘specialised to suit’ range of products and is primarily used in natural and low pressure venting of small areas. The PR Series vents were developed to provide a more efficient discharge of air when used with residential exhaust fans.

A lack of knowledge about energy solutions prevails in the residential climate control environment. Insulation, air conditioning, and ventilation have separate purposes; only ventilation can assist both heating and cooling. To achieve climate comfort without exorbitant expense, ventilation is the only option. Fabricated in stainless steel, the motionless Condor Kinetic roof ventilator requires no maintenance.

This state of the art roof ventilator operates as air currents on the roof created by solar gain and pressure differentials move across the conical sections. Creating a multi venturi effect, air volume is drawn out of the building, assisted by the thermal load within. Unrivalled in its ability to provide continuous ventilation in all weather conditions with no operational or maintenance cost, the Condor is the most efficient natural architectural building roof ventilation system

The Solar Star offers customers the most environmentally-friendly, technologically-advanced ventilation solution, with zero operation costs and long-term weather-resistance. By placing the unit at the roof’s highest point, air can be circulated properly and the roof space ventilated, thereby transforming the home in to an extremely comfortable living environment. The Solar Star Roof Ventilation System is powered by a 10-watt solar panel, and driven by a lightweight non-corrosive polymeric fan blade to minimise motor resistance and increase the lifespan of the product.

With the help of Apol International, Unibond Pty Ltd have developed a quality Swirl Diffuser system for the sustainable, efficient and economical dispersal of air flow through ceiling structures. The unit is incorporated into a structural panel to support the system which is installed within a modular mineral fibre or perforated metal panel, making the system ideal for environmentally conscious and energy saving retail and industrial usage.


Phenolic Foam Air Duct Panel available for an efficient ducting system


Modular mineral fibre ceiling system + Perforated metal ceiling panel

Halton is the most efficient and safest kitchen ventilation available. Their exhaust hoods and ventilated ceilings use up to 50% less air than standard exhaust hoods resulting in lower energy consumption. For the KCJ the Capture Jet™ technology effectively captures heat and pollutants from the kitchen to create a better work place environment. In conjunction with the laminar flow type make up air system it reduces air flow rates by 15% compared to traditional ventilated ceilings. Optionally ultra-violet technology can accommodate discharge at low level.


The Twirley Vent from Skydome uses wind energy to expel hot air from roof cavities. The lightest of winds are able to activate the vent, reducing the internal temperature and the use of electricity-powered cooling. The product is available in a range of colours and is easily adapted to most roof types including corrugated metal, terracotta tiles and cement tiles.

The Skydome Power range is a powerful, solar-powered roof ventilation system from Skydome. Ventilation is vital to prevent the build up of heat and humidity within the roof cavities of homes as dampness can lead to the rotting or rusting of house structures. The solar-powered technology reduces energy consumption for homeowners providing them with a performance and cost efficient product.

Ventilation is important for Australian homes as due to the harsh Australian weather, homes are susceptible to rapid heat gain. Installing Skypower Green will not only provide homes with adequate circulation but will also reduce energy consumption and costs. One Skypower Green ventilator is equal to ten domestic wind-powered vents therefore air conditioners are able to operate more efficiently.

Skydome Skylight Systems have extended their ventilation range with their new solar powered roof extraction fan, Solar Powervent.  Solar Powervent reduces energy costs and improves thermal comfort within your home by effectively extracting hot air from the roof cavity, minimising heat gains in the summer and power loads on air conditioners.  The innovative extraction fan features options between a 10 or 20 watt multi-crystalline silicon photovoltaic collector which sits above the unit and includes a 10 year warranty. Solar Powervent is designed to withstand harsh roof conditions, with solid aluminium housing protecting its motor from severe weather conditions and a durable one piece seamless flashing that prevents leakages.  The roof extraction fan works throughout the day, constantly and silently extracting hot air.  To match various roof colours, the flashing is powder-coated to a matching shade.  


10 or 20 watt multicrystalline silicon photovoltaic collector with 10 year warranty + Solid aluminium housing for motor + Durable and clean flashing + May be powdercoated to match most roof colours,   


Powerful extraction via a 5-wing aluminium fan blade with two options: 12 inch diameter for the 10 watt motor and 14” for the 20 watt motor Power extraction: 5 wing fan blade

GHS are distributors for Xtract 2100, manufactured by Plasmaclean in the UK and imported into Australia exclusively by Eco Guardians Pty Ltd. Using the well known disinfectant and odour neutraliser ozone, the Plasma Clean Xtract acts on cooking odours, grease and smoke, by releasing the ozone directly into the kitchen ventilation canopy, where it is oxidised in a chemical reaction resulting the production of carbon dioxide and water vapour, whilst the ozone itself is consumed and converted back into oxygen.

Compact and lightweight, the unit offers affordable and reliable odour control and grease reduction, perfect for a range of cooking applications and areas such as fast food bars, pubs and restaurants. Fully automatic, the Xtract is simple to install, designed to attach to the wall, silent in operation, with low maintenance and running costs.  

GHS are distributors for Ambion, manufactured by Plasmaclean in the UK and imported into Australia exclusively by Eco Guardians Pty Ltd. By utilising plasma ionisation technology to create high levels of charged ions, the Ambion 1100 is able to neutralise odours and remove pathogenic germs, bacteria and viruses to create fresher and cleaner air. Featuring grade 304 stainless steel, the Ambion 1100 is suitable in a range of environments, such as refuse storage, restaurants, washrooms, hotel rooms, care homes and public waiting areas. Compact, lightweight and robust, the versatile modular solution provides reliable odour and infection control, which is also affordable, easily installed and maintained, and environmentally friendly.   

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