Underfloor heating

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Manufacturers, distributors, and installation/maintenance services for residential and commercial in-floor heating services, including in-slab heating, underfloor heating, radiant floor heating, off-peak storage heaters, passive solar heating solutions, ceiling mounted heating strips, carpet heating, and self regulating ‘zonable’ heating systems.

Ideal for large floor spaces requiring uninterrupted periods of heat, Livella Heating’s in-slab systems are a versatile product for commercial and residential use in outdoor or indoor spaces.

Reinforced heating cables are attached to concrete reinforcing mesh between 35mm and 75mm beneath floor coverings, with heat generated by the cables during off-peak hours (at night) stored by the slab’s thermal mass then gradually released during the day. The heating system can be controlled using a wall mounted thermostat, allowing optimum levels of user comfort. 

In-slab heating is suitable for commercial or factory settings, as well as in residential projects. The system can also be installed in drive ways to aid in the melting of snow.

Suitable for use in new build or retrofit applications, on-slab floor heating cables from Livella Heating are a versatile and quick-installation heating solution. 

The cables are only 3mm thick, and are compatible with any substrate and floor covering including stair and shower floors. On-slab floor heating systems from Livella boast a quick warming and cooling system that allows heating to be segmented by room, or periods of common use. A programmable thermostat allows maximum user adjustability and comfort, while the integrated mat style system eliminates cold spots or uneven heating.

In-screed floor heating systems from Warm Solutions can be used in new build or existing residential or commercial projects, and are suitable for floors of any size or shape.

Compatible with virtually any floor covering or substrate, the systems use a double insulated braided 4-6mm heating cable to provide adjustable, fast-response heat. In-screed floor heating is installed directly on the concrete floor or other suitable sub floor, and embedded in a sand cement screed of up to 50mm thickness. Systems are controlled using a thermostatic console that allows zoning and scheduling, allowing for optimum performance efficiency.

Suitable for concrete floors of any size in new build and renovation projects alike, in-slab under floor heating from Warm Solutions is a versatile and high performance alternative to conventional heating.

The affordable, no-maintenance cables are affixed to steel mesh reinforcements before the pouring of the slab, and are supplied with a 10 year warranty. Extremely efficient, in-slab under floor heating generates heat during off-peak hours, before gradually releasing this over the course of the day. An adjustable thermostat allows users full control over the areas and intensity of heat.

For installation between carpet and carpet underlays, the Laminate Panel 14 is a discreet under floor heating solution for carpeted areas. 

Only 2mm thick, the Laminate panels are virtually undetectable once carpet is laid, and are resistant to damage from moisture present due to spills or carpet steam. The Teflon insulated heating elements are durable and maintenance free, and are supplied with a 5 year extended manufacturer’s warranty.

In-slab underfloor heating from Amuheat uses a slab heat cable to provide high levels of background and direct heating.

Fabricated from a robust fluoropolymer composition and specially designed from in-slab and polished concrete applications, the twin conductor cable has a long performance lifespan of 10 years. The cables are fully embedded within the concrete slab, whose thermal mass collects collects heat throughout the day, releasing it at night to ensure a maximum thermal comfort. In-slab heating from Amuheat is provided with a 10 year manufacturer’s guarantee. 

The Coldbuster slab/screed heater uses a bi-directional, single-ended 6mm cable to provide unobtrusive and safe under floor heating. The reinforced cable can be affixed in a variety of manners, including tying to the slab’s concrete mesh, clipping onto the slab’s metal fixing rails, or attachment using duct tape for waterproof installation.

Versatile and highly durable, Coldbuster Slab/Screed heating is fully adjustable, with users able to regulate temperatures between floors and program up to 4 preset heating cycles per day.

Coldbuster Floor Heating provides a selection of under floor heating kits for ceramic, timber, and natural stone floors. Ideal for bathrooms, kitchens, foyers, and corridors, the kits use a self adhesive fibreglass mesh and pre-configured element to provide adjustable under floor heat.

The kits also include full installation guidelines and an installation monitor and element tester, and are supplied with a 10 year guarantee.

Proudly Australian owned and operated, Coldbuster Floor Heating Australia has been a leading importer and distributor of floor heating products since 1997.

Coldbuster’s broad catalogue includes products from a wide range of international suppliers, valuing contemporary design and technological innovation. The company is committed to delivering outstanding heating solutions at competitive prices, with an experienced and knowledgeable team providing a quick and efficient customer service experience.

Alongside a wide selection of under floor heating for residential projects, Radiant Floor Heating also supplies electric in-slab and on-slab products for commercial installation.

Ideal for schools, offices, hotels, and nursing homes, the under floor heating solutions allow full user control, and can be programmed to heat only specific zones of the slab for maximum energy and heating efficiency.

From the world leaders in under floor heating systems, In screed heating cables TFS 17 TWIN by Comfort Heat are the superior choice for electric underfloor heating installations where sand and cement beds are being used.  Utilising the latest in cable technology, the TFS 17 TWIN heat cable consists of a twin conductor that eliminates the need for the cable to be connected to its beginning point, making installation quick and simple.  The heating cables are available in pre-determined lengths from 10m – 120m and can cater for small to large areas.  For that extra touch of comfort, the TFS 17 TWIN heat cable can also be installed in most wet areas including bathrooms.  Comfort Heat’s excellent customer service can determine the best lengths and spacings for individual clients, ensuring the correct and most effective choice is always made.


All areas with desired temperature in just 1 – 2 hours  +  quick and easy installation  +  May be installed in polished concrete floors  +  Suitable for small to large areas  +  Suitable for most wet areas  +  10 year warranty


Twin conductor heating cable with earth screen  +  Heat output: 175W per m2 at 100mm spacing or 225W per m2 at 75mm spacing  +  Available in pre-determined lengths 10m – 120m  +  Cable dia. 5mm


In Screed Bathroom  +  In Screed Large

Comfort Heat Underlay and Foot Warmers provide localised comfort in domestic and commercial applications. Comfort underlay provides simple, effective mobile heating placed directly under carpet or rugs, and is therefore an affordable solutions for the lounge room or office.

Heat underlay and foot warmers warranty: 5 years + Heat underlay: size 1.30 x 1.80m; output 480W + Size 1.5 x 2.1 m; output 630W + Cold tail length: 4 metres + Heat mats: size 0.5m x 0.7m; Output 65W + Size: 0.6 m x 0.9 m; output 95W + Cold Tail length 1.5 metres

Under Timber heating foils are thin heating elements with dry installations, ideal for any fixed or floating timber floors. The foil has double insulated heating cables which are woven into textile webbing with aluminium foil. This foil is attached to one surface to ensure heat distribution, and the foil is then installed between the floor battens or directly beneath the floating floor. Such foils have nominal heat output at approximately 150W/m2, and are available in any predetermined length. Thermostats control foils through under floor sensors, so that the temperature of the floor under the timber does not exceed 27 Celsius.

Direct and background underfloor heating system + The cable is single and twin conductor heating cables have earth screens

Insulating rating: 4000V + Rated voltage: 240 Volt AC +Foil diameter is 1 mm + Warranty: 5 years

Comfort Under Tile Heating are a range of cables and mats that are used in a variety of tiled floor installations, providing instant response time and safe heating even in wet areas like bathrooms, kitchens and laundries. Also known as in-screed cables, they are installed in the cement screed beneath the tiles or any of the finished floor surfaces, creating a completely invisible heating solution.

Available with both single and twin conduction cables + Keeps bathroom, laundry or kitchen floor warm

Output: 160W/m2 + Cable standard: IEC800 Class II + Cable diameter: 4.6 mm + Cold tail length: 4 metres with splice connection + Rated output: 175W/m2 + Rated voltage: 240 Volt AC + 10 year warranty

Under Carpet floor heating mats are specially developed to offer invisible heating under any carpet. These heating mats feature a fully braided earth shield and are woven into the textile webbing, then installed between the carpet and the underlay. The heating mats are installed close to the floor surface and have instant response time within thirty minutes. Comfort Heat Under Carpet heating is suitable for large or for small areas, and available in a range of adjustable pre-determined widths and lengths which allows coverage to all room shapes.

Direct and background underground heating systems + Single conductor heating cables are used with earth screens + Constructed with multi stranded heating wire which is wound around Kevlar core giving double insulation, sheath and earth screen

Insulation rating: 4000V + Cable standard: IEC800 Class II + Rated voltage: 240 Volt AC + Cable diameter: 2mm

Comfort Heat Thermostat Range is designed for electric under floor heating systems. These thermostats are flush mounted and provided in three types: Standard, Programmable and Home Automation Thermostat. Standard Thermostats have adjustable control with floor sensors. This allows for a constant temperature with on and off switch. The programmable Thermostat can be digitally programmed for one week. The home automation thermostat is compatible with setback functions and is installed in the central switchboard.

All thermostats have floor sensors that maintain a consistent temperature + Floor sensing thermostats are the safest and most energy efficient control option available + Ensures that the floor is not overheated + Desirable control of temperature

Supply voltage: 240Vac, 50/60hz + Built in switch: 2 pole 16 A + Temperature range: 0 to 50+ Celsius + Sensor length: 3m + Warranty: 2 years

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