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Suppliers and manufacturers of heating including electric, oil, gas, solar panels, fireplaces, heating for floors and ceilings, in-slab heating, heating control systems, plus eco rated heating systems and energy conservation systems, for in-home residential heating and interior commercial applications.

Heat lamps are a wonderful addition to bathrooms and ensuites. They nuke the pesky chill out of wintery mornings. Legrand’s HPM offer single heat lamps, as well as 2 lamp and 4 lamp units paired with exhaust fans. Bathe in comfort all year round.

Rinnai’s extensive range of gas flued space heaters combines cosy radiant warmth with the superior quality and reliability Australians have come to depend on.

Designed to fitted into an existing fireplace, they’re an ideal way to warm living areas while creating an attractive feature for your home, and because they’re powered by gas, they produce far fewer greenhouse emissions compared to electric or solid fuel heaters.



Rinnai Ultima II Console

Heating never looked so good.

It’s not just its curved front glass, electronic controls and sleek modern look that make the Rinnai Ultima II so attractive. It also happens to one of the most efficient space heaters on the market. What’s more, it’s designed with flexibility in mind coming in both inbuilt and console configurations. The Ultima II is also equipped with electronic thermostatic control, which maintains the desired set temperature for ultimate comfort.



  • Highly efficient 4.4-star rating
  • Electronic thermostat control
  • Dual digital timers – allow on and off programming for mornings and evenings
  • Gentle 2-speed fan – for even heat distribution
  • One-touch electronic ignition
  • Child lock – prevents unwanted access

Please go to the Rinnai website for specifications and other options in the Gas Flued Heaters range.

The latest technology in premium, outdoor electric heating. The Rinnai Outdoor Radiant Heaters are designed to help you lead a more comfortable life and spend more time doing the things you love, like outdoor entertaining!
Enjoy a barbeque all year round with the 1800w “Medium” size Rinnai Outdoor Radiant Heater.


  • Cosy radiant heat creates a blanket of warmth
  • Engineered for the harsh Australian environment with class leading protection from dust and rain (IP65)
  • Clever design with a light indicator to show on/off status
  • Ideal for various enclosed applications, such as covered al-fresco entertaining areas, balconies, sheds, garages, courtyards or poolside
  • High quality, corrosion resistant materials designed to maintain the stylish appearance throughout years of use
  • Cost-effective heating solution
  • Reliable Rinnai quality backed by a 3-year domestic warranty

Rinnai Outdoor Radiant Heaters are available in 3 other size:

Small – 1500W

Large – 2400W

Extra Large – 3200W

Ideal for large floor spaces requiring uninterrupted periods of heat, Livella Heating’s in-slab systems are a versatile product for commercial and residential use in outdoor or indoor spaces.

Reinforced heating cables are attached to concrete reinforcing mesh between 35mm and 75mm beneath floor coverings, with heat generated by the cables during off-peak hours (at night) stored by the slab’s thermal mass then gradually released during the day. The heating system can be controlled using a wall mounted thermostat, allowing optimum levels of user comfort. 

In-slab heating is suitable for commercial or factory settings, as well as in residential projects. The system can also be installed in drive ways to aid in the melting of snow.

Suitable for use in new build or retrofit applications, on-slab floor heating cables from Livella Heating are a versatile and quick-installation heating solution. 

The cables are only 3mm thick, and are compatible with any substrate and floor covering including stair and shower floors. On-slab floor heating systems from Livella boast a quick warming and cooling system that allows heating to be segmented by room, or periods of common use. A programmable thermostat allows maximum user adjustability and comfort, while the integrated mat style system eliminates cold spots or uneven heating.

In-screed floor heating systems from Warm Solutions can be used in new build or existing residential or commercial projects, and are suitable for floors of any size or shape.

Compatible with virtually any floor covering or substrate, the systems use a double insulated braided 4-6mm heating cable to provide adjustable, fast-response heat. In-screed floor heating is installed directly on the concrete floor or other suitable sub floor, and embedded in a sand cement screed of up to 50mm thickness. Systems are controlled using a thermostatic console that allows zoning and scheduling, allowing for optimum performance efficiency.

Suitable for concrete floors of any size in new build and renovation projects alike, in-slab under floor heating from Warm Solutions is a versatile and high performance alternative to conventional heating.

The affordable, no-maintenance cables are affixed to steel mesh reinforcements before the pouring of the slab, and are supplied with a 10 year warranty. Extremely efficient, in-slab under floor heating generates heat during off-peak hours, before gradually releasing this over the course of the day. An adjustable thermostat allows users full control over the areas and intensity of heat.

For installation between carpet and carpet underlays, the Laminate Panel 14 is a discreet under floor heating solution for carpeted areas. 

Only 2mm thick, the Laminate panels are virtually undetectable once carpet is laid, and are resistant to damage from moisture present due to spills or carpet steam. The Teflon insulated heating elements are durable and maintenance free, and are supplied with a 5 year extended manufacturer’s warranty.

In-slab underfloor heating from Amuheat uses a slab heat cable to provide high levels of background and direct heating.

Fabricated from a robust fluoropolymer composition and specially designed from in-slab and polished concrete applications, the twin conductor cable has a long performance lifespan of 10 years. The cables are fully embedded within the concrete slab, whose thermal mass collects collects heat throughout the day, releasing it at night to ensure a maximum thermal comfort. In-slab heating from Amuheat is provided with a 10 year manufacturer’s guarantee. 

An electric alternative to gas heating, the Alfresco Radiant heater is ideal for use under verandahs, garages, or other covered outdoor areas. 

The subtle units offer comfortable radiant warmth with no glowing element, and are contained within a subtle black anodised aluminium design that complements spaces of any style and nature. Alfresco radiant heaters feature a generous 1.5m power cord and can be mounted on walls or ceilings using an adjustable bracket, and are safe from rain and water damage.

Alfresco Infrared heaters are an efficient alternative to conventional gas or electric outdoor heating units, providing instantaneous infrared heat for indoor or outdoor undercover use. The cost efficient units operate at a low running cost of approximately 38 cents per hour of operation.

The IP65 approved units use a gold lamp with a 7000 hour lifespan to produce a low-glare heat with a maximum 200W output and no fume emission. Alfresco heaters are ideal where a low roof makes use of a gas patio heater impossible, and are immune to water or rain damage. 

Ideal for restaurants, bars, and other outdoor hospitality and entertainment areas, the Nova Patio Heater is a stylish, high performance heating solution.

Featuring an adjustable heat output and 9-hour operation period per 9kg propane tank, the Nova Patio heater is AGA certified and supplied complete with hose and regulator. Safety features include a “tip-over” switch to cut gas supply in the event of toppling, and a flame safeguard system to minimise rise of burns or other injury.

With a stylish contemporary design and adjustable heat output, the Column gas heater from Gasmate is ideal for applications where long running periods are required.

The Column heater is capable of operating for up to 10 hours on a single 9kg propane cylinder, and features a flame safeguard system for enhanced safety. Supplied complete with a hose and regulator, the high performance heater is mounted on wheels for ease of mobility, and includes a safety “tip-over” switch that immediately shuts off gas if the unit is accidentally knocked over.

Specially designed to provide heat for projects with extreme exposure or outdoor temperature conditions, Heatstrip Max heaters are a high-temperature, durable radiant heating solution.

Using a low-glow infrared element, the strip heaters are fabricated to commercial grade quality from a corrosion-resistant alloy and high strength metallic element. The units can be mounted on any flat surface, with certain models in the range also suitable for DIY installation.

Part of the Heatstrip Classic range of stylish, high-intensity electric panel heaters, the THH-A Series features premium products that are cost efficient and versatile.

Electric panel heaters are ideal for outdoor undercover applications in residential and commercial projects, as well as indoor spot-heating applications in industrial environments. The radiant heaters provide discreet and near-silent heating using an infrared component, and can be mounted on any flat surface. Proudly designed, engineered, and assembled in Australia, the Panel Heaters offer cost reductions of between 77% and 90% when compared with conventional gas outdoor heaters.

With a 3kW cooling and heating capacity, this air conditioner guarantees cooling in 43 degrees celcius heat in rooms of up to 22m2. A built-in dehumidifying function makes it the perfect unit for Australia’s hot summers. With a self evaporative system, no drip tray or hose is required, while the easy touch control panel, 0-24 hour timer setting with sleep mode and remote control make it a breeze to operate.

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