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Designers, suppliers and manufacturers of domestic and commercial air conditioning systems, including ducted, reverse cycle, and split system air conditioners.

Looking for versatility from your air conditioning? Mitsubishi Electric’s inverter multi-split system air conditioners allow up to 8 indoor units to be connected to just one outdoor unit.This improves both outdoor space and external aesthetics, and makes for an economic multi-room solution. So it’s win-win. For more information visit the brochure section.

No walls available to mount a split system – or limited ceiling space for a ducted system? The compact ceiling cassette air conditioning system is the perfect solution. Plus, its whisper quiet operation makes it ideal for master bedrooms, living rooms and other single room residential or commercial uses. For more information visit the brochure section.


Bulkhead air conditioners are highly effective in limited installation space situation; for example lack of wall space or there are concrete ceilings. Plus, their remarkably quiet operation makes them ideal for bedrooms, living rooms and other single room residential or commercial uses. For more information visit the brochure section.

Mitsubishi Electric MFZ-KJ Series floor model air conditioners are designed for stylish, unobtrusive wall-attached installation at floor level. They are an ideal solution when wall space is at a premium. The removable base allows the indoor unit to be recessed into your wall. This dramatically reduces the depth of the indoor unit by one third, from 215mm to 145mm. This makes them perfect for inconspicuous floor-mounted heating – or for new buildings and renovation projects. More natural and comfortable airflow is created throughout the room by the auto swing vane. Plus, the lightweight, compact design makes installation so much easier. For more information visit the brochure section.

With Mitsubishi Electric Ducted Inverter Systems, climate control is at the touch of a button. The ducted units are ideal for multiple room applications and can incorporate zone control for complete control. Cool or warm air is ducted quietly throughout the home through slim diffusers positioned in the ceiling, wall or floor. For more information visit the brochure section.

Mitsubishi Electric’s commitment to product innovation is a key factor to being a leader in air conditioning technology. In keeping with this commitment, Mitsubishi Electric has introduced a number of state-of-the-art features to the wall mounted air conditioner range, including Plasma Duo filter systems, i-See Sensor and Catechin filters. The range of wall mounted reverse cycle split-system air conditioners includes inverter models, suitable for single rooms through to larger open-plan living areas. For more information visit the brochure section.

For greater versatility, the City Multi S Series system PUMY-P YKM-A/YKM-A features an innovative design that allows up to 10/12/12 indoor units — to be connected to a single outdoor unit. The City Multi S Series allows you to select the most suitable model for any type of room and make the best use of available space. By reducing the number of outdoor units necessary, the PUMY-P YKM-A/VKM-A enhances exterior aesthetics and lets you add indoor units at any time more economically while facilitating installation. For more information visit the brochure section.

The City Multi R2 heat recovery series makes use of a 2-pipe refrigerant circuit throughout, with Mitsubishi Electric’c unique BC controller technology individual modes and set points can be selected. CITY MULTI R2 series offers the ultimate in freedom and flexibility. Cool one zone while heating another. Our exclusive BC controller makes two-pipe simultaneous cooling and heating possible. The BC controller is the technological heart of the CITY MULTI R2 series. It houses a liquid and gas separator, allowing the outdoor unit to deliver a mixture of hot gas for heating and liquid for cooling, all through the same pipe. This innovation results in minimum energy wasted. Depending on capacity, up to 50 indoor units can be connected with up to 150% connected capacity. For more information visit the brochure section.


The City Multi Y Series makes use of a two pipe refrigerant system, which allows for system changeover from cooling to heating ensuring constant indoor climate is maintained in all zones. The City Multi range is Mitsubishi Electric’s answer to large-scale VRF (Variable Refrigerant Flow) applications.  The efficiency of City Multi (in particular the new R410A YKB-A Series models) is second to none and offers a substantial increase in energy efficiency and corresponding EER/COP ratings. The City Multi system provides a modular approach to air conditioning requirements – providing an ideal solution for new build, refurbishment projects and phased installations. The wide range of indoor units include ducted, ceiling cassettes, wall mounted, ceiling suspended and floor mounted. For more information visit the brochure section.

Ideal for any commercial and residential environment, the Fujitsu Floor/Ceiling Consoles can either be installed under ceilings or above floors. Sleek and elegant, this unit is easily maintained and benefits from an improved installation. With the help of the ultra thin airflow, the Fujitsu Floor/Ceiling Consoles reduces air flow resistance which lowers the noise levels. Fujitsu’s advanced Inverter technology ensures that the Floor/Ceiling Consoles run smoother and more quietly than conventional air conditioners. 

The Fujitsu Lifestyle Range is truly innovative. Its stylish and slim design make it a perfect fit for those who are looking to stay comfortable year around without having to sacrifice style. Features include: human sensor control, powerful mode, economy mode, and demand control, all of which can be found at the touch of a button on your user-friendly controller. The Lifestyle Range can be wall mounted, and is available as an outdoor or indoor units. Fujitsu assures quality and offers a 5 year warranty for your peace of mind. Why not choose a brand that you trust?

Looking for an air conditioner to keep your office comfortable all year around? Fujitsu’s award winning Design Range delivers optimum efficiency for any season; keeping you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Leading-edge human sensor control technology allows the Fujitsu Design air conditioner to enter an energy saving mode when no one is detected in the room after 20 minutes. The unit automatically returns to normal operation once it detects movement, making it easy to be environmentally conscious without worrying about the room temperature. More intelligent features such as a weekly timer, program timer, and low noise mode are greatly complemented by its beautiful and stylish design, making the Fujitsu Design Range a cutting-edge air conditioner ideal for any commercial environment.

Incorporating the latest fan technology, the Cassette units fit into any commercial setting and evenly distributes conditioned air through 2, 3, or 4 sides of the unit. Leading edge features, the Cassette has multiple automatic settings including: a program timer with 4 different options; on-off timer that can be set to operate once every 24 hours; and a filter sign that tells you when it needs to be cleaned. Whisper-quiet and discreet, its state-of-the-art micro-processor can adjust the airflow to any changes in room temperature during the day, or for a more comfortable nights sleep. The Cassette provides wide airflow with minimal power consumption and is discreetly installed in the ceiling – effective, efficient, and aesthetically powerful.

Samsung have been creating imaginative solutions for more than 70 years and with the high capacity split air conditioner comfort is just a click of a button away.  Wake up refreshed with the Samsung Good Sleep Mode which utilises a clever automatic programme that adjusts temperatures according to the different stages of sleep to achieve deeper sleep is achieved faster. For easy operation, the Auto heat cool change over mode automatically switches from cooling and heating modes where significant temperature changes are a challenge.  The Samsung 4 Step Air Purifying System uses silver coated filters to capture and remove allergy aggravating dust particles in the air, while working with Deodorising and Catechin filters to remove fungi, bacteria, absorb smoke and eliminate unpleasant odours.  To ensure air is always fresh, a Silver Coated Evaporator efficiently removes condensation, effectively preventing the development of stale odours.  Maximum comfort at home is always ensured with this simple balance between ideal temperatures, clean air and pleasant smells.





Classic inverter + Good Sleep Mode + 4 Step Air Purifying System + Auto heat cool change over mode + Filters that remove bacteria and fungi to reduce odours + Timer + Dehumidification + Energy Saving Mode




1279mm x 345mm x 229mm + Capacity (Cooling, Btu/hr) 27,296 + Capacity (Cooling, Cal/hr) 6,880 + Capacity (Cooling, kW) 8 + Capacity (Heating, Btu/hr) 30,708 + Capacity (Heating, Cal/hr) 7,740 + Capacity (Heating, kW) 9.0 + Air circulation (Max, M3/min) 23


Designed to address the air conditioning needs of a commercial environment or larger home, Mitsubishi Electric’s PEA-RP range offers the best in ducted inverter systems. Combining style and performance efficiency, the ceiling-concealed units are part of a customisable system, with various accessories and options allowing maximum user comfort and satisfaction.

Quiet and compact yet extremely powerful, the PEA-RP series harnesses high static pressure fans to maintain consistent airflows between multiple spaces. The ducted system is compatible with long refrigerant piping for maximum installation flexibility, and features a 13.5kW cooling and 16kW heating capacity.

Temperature and humidity monitoring functions, timer controls, and scheduling functions are centralised in a touch screen controller, which can be used in conjunction with an internet connection to monitor the ducted system and warn of any faults. To find out more information, click here.

Whisper quiet and with a discreet, compact console, the SLZ-KA series of ceiling mounted reverse cycles provides the perfect air conditioning solution for rooms with limited wall or ceiling space. The cassette air conditioner can be mounted within the space of a standard 2 metre square ceiling panel, whilst maintaining the highly efficient inverter technology for which Mitsubishi Electric is known.

A 4.2kW cooling and 4.5kW heating capacity makes the SLZ-KA series the optimum choice in all seasons, with a one-touch control system allowing users maximum customisation and comfort. Other features include a 7-day programmable on/off schedule and 12 hour timer, alongside an auto restart capability in the event of a blackout or power shortage.

The SLZ-KA series also offers healthy indoor air quality as a result of its built-in filter, which can be easily maintained with regular vacuuming and boasts a 2 500 hour performance lifespan. The series is also compatible with Mitsubishi Electric’s MXZ-VA range of multi-split systems. To find out more information, click here.

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