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Suppliers, designers, manufacturers and installers of passive and active fire protection systems, smoke confinement systems, fire doors, exit lighting and emergency systems, fire equipment including sprinklers and water spray systems, fire extinguishers, hydrants, hose reels and gas suppression systems, and fire detection products including smoke detection systems and smoke alarms, for commercial, residential and industrial applications.

Less prone to cooking nuisance alarms, this photoelectric smoke alarm detects particles of combustion, such as cigarette smoke. It is suitable for general use and is particularly responsive to smouldering fires and dense smoke from foam filled furnishings or overheated PVC wiring.

It only takes a few seconds for a small fire to spread throughout an office, destroying important business files and original documents in the process. Wormald’s collection of security safes and cabinets all double as a fire-resistant unit that can keep all assets safe. This range includes filing cabinets, commercial security safes and media safes.

Wormald stocks a variety of portable and fixed gas detection systems. All portable systems share the advantage of being compact and easy to carry however, their performance is not compromised. Similarly, the fixed detection network displays professional functionality, providing users with a peace of mind that a toxic or combustible gases will be immediately identified in hazardous areas.

Wormald not only supplies an expansive range of fire protection systems, but also follows through with integrity testing to check that the installed systems will respond adequately in the case of an emergency. Expert staff will check that electronic equipment rooms are effectively sealed and indicator panels are working, making repairs if required.

Carbon Dioxide is a reliable, gaseous fire-fighting agent reflected in its common use since the early 1900s. Wormald ensures this resource is still available with their Carbon Dioxide systems. However, what makes this product stand out in the crowd is the multiple mechanism incorporated to ensure user safety. This includes concentration limits, discharge controls and warning alarms.

Based on years of experience and improvement, the FM200 gaseous fire-fighting system provides quick and effective protection in areas with electronic equipment. Traditionally, Halon 1301 was the most successful substance for this use, however, the discovered environmental damage caused by Halon 1301 made it inadequate. FM200 has been selected as the best replacement and is available in extinguishers of various sizes.

The most effective technology in fire detection includes Wormald’s Vigilant Series of fire indicator panels and emergency warning and intercommunication systems (EWIS). The Vigilant fire indicator panels are known to possess a rapid and reliable response to fire conditions with each model capable of managing different sized structures. The MX1 is recommended for small to medium offices while the F3200 and MX4428 is best for larger industrial sites. The Qe90 EWIS also shares the favourable qualities found in the fire indicator panels and in addition, facilitates a dedicated emergency telephone network for a quick and orderly evacuation.

For action against Class B fires in machinery spaces, a high pressure mist system is preferable. Wormald answers this need with Aquasonic. Aquasonic is advantageous over AquaMist in higher hazard situations as it is able to distribute mist over a larger area more rapidly, quickly suppressing fires from creating further damage.

AquaMist is Wormald’s low pressure fire-fighting mist system. The product maintains the simplicity and reliability of a traditional sprinkler however, through the projection of mist rather than water, the system is able to smother fires more quickly. AquaMist is ideally used in machinery spaces, flammable liquid storage areas and engine test cells.

Water spray systems continue to be an effective defence against fire as specialised water spray nozzles, positioned at the correct location, quickly bring fire under control and stop it spreading. When designing a modern water spray system Wormald’s skilled team consider a number of variables from the location of piping, distance of the sprayer from its objective, available water pressure, effects of wind/draft, ambient temperature, concentration of chemicals, gas/chemical velocity and the corrosiveness of the environment. Depending on the fire risk, the water spray systems can be either high or medium velocity. Wormald’s specialist teams offer a complete solution from design, supply, installation, maintenance and technical support.

High velocity systems:

Gets under the fire  +  Protects equipment that incorporate heavy or medium oils  +  Directional water nozzles  +  Individual inlet strainers  +  Brass or stainless steel parameters  +  Internal swirl plate  +  Six spray pattern types  +  Variety of orifice sizes  +  Recommended discharge pressure – 3.4 bar (min-2.1bar, max-5.5bar) 

Medium velocity water systems:

Cools fires down  +  Water sprayers discharge finely divided droplets at medium velocity for light oils  +  Can be used with dry chemical and foam  +  Dilutes and disperses flammable vapours  +  Type D3 – Directional water nozzles  +  Natural, coated or plated bronze or stainless steel  +  External deflector  +  Orifice sizes from 16 to 32  +  Spray angles from 900, 950, 1100, 1250, 1400, and 1600  +  Dust plugs available  +  Discharge pressure – 1.4 bar to 4.1 bar

Foam is a proven fire suppressant for flammable liquids and works by separating fuel from air, starving the flames of oxygen and immediately eliminating combustion. Wormald’s fire protection services include fire suppression foam systems which are a stable mass of air filled bubbles made from a mixture of specialist fire fighting foam concentrates and water.  These target various fuel applications, from hydrocarbons to polar solvents. Wormald designers can assess your facility’s fire risk , help you consider the options and decide upon the most suitable foam fire fighting solution.  

Wormald offers tailored service for organisation compliance with Australian Standards AS1940 ‘The Storage and Handling of Flammable and Combustible Liquids’.

Compatible with ‘Aspirating’ (More vicious foam) or ‘Non-Aspirating’ (Spreading over large areas) discharge devices. Foam monitors or foam cannons available as fixed or moving, remotely or manually controlled. Fire fighting foam discharge through tire sprinklers and foam applicators available.

Foam concentrates available:

Aqueous Film Forming Foam (AFFF), Fluroprotein and Protein foams for fires involving hydrocarbon type fuels, Alcohol resistant foams for fires involving polar solvent type fuels, Low viscosity foams with specific flow characteristics and Low and high expansion foams that flood large areas and three dimensional spaces (Volume ratio not rate of expansion: 5:1 or 500:1) 

As the risk of fire is ongoing, it is essential that fire detection and suppression systems are regularly serviced to ensure they are ready to perform when you need them most. Skilled service teams are just as important as the fire protection systems themselves. Wormald has one of the largest service networks in the industry, so when the heat is on, you know they will be there for you. Wormald service technicians are on 24-hour standby – ready to undertake emergency repairs. The dedicated national call centre will ensure a skilled technician is allocated as soon as possible, able to deal with most service problems on the spot in response to your first call. Click here for more information.   


Fire protection services  +  Fire system upgrades, scheduled servicing and maintenance, compliance testing and more  +  Latest technology and skilled service technicians  +  24-hour standby  +  National call centre  +  Operations are regularly audited  +  Committed to improving level of service  +  Compliant with Australian and New Zealand industry standards and government regulations 

The patent-pending VanQuish™ fire sprinkler system by Wormald is the first of its kind for cold storage, outdoor and unheated warehouse facilities. This essential storage fire protection addresses a fire with a volume of water via a “surround and drown” configuration to rapidly reduce heat release rate, minimising damage to storage facilities and valuable goods.

VanQuish does not require expensive antifreeze and eliminates costly in-rack sprinklers while achieving higher roof and storage heights, gaining more flexible stocking configurations. Wormald provides fire protection for category 1, 2 and 3, commodities and the lowest installation and maintenance costs.

Compatible with water sprinkler system for storage and warehouse facilities.

The ANSUL® R-102 by Wormald is a pre-engineered kitchen fire suppression system which takes on the dangerous fires that occur in commercial kitchens. The R-102 is a self-contained system that can be installed directly into the hood and ductwork of your cooking appliances – with no compromise to the appearance or operation of a kitchen. When the temperature in the hood reaches a predetermined level, Ansul ex liquid fire suppressant is released through strategically positioned nozzles, reacting with the burning oil to form a blanket of foam. The ANSUL® R-102 is suitable for all kitchens of all sizes. 

Ansul R-102 offers manual or automatic fire suppression, and contains cooking equipment friendly foam that is almost neutral pH. It can be tailor installed to specific requirements and hidden away in hood and ductwork. While reducing fire reflash, Ansul R-102 also allows burning oil to cool below ignition temperature.

Foam blanket fire suppression , ANSUL® R-102 Fire Suppression System is ActivFire™ is listed by CSIRO.

Wormald’s MX TECHNOLOGY® delivers a comprehensive fire detection system that is advanced yet not complex. MX TECHNOLOGY® fire detection systems are designed for accuracy and improve response speed to potential fire events and minimal false alarms. The fire event and its location is clearly pin-pointed with indicators on an unambiguous panel display. This upgradeable fire detection system is cleverly flexible to a business’specific needs for fire protection; simple software intelligence upgrades can suit business capabilities and specific fire risks. MX TECHNOLOGY® offers continual state-of-the-art fire protection due to its product compatibility, allowing customers choice from the time of installation and throughout the system’s lifetime.

MX Technology uses multifunction fire detection system, control panel and devices, including MX VIRTUAL multi-sensor analogue addressable detectors, LCD and optional zone LEDs, MX DIGITAL robust & reliable high speed loop protocol, MX SmartSense® and FASTLOGIC® detection algorithms, MX heat enhanced smoke detection algorithms and MX carbon monoxide (CO) fire detection.

Wormald’s SAPPHIRE™ fire suppression system is designed for sustainable use with minimal impact to property, people and the environment. This unique liquid vaporises and absorbs heat rapidly, leaving no residue in its wake unlike that of water suppression moisture. The SAPPHIRE™ fire suppression system protects sensitive business data and equipment from a fire’s earliest incipient phase, whilst keeping the aftermath in mind. SAPPHIRE™ is also non-corrosive and non-conductive, so it will not damage delicate electronics, radar, navigation and other equipment. The result is less damage to property, lower repair costs, and less impact on lifestyle and business due to minimal repair time needed.

Sapphire contains environmentally safe inert carbon-based chemical abd us stored in liquid form.

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