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Automatic voltage regulation for protection against brownouts and overvoltages. Safe and stable power for electronic equipment

Discover Act 9 iC60 DIN rail Miniature Circuit-Breaker (MCB) up to 63 A

Legrand offers a full suite of products dedicated to the needs of the Australian ageing population, whether they are individuals wishing to live longer in their own homes (Independent Living) or in professional care facilities (Assisted Living). In Residential environments, large switches & sockets will increase comfort of users, whereas at-home-alarms provide reassurance of efficient emergency when in need. Professional care establishments will enjoy the benefits of a simple yet efficient response to patient’s call for assistance using the Neat Wireless Nurse Call System.

Developing products to help you reduce your energy consumption is very important to Legrand. Legrand is committed to contributing to a more sustainable society. With this as their goal, Legrand is continuously developing and refining control systems so that they are easy to install and use. Helping users visualise the energy they are consuming in real-time, and providing usage reports, empowers people to make swift decisions to reduce consumption. And, products like sensors help automatically reduce energy consumption by turning off lighting when it is not needed.

From the Australian Design Award winning Slide Connect G2, to the most energy efficient LED Satellites and time-saving computerised monitoring systems, Legrand offers a comprehensive range of exit signs and emergency lighting fittings for all environments – small office blocks, large sports stadiums, infrastructure projects, airports and much more.

Legrand offers a wide range of cable management solutions including floor, wall, workstation and overhead devices.

Legrand’s lighting management is ideal for offices and other commercial applications. This system of sensors is a simpler and more cost-efficient alternative to complex building management systems. Where standalone switch sensors are suitable for managing single or multiple areas, the networked SCS sensors and room controllers are ideal for easier management of larger areas such as an entire floor of an office building. You’ll find the setting and monitoring of the sensors very easy with the mobile configurator device that allows 2-way communication: you can program a sensor as well as read how an existing sensor has been programmed.

Perfect for unit blocks, renovations or anywhere it’s difficult to run-in new cabling, or when you need a 2-way switch (like in a hallway) and additional cabling is not an option, the beautiful Arteor switches provide a genuine wireless alternative. Working on the internationally recognised ZigBee protocol, the use of an in-ceiling controller eliminates the need for additional cabling in tricky installations. This means the switchplate does not even need to be mounted on the wall in some installations; it can be kept in a drawer and used like a remote controller.

A MyHome automation system enables all the electrical functions in a home – such as lighting, air-conditioning, audio entertainment and video intercoms – to communicate with each other and be controlled together from central points. For example, a ‘Goodbye’ switch at the front door could turn off all the lights, air-conditioning, and close all the curtains.

Designed and made in Italy, BTicino audio and video intercoms suit all applications and budgets, from modest single homes to prestigious multi-storey apartment towers. Choose from simple single home kits, or mix and match your internal and external panels to suit the project you’re working on. These systems are the fastest and easiest to install as well as the most reliable, so you’ll save time on every job.

Imagine if the power faulted in the 79th min of a tied football final – catastrophe. Legrand help you ensure that never happens. The Main Switchboards and Distribution Boards you build are the root of an excellent electrical system. They’re essential for keeping people and property safe, as well as comfortable and happy. To make it easy for you to create the most organised, clearly labelled and reliable systems for each project, Legrand offer a comprehensive range of domestic and commercial enclosures, protection and switching equipment. Legrand never stop innovating. From clever new energy meters to extra safety features, Legrand will continue to refine their products to be the best in the industry, so you can be confident and proud of your work.

Legrand’s HPM’s door chimes are simple and easy to install, without an electrician. They are more effective than a knock! knock! And kinder on your wallet than a fandangle video intercom. Choose from battery operated and plug-in models.

Forget fumbling in the dark trying to find door keys or switches. Automating simple tasks, such as turning lights on and off, is super convenient, improves safety, and reduces the energy wastage. It's win, win, win! Legrand’s HPM provide light-sensitive switches, programmable switches and motion sensors. Legrand also offers motion sensors in its Excel Life range.

Legrand’s HPM make products to keep you switched on: From retro rocker switches to hardcore metal, HPM make every switch, socket, dimmer, fan controller and phone jack you'll ever need for home, work, or play. They're safe. They win awards. And HPM have got your back for any after sales service you need. HPM's range of switches includes the colourful Linea, the retro Standard and Excel, the Architectural Metal range, and the waterproof Aqua for outdoor areas.

Legrand is the world's largest manufacturer of switches and sockets; the world leader, not only in manufacturing capability, but also in the tenets of design and technology. Legrand is the only company that offers solutions for all the major international standards including American, German, British, French, Italian, Chinese and Korean, as well as Australian. From the everyday excellence of Excel Life to the sophistication of Arteor, to the customisability of Como and the durability of Soliroc, you can be confident you are choosing the most stylish, world-class products designed and manufactured meticulously for reliability, and longevity.

To ensure that the services in your home suit your needs now and into the future, and can accommodate new technology as it is developed, you need to Smart Wire your home now, as it is being built. Argus Technologies’ Smart Wiring and Security packages ensure you have comfort, style, safety and uncompromised telecommunication and entertainment technology distributed throughout your new home.

Building in an estate that has fibre-optic connections? Argus Technologies are a supplier and installer of fibre optic cabling to both domestic and commercial buildings. Prepare your home/development for smart wiring as it is being built with Special Fibre-Optic Smart Wiring, ensuring you have comfort, style and uncompromised telecommunication and entertainment technology delivered direct to your new home/development.

A high-speed, plastic optical fibre (POF) network, Fibrepoint is designed to let you get the most of your home broadband connection. The fast Ethernet 8-Port switch has been tuned for optical networks that require high through put with minimal latency and is ideal for streaming data such as IPTV and VOIP throughout the modern home or office.

The backbone of the fibrepoint ™ network is a hybrid cable that has been designed to provide a pair of plastic optical fibres for the data network and low power 48V supply to each outlet.

The Fibrepoint Wall- Port contains a Plastic Optical Fibre (POF) to copper media converter that allows you to build interference free, high speed optical Ethernet network running at speeds of over 100Mb/sec.

Stream music into every room of the house, wirelessly, with SONOS Wireless HiFi System. With more than 100,000 free Internet radio stations, podcasts and shows, you can control everything from your smartphone or tablet.

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