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Manufactured, supplied, and installed by AMMI Balustrades, aluminium tube systems are a quick and cost effective balustrade and fencing solution.

Also suitable for use as aluminium fencing panels, the powder coated aluminium units can be manufactured to any height, and are compatible with round, rectangular, or half-round handrails. The 19 x 19mm square hollow aluminium tubes can be supplied in any DULUX powder coat colour and come complete with a 7 year manufacturer’s warranty and 10 year powder coat warranty.

AMMI Balustrades supplies a selection of cable balustrades fabricated from stainless steel wire for indoor or outdoor use.

Compatible with vertical or horizontal wire configurations and round, square, or rectangular handrails, stainless steel wire balustrades are a durable and versatile balustrading solution.

AMMI Balustrades’ marine grade stainless steel products meet the relevant Australian standards, and are available in a satin, buff polish, or class 4 architectural finish. Stainless steel wire balustrade systems are supplied with a 7 year manufacturer’s warranty, glazing warranty, and certificate of compliance to Australian Standards.

Compatible with both frameless and semi-frameless applications, 12MM toughened glass from AWR Balustrade & Wire Solutions is a versatile fencing and balustrading product.

The heavy duty glass is available in a range of panel sizes to suit projects of various shapes and sizes, and ideal for use in stair balustrades or as pool fencing.

A cost-efficient, easy to instal DIY balustrading solution, balustrading kits from AWR Balustrade & Wire Solutions are fabricated within a rapid one day turnover period.

Lengths of wire rope are screwed into durable timber or metal posts, resulting in a versatile system that can be customised to suit the size and aesthetic requirements of any project. All AWR Balustrade & Wire Solutions balustrading systems can be installed using standard tools.

Offering low maintenance requirements and excellent resistance to corrosion requirements, stainless steel balustrading is a popular selection for outdoor commercial and residential balustrades.

Stainless steel balustrading from Absolute Balustrades is designed and manufactured in WA to all relevant Australian standards, and is compatible with A-grade toughened or laminated toughened safety glass. The balustrading products are available in a high polish or satin finish for maximum aesthetic appeal, and can be supplied with stainless steel, timber, or aluminium handrails.

Viewsafe aluminium balustrading from Absolute Balustrades is a stylish modular system for residential balconies.

Designed and manufactured in WA and certified to all relevant Australian standards, the durable system is a low maintenance alternative to glass or stainless steel. Viewsafe features engineered base plates for enhanced stability, and is available in an extensive range of powder-coated colours and with a selection of stainless steel, timber, or aluminium handrails.

Founded in Western Australia in 1995 as a family business, Absolute Balustrades has become a leading provider of high quality and innovative modular aluminium balustrades to domestic markets.

Absolute Balustrades designs and manufactures a diverse selection of aluminium, glass, and stainless steel products for internal and external use. Their broad catalogue also includes shutters, awnings, and privacy screens, as well as fencing and gates for pools and property perimeters.

Committed to delivering quality products and outstanding customer service, Absolute Balustrades continues to expand and supply absolute style, absolute beauty, and absolute safety.

Marretti uses toughened and laminated structural glass to create staircases and banisters that are as durable as they are beautiful.

Employing 32mm thick reinforced glass in conjunction with steel pins and fastening, Marretti staircases with glass treads and banisters have been certified to support loads of up to 150kg. Each step is carefully manufactured to a polished or satinised finish and attached to stainless steel, weld-free supports.

For staircases combining structural glass and wooden steps, Marretti supplies treads in six different timbers and with a host of surface finishes. The thickness of each tread can be specified as between 73 or 80mm, depending on the width of the staircase and needs of the individual project. Treads are then affixed to 24mm thick structural glass using a patented steel pin fastening system, and are certified to bear loads of up to 150kg.

To add instant design interest and allow passage between floors where space is a constraint, spiral staircases are an unbeatable choice. Working with a modern material palette of glass, timber, and stainless steel, Marretti’s spiral staircases are a unique and highly functional addition to any interior.

Spiral staircases can be tailored to suit even the tightest of curves, with the size, shape, and spacing of each stair tread fully customisable. Stainless steel, timber, or glass treads can be combined with a stainless steel banister to create an elegant, striking unit. Marretti also offers an exclusive helical staircase, whose twisting centre support and sleek, slimline treads are unlike any supplied by competitors.

For the safety of your staff, residents, clients and or visitors, Hand Rails can protect them at all transition points in and around your buildings. 

Improve your defence against the spread of germs and viruses that can cause staff absenteeism’s and business shut downs with Acculine’s optional AntiMicrobial protection in our solid colour Vinyl Hand Rail range.

Our Vinyl is stain, scratch, impact, fungal and bacterial resistant, and with different hand grip profiles, fixing designs and strengths to suit different needs, forms part of a complete range of matching Wall, Door & Corner Guards.

To add a decorative touch to any patio, deck, balcony or staircase, Superior Screens supplies a range of Colorbond steel or powder-coated aluminium balustrades. A variety of profiles are on offer to suit any design needs along with a range of colours and finishes to expand the possibilities. This product is suitable for use in homes or office buildings.

NEPEAN Building & Infrastructure is Australia’s only specialist manufacturer of the famous Weldlok® Brand of grating & handrail products, a proprietary Brand which has been in production since the 1950’s.

For over 55 years Weldlok® has remained a trusted name across Australia serving the industrial, civil and fabrication industries. Weldlok® grating and handrail systems are both available in FRP fibreglass.

Weldlok® FRP Fibreglass grating and handrail systems are lightweight, non sparking, non-toxic and provide a great cost performance compared to other materials whilst resisting against chemicals, UV light, fire and high pedestrian impact.

Weldlok® FRP Fibreglass grating is used extensively in many different applications including pedestrian walkways, decorative drainage and screening applications. It is particularly suited to high-pedestrian zones and marine environments and is often used for access platforms and tourist walkways. 

Weldlok® FRP Fibreglass grating provides: Chemical resistance – High resin content provides resistance to a wide range of chemicals. Anti-slip surface – The coarse quartz grit finish where applied to the walking surface, provides excellent anti- slip performance.

Fire resistance – Flame retardants are added to the resins to improve the fire resistance. Resistant to ultra violet radiation – UV inhibitors are incorporated into the resin to reduce the effects of ultraviolet radiation. However, some loss of colour will occur on long exposure.High impact resistance – FRP grating resists the effects of high impact loading which may superficially damage the surface but does not allow penetration.

Lightweight panels – The lightweight nature of FRP grating allows for ease of handling compared with other materials. 

Non sparking – FRP grating with plain and concave upper surfaces will not cause sparking when impacted by metallic objects.

Cost performance – Compared to other materials, the use of FRP grating results in a long life product with low installation costs.

Weldlok® FRP Fibreglass Handrail systems, in combination with Weldlok® FRP Fibreglass walkway grating and stair treads, provides the ultimate in corrosion resistance for aggressive environments which are exposed to the elements. Weldlok® FRP Fibreglass Handrail Systems offer a superior solution compared with conventional FRP Handrail Systems.

The unique ribbed easy-to-grip Weldlok® tube combined with no-snag fittings provides a more comfortable handrail. Strong yet lightweight, made from pultruded fibreglass and isophthalic polyester resin, this system can be used in the harshest of environments. All connectors are steel core encapsulated for ultimate strength.

Weldlok® FRP Fibreglass Handrails advantages: Lightweight and easy to install – Strong and durable – Components supplied pre-drilled – Can be supplied prefabricated or in kit form – Chemical and corrosion resistant – UV resistant – Fire retardant – Low conductivity

Weldlok® FRP Fibreglass Grating & Handrails are ideal for:

+ Marinas, jetties, pontoons

+ Tourist walkways

+ Maintenance walkways

+ Industrial access platforms

+ Water and sewage treatment plants

NEPEAN Building & Infrastructure is Australia’s only specialist manufacturer of the famous Weldlok® and Balltube® Brands of grating and handrail products, proprietary Brands which have been in production since the 1950’s.

For over 55 years Weldlok® has remained a trusted name across Australia serving the industrial, civil and fabrication industries. Weldlok® grating and handrail systems are available in untreated steel, galvanised mild steel, stainless steel, aluminium and fibreglass.

Applications – Weldlok® grating and handrails are used extensively in many different resource applications throughout Australia including mines, industrial, chemical and sewerage plants, marine environments and superstructures, drilling rigs, architectural projects and tourist sites.

Materials – Weldlok® grating and handrails are available in a variety of materials including galvanised mild steel, stainless steel, aluminium and fibreglass.

Custom fabrication – All Weldlok® products can be custom-fabricated to suit unique customer requirements. With 2 main manufacturing plants in Sydney and Perth and smaller facilities in Brisbane and Melbourne, NEPEAN is able to provide a custom-made solution which is locally available.

How is Weldlok® Steel Grating made? – Weldlok® mild steel grating is constructed using an electro- forgewelding process that applies pressure and heat to fuse square, twisted cross bars into load-bearing bars of various thicknesses and depths. The result is a product with a one-piece construction that complies with the requirements of Australian Standard AS1657-1992.

The Weldlok® Balltube® Handrail System is also designed and manufactured to the requirements of Australian Standard AS1657-1992.

Easy installation – The modular Balltube® system allows speedy erection and finishing, with a minimum of on- site welding, providing considerable savings in time and labour costs. Balltube® sets the standard for time and cost saving in the installation of walkways, stairs and ladders. Components delivered to site include fully galvanised stanchions, rails, bends, kickplates, slip-joints, closures, all ready for trouble-free erection.

Complete packages – NEPEAN can supply a total package inlcuding Balltube® handrail system, Weldlok® grating, stair treads and walkway modules. The Weldlok® team can provide advice to draftspersons, engineers, fabricators and specifiers in the correct selection of all grating and handrail products.

As dedicated trade only suppliers of frameless glass hardware for the glazing and building industry, glass fittings by Trident Glass hardware are high quality solutions with architectural appeal.  The Trident SP 114 is a four way spider fitting for glass balustrades and walls, finely detailed to maintain the transparency and sleekness of glass.  The spider fittings, which include a 100mm offset and come in satin or polished steel finishes, add a distinctive touch of detail to buildings in domestic and especially commercial and civic scales.  


Available in satin stainless steel  +  Available in polished stainless steel


4 way spider fitting  +  100 mm offset


Trident SP 101 for pool fencing  +  Trident SP 102 for pool fencing  +  Trident SP 111 for Architectural uses  +  Trident SP 61 for pool fencing  +  Trident SP 112 (180) for Architectural uses  +  Trident SP 112 (90) for Architectural uses  +  Trident SP 113 for Architectural uses  

Factory Direct Fencing has developed a range of distinct systems of Semi-Frameless and Frameless Glass Balustrade.

Using 12mm Heat Soaked & Toughened Safety Glass the SG Semi-Frameless Systems offer Powdercoated Glazing posts topped with Glazing Channel Toprail or Offset handrail while the Frameless systems offer either Stainless Steel spiggoted or pinned glass with a range of toprail & offset handrail options.

Each is an easy to install, fully compliant modular system – allowing you to up date older balustrade and deck areas easily.

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