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norament® one-piece nosing-tread-riser stairtreads are a clean and enduring solution for your stairs. norament® stairtreads are cost-effective for both new and renovated buildings. No matter your application or facility, you will have a wide choice of floor covering options to complete your design by using norament® stairtreads.

norament® stairtreads are offered in both round and hammerblow surface, and are available in a wide range of colors with matching accessories to give you an array of design options for a cohesive look. The stairtread is installed quickly, cleanly, and professionally as a single piece. All widths are possible, without visible seams or joint sealing.

One of the many numerous advantages: the time consuming installation of stair nosings and separately trimmed coverings for single piece risers and treads now belong to the past. The subsurface can be virtually any material: wood, stone, screed, metal, or any of many other solid surfaces. Low cost and environmentally compatible in equal measure, the adhesive innovation nora® Stepfix 240 proves ideal for the installation.With this double sided adhesive tape, installations, whether in new or renovated buildings, are up to five times faster than with conventional adhesive variants.

Benefits of norament® stairtreads include:

  • Stairtreads with pre-shaped stair nosing, single-piece riser and tread
  • Available in two surfaces: round pastille and hammered surface
  • Signal or safety stripes in yellow, gray, ultra grip, or luminescent
  • Suitable also for stairwells in extremely high traffic areas
  • Pre-sanded backs
  • Adhered by using nora stepfix, an odorless, solvent-free adhesive tap

nora offer the following models of norament®:

  • Norament® 926
  • Norament® 926 grano
  • Norament® 926 satura

As Beautiful as it Is Durable and Guaranteed to Perform – That’s Iron Ash

IRON ASH uses innovative technology to combine a transparent combination of water-based additives deep into the core of GOODWOOD Victorian Ash. Treated to H3 classification, IRON ASH can be used externally in partnership with GOODWOOD Victorian Ash to allow continuous flow of timber design from inside to out. IRON ASH is a great choice to finish any project. It can be easily cut, stained and painted on site. The IRON ASH range offers an affordable timber choice that is stable and readily available.

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The Market’s Best Appearance Grade Timbers

It is well understood that Victorian Ash is very easy to work, cut, stain and build with, but ASH go much further. GOODWOOD Victorian ash is straight line edged after drying, has minimal pink colouring, is internally scanned for defects and much, much more. ASH's range of options has exploded into all of the timber aspects you need for the internal fit out for this reason. You can find them just about all around Australia, which means the flow of design can carry on throughout your project.

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Manufactured, supplied, and installed by AMMI Balustrades, aluminium tube systems are a quick and cost effective balustrade and fencing solution.

Also suitable for use as aluminium fencing panels, the powder coated aluminium units can be manufactured to any height, and are compatible with round, rectangular, or half-round handrails. The 19 x 19mm square hollow aluminium tubes can be supplied in any DULUX powder coat colour and come complete with a 7 year manufacturer’s warranty and 10 year powder coat warranty.

AMMI Balustrades supplies a selection of cable balustrades fabricated from stainless steel wire for indoor or outdoor use.

Compatible with vertical or horizontal wire configurations and round, square, or rectangular handrails, stainless steel wire balustrades are a durable and versatile balustrading solution.

AMMI Balustrades’ marine grade stainless steel products meet the relevant Australian standards, and are available in a satin, buff polish, or class 4 architectural finish. Stainless steel wire balustrade systems are supplied with a 7 year manufacturer’s warranty, glazing warranty, and certificate of compliance to Australian Standards.

Compatible with both frameless and semi-frameless applications, 12MM toughened glass from AWR Balustrade & Wire Solutions is a versatile fencing and balustrading product.

The heavy duty glass is available in a range of panel sizes to suit projects of various shapes and sizes, and ideal for use in stair balustrades or as pool fencing.

A cost-efficient, easy to instal DIY balustrading solution, balustrading kits from AWR Balustrade & Wire Solutions are fabricated within a rapid one day turnover period.

Lengths of wire rope are screwed into durable timber or metal posts, resulting in a versatile system that can be customised to suit the size and aesthetic requirements of any project. All AWR Balustrade & Wire Solutions balustrading systems can be installed using standard tools.

Offering low maintenance requirements and excellent resistance to corrosion requirements, stainless steel balustrading is a popular selection for outdoor commercial and residential balustrades.

Stainless steel balustrading from Absolute Balustrades is designed and manufactured in WA to all relevant Australian standards, and is compatible with A-grade toughened or laminated toughened safety glass. The balustrading products are available in a high polish or satin finish for maximum aesthetic appeal, and can be supplied with stainless steel, timber, or aluminium handrails.

Viewsafe aluminium balustrading from Absolute Balustrades is a stylish modular system for residential balconies.

Designed and manufactured in WA and certified to all relevant Australian standards, the durable system is a low maintenance alternative to glass or stainless steel. Viewsafe features engineered base plates for enhanced stability, and is available in an extensive range of powder-coated colours and with a selection of stainless steel, timber, or aluminium handrails.

Founded in Western Australia in 1995 as a family business, Absolute Balustrades has become a leading provider of high quality and innovative modular aluminium balustrades to domestic markets.

Absolute Balustrades designs and manufactures a diverse selection of aluminium, glass, and stainless steel products for internal and external use. Their broad catalogue also includes shutters, awnings, and privacy screens, as well as fencing and gates for pools and property perimeters.

Committed to delivering quality products and outstanding customer service, Absolute Balustrades continues to expand and supply absolute style, absolute beauty, and absolute safety.

Part of Marretti’s range of cantilever staircases, the Orgami model is a sleek, ultra-thin CORTEN staircase. Requiring no vertical supports and fully customisable to suit any dimensional requirements, the staircase is the optimum staircase solution where floorspace is limited.

The 8mm-thick treads affix directly to walls using durable steel fixings, and are compatible with any Marretti banister. Creating an appealingly industrial aesthetic, the CORTEN steps are available in finishes including ‘rust’, varnished, or painted, with a ‘Travertine Marble’ resin coating also offered.

An exclusive staircase design combining self-bearing wooden treads and spiral or straight configurations, the Concorde staircase is one of Marretti’s most innovative products.

Each step is cut and finished to a distinctive ‘T’ shape, then arranged and assembled using a series of highly durable stainless steel fixings. The full selection of Marretti timbers and surface finishes can be tailored to suit the Concorde model, which can also be finished using a white resin that mimics the appearance of Travertine Marble.

Unique in form yet endlessly versatile, the Concorde staircase is ideal for briefs where floorspace is limited, as treads can be fixed directly to walls with no need for vertical supports. The staircase is compatible with Marretti’s range of glass and stainless steel banisters.

Marretti uses toughened and laminated structural glass to create staircases and banisters that are as durable as they are beautiful.

Employing 32mm thick reinforced glass in conjunction with steel pins and fastening, Marretti staircases with glass treads and banisters have been certified to support loads of up to 150kg. Each step is carefully manufactured to a polished or satinised finish and attached to stainless steel, weld-free supports.

For staircases combining structural glass and wooden steps, Marretti supplies treads in six different timbers and with a host of surface finishes. The thickness of each tread can be specified as between 73 or 80mm, depending on the width of the staircase and needs of the individual project. Treads are then affixed to 24mm thick structural glass using a patented steel pin fastening system, and are certified to bear loads of up to 150kg.

To add instant design interest and allow passage between floors where space is a constraint, spiral staircases are an unbeatable choice. Working with a modern material palette of glass, timber, and stainless steel, Marretti’s spiral staircases are a unique and highly functional addition to any interior.

Spiral staircases can be tailored to suit even the tightest of curves, with the size, shape, and spacing of each stair tread fully customisable. Stainless steel, timber, or glass treads can be combined with a stainless steel banister to create an elegant, striking unit. Marretti also offers an exclusive helical staircase, whose twisting centre support and sleek, slimline treads are unlike any supplied by competitors.

Marretti offers a wide selection of cantilever staircases for residential and commercial application. With a choice between timber, metal, or glass treads and numerous options for banisters, the Marretti cantilever staircase adds functionality and visual appeal to any interior space. Affixing directly to the wall on one side of the tread and with no need for vertical supports, the Cantilever Staircase is the ideal solution for interiors with limited floorspace.

Staircases are available in either open or closed configurations, and the size and shape of each step can be fully customised to suit the demands of the design brief. A selection of contemporary colours and finishes allows Marretti stairs to complement and conform with a number of interior styles.

Timber staircases can also be coated with resin or Corian to achieve a more durable finish, and are supplied in a wide variety of colours. 

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