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Compressed fibre-cement slates offer a man-made alternative to natural slate. Manufactured in Belgium using the best quality fibres, therefore producing the strongest fibre-cement slates on the market.

Due to their precision fabrication, no preliminary grading according to thickness is required. SVK’s and Eternits are finished with a double layer of acrylic based coating, providing them with both a smooth beautiful appearance but also making them highly resistant to moss growth whilst enhancing the durability of the slates with low water absorption.

Both are available with textured faces and rivened edges to give a close match to the look of natural slates. Rectangular and diamond sizes are available. Premier Slate have blue black or Welsh blue available.

AUSTRALIAN STANDARD AM-BOSS fixed access ladders are manufactured to Australian Standard AS1657-2013 and conform to relevant OH&S requirements.

-Manufactured in welded aluminium or steel

-Manufactured vertical or on-grade

-Handrails, Telescopic or Fixed Stanchions, Grabrails, etc., manufactured in accordance with AS1657 guidelines

-On-roof access

-Commercial / Industrial strength

-12 Months Warranty

-Australian Owned and Made

-Specialists in safe and easy roof access

-Distribute Australia wide and Worldwide

-Installation available (Australia only)


AM-BOSS Pull-out / Push-in fixed access ladders pull out to be on-grade for safe ascending / descending of the ladder, then push in so as not to be an obstruction in the work-place.

AM-BOSS also manufacture, supply, and install Walkway systems and Guardrails or Balustrades for safe access on rooftops, plant platforms, mezzanine levels etc., that meet or exceed Australian Standards.

The AM-BOSS range of products and services are suited to industrial, commercial and domestic applications. AM-BOSS manufacturers an extensive range of products, including custom-made items, enabling them to cater for each individual environment.

Aluminium Walkway

  • Series 13
  • 600mm wide approx.
  • Includes Joiner Bars and Ends

Guardrail / Balustrade

  • Aluminium or Galvanizes Steel Balltube

For more info, please visit the AM-BOSS.

AM-BOSS pull-down access ladders come fully assembled and include concealed hinges, draft seal, counterbalancing, slim metal architrave, pull-down hook with pole and screws. The ‘Access-Boss™’ and ‘Big-Boss™’ Domestic Series Models are manufactured in welded aluminium complete with non-slip treads and are available ‘Off-The-Shelf’ for vertical heights up to 3600mm. From 3600mm, the exact ceiling height is required for manufacture. AM-BOSS offers a 20 Year Warranty on our Domestic Series range when installed into your home.

Please see the gallery for our domestic pull-down access ladder range. 

For use with any Gorter roof hatch product, hook-on ladders are available in single or double/triple varieties, and are hooked over an anti-skid step mounted in the roof cavity. Safety features include brackets for wall mounting when not in use and padlock provisions to fix the ladder in place during use. The anodized aluminium ladders are fitted with anti skid treads.

To connect the ceiling and roof hatch in suspended ceiling constructions, Gorter supplies extensions to their scissor stair systems. By adding two or more steps atop a Gorter scissor stair, the extensions can bridge up to 2000mm ceiling to roof gaps without altering the gradient of the access stairs.

Gorter scissor stairs (attic ladders) can be combined with any Gorter roof hatch products to provide optimum safety and convenience in roof access. Made of standard anodized aluminium, the retractable stairs are durable and counterbalanced for ease of operation. Stairs are available in a range of dimensions to suit any roof height or size of opening.

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