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Made from durable, high performance stainless steel and fully compliant with the relevant Australian standards, the 30º flush mount side wall and cistern grab rail set from Metlam is a comprehensive accessibility solution for any bathroom.

The 300m long rail features a concealed 78mm mount and easy to clean surface, with a white powder coat finish option also available. 

Whether you’re a business, council or homeowner, Sydney’s premier foot bridge suppliers can bring you the bridge you need. From bridges designed to cross ditches and waterways, to those intended to limit human impact on natural environments, the skilled engineers at Ox Engineering are the masters at providing cost effective yet boldly designed bridges, tailored to your unique needs.

NEPEAN Building & Infrastructure is Australia’s only specialist manufacturer of the famous Weldlok® Brand of grating & handrail products, a proprietary Brand which has been in production since the 1950’s.

For over 55 years Weldlok® has remained a trusted name across Australia serving the industrial, civil and fabrication industries. Weldlok® grating and handrail systems are both available in FRP fibreglass.

Weldlok® FRP Fibreglass grating and handrail systems are lightweight, non sparking, non-toxic and provide a great cost performance compared to other materials whilst resisting against chemicals, UV light, fire and high pedestrian impact.

Weldlok® FRP Fibreglass grating is used extensively in many different applications including pedestrian walkways, decorative drainage and screening applications. It is particularly suited to high-pedestrian zones and marine environments and is often used for access platforms and tourist walkways. 

Weldlok® FRP Fibreglass grating provides: Chemical resistance – High resin content provides resistance to a wide range of chemicals. Anti-slip surface – The coarse quartz grit finish where applied to the walking surface, provides excellent anti- slip performance.

Fire resistance – Flame retardants are added to the resins to improve the fire resistance. Resistant to ultra violet radiation – UV inhibitors are incorporated into the resin to reduce the effects of ultraviolet radiation. However, some loss of colour will occur on long exposure.High impact resistance – FRP grating resists the effects of high impact loading which may superficially damage the surface but does not allow penetration.

Lightweight panels – The lightweight nature of FRP grating allows for ease of handling compared with other materials. 

Non sparking – FRP grating with plain and concave upper surfaces will not cause sparking when impacted by metallic objects.

Cost performance – Compared to other materials, the use of FRP grating results in a long life product with low installation costs.

Weldlok® FRP Fibreglass Handrail systems, in combination with Weldlok® FRP Fibreglass walkway grating and stair treads, provides the ultimate in corrosion resistance for aggressive environments which are exposed to the elements. Weldlok® FRP Fibreglass Handrail Systems offer a superior solution compared with conventional FRP Handrail Systems.

The unique ribbed easy-to-grip Weldlok® tube combined with no-snag fittings provides a more comfortable handrail. Strong yet lightweight, made from pultruded fibreglass and isophthalic polyester resin, this system can be used in the harshest of environments. All connectors are steel core encapsulated for ultimate strength.

Weldlok® FRP Fibreglass Handrails advantages: Lightweight and easy to install – Strong and durable – Components supplied pre-drilled – Can be supplied prefabricated or in kit form – Chemical and corrosion resistant – UV resistant – Fire retardant – Low conductivity

Weldlok® FRP Fibreglass Grating & Handrails are ideal for:

+ Marinas, jetties, pontoons

+ Tourist walkways

+ Maintenance walkways

+ Industrial access platforms

+ Water and sewage treatment plants

NEPEAN Building & Infrastructure is Australia’s only specialist manufacturer of the famous Weldlok® and Balltube® Brands of grating and handrail products, proprietary Brands which have been in production since the 1950’s.

For over 55 years Weldlok® has remained a trusted name across Australia serving the industrial, civil and fabrication industries. Weldlok® grating and handrail systems are available in untreated steel, galvanised mild steel, stainless steel, aluminium and fibreglass.

Applications – Weldlok® grating and handrails are used extensively in many different resource applications throughout Australia including mines, industrial, chemical and sewerage plants, marine environments and superstructures, drilling rigs, architectural projects and tourist sites.

Materials – Weldlok® grating and handrails are available in a variety of materials including galvanised mild steel, stainless steel, aluminium and fibreglass.

Custom fabrication – All Weldlok® products can be custom-fabricated to suit unique customer requirements. With 2 main manufacturing plants in Sydney and Perth and smaller facilities in Brisbane and Melbourne, NEPEAN is able to provide a custom-made solution which is locally available.

How is Weldlok® Steel Grating made? – Weldlok® mild steel grating is constructed using an electro- forgewelding process that applies pressure and heat to fuse square, twisted cross bars into load-bearing bars of various thicknesses and depths. The result is a product with a one-piece construction that complies with the requirements of Australian Standard AS1657-1992.

The Weldlok® Balltube® Handrail System is also designed and manufactured to the requirements of Australian Standard AS1657-1992.

Easy installation – The modular Balltube® system allows speedy erection and finishing, with a minimum of on- site welding, providing considerable savings in time and labour costs. Balltube® sets the standard for time and cost saving in the installation of walkways, stairs and ladders. Components delivered to site include fully galvanised stanchions, rails, bends, kickplates, slip-joints, closures, all ready for trouble-free erection.

Complete packages – NEPEAN can supply a total package inlcuding Balltube® handrail system, Weldlok® grating, stair treads and walkway modules. The Weldlok® team can provide advice to draftspersons, engineers, fabricators and specifiers in the correct selection of all grating and handrail products.

An Australian based international wholesaler of stainless steel grab rails, hand shower systems, and other bathroom accessibility products, Axess Trading is synonymous with high quality, long lasting products.

Catering for a wide range of access requirements, Axess Trading supplies cost effective solutions for healthcare and residential projects whilst maintaining a minimal environmental impact.

Giving access to ducts, cable shafts and spaces that are not otherwise accessible, wall and ceiling doors are an indispensible tool for service and repair.

Gorter wall doors and ceiling doors are made of strong, durable steel sheets and come with a sturdy cam lock.

Designed for installation in system walls, brick walls and ceilings, Gorter wall and ceiling doors come in two versions: Universal and Fire Rated.

The Fire Rated wall and ceiling door provides the ultimate in fire safety technology, with performance as follows:

System walls: EW-60 and R-90
Brick walls: EW-90 and R-120
Ceilings: EW-120 and R-180

EW – fire resistance class in minutes
R – smoke impermeability class in minutes


For use with any Gorter roof hatch product, hook-on ladders are available in single or double/triple varieties, and are hooked over an anti-skid step mounted in the roof cavity. Safety features include brackets for wall mounting when not in use and padlock provisions to fix the ladder in place during use. The anodized aluminium ladders are fitted with anti skid treads.

Gorter wall and ceiling doors allow access to otherwise inaccessible service elements such as ducts and cable shafts. Made of KTL treated steel and finished with a powder coat, doors are equipped with a CAM lock and can be installed in ceilings and brick or stud walls.

To connect the ceiling and roof hatch in suspended ceiling constructions, Gorter supplies extensions to their scissor stair systems. By adding two or more steps atop a Gorter scissor stair, the extensions can bridge up to 2000mm ceiling to roof gaps without altering the gradient of the access stairs.

Gorter scissor stairs (attic ladders) can be combined with any Gorter roof hatch products to provide optimum safety and convenience in roof access. Made of standard anodized aluminium, the retractable stairs are durable and counterbalanced for ease of operation. Stairs are available in a range of dimensions to suit any roof height or size of opening.

Gorter Roof Hatches can be combined with existing stairs of lift services to allow safe and convenient roof access. Hatches incorporate an interior ladder or stair system and can be installed on roofs with pitches of up to 30 degrees. All Gorter Hatches can be operated with one hand, lock in open position, and are thermally insulated.

Available with a hinged or detachable cover, Gorter floor doors are fabricated from checker plate and suitable for indoor and outdoor applications. Supplied including a door cover and frame, the floor door is installed to be flush with the floor surface, though mounted options are available. Floor doors are compatible with numerous Gorter stair and ladder products.

The Australasian division of the Gorter Group, Gorter Hatches supplies access products for entry into roof, floor, ceiling, and wall spaces. All products are maintenance free and equipped with an assisted opening system for ease and safety of operation. Gorter Hatches products can be customised and combined to address a variety of design requirements.

Landmark have manufactured and installed hundreds of pedestrian bridges across Australia and the South Pacific, making them the most experienced in the field. They have a selection of timber truss, steel truss, I-beam or aluminium structures available, there is a Landmark Pedestrian Bridge to suit every situation. With a 10 year structural warranty and the ability to install, your bridge will last well into the future.

Landmark Pedestrian Bridges are suitable for most locations, environments and uses. Compare options in the tables (see photo gallery) below, then click on the pictures to navigate directly to details of individual designs and specifications most suitable for your project.

For more details, please go to Landmark’s website

As dedicated trade only suppliers of frameless glass hardware for the glazing and building industry, glass fittings by Trident Glass hardware are high quality solutions with architectural appeal.  The Trident SP 114 is a four way spider fitting for glass balustrades and walls, finely detailed to maintain the transparency and sleekness of glass.  The spider fittings, which include a 100mm offset and come in satin or polished steel finishes, add a distinctive touch of detail to buildings in domestic and especially commercial and civic scales.  


Available in satin stainless steel  +  Available in polished stainless steel


4 way spider fitting  +  100 mm offset


Trident SP 101 for pool fencing  +  Trident SP 102 for pool fencing  +  Trident SP 111 for Architectural uses  +  Trident SP 61 for pool fencing  +  Trident SP 112 (180) for Architectural uses  +  Trident SP 112 (90) for Architectural uses  +  Trident SP 113 for Architectural uses  

Enware has taken all the hassle out of ordering from various suppliers and running the risk of non-compliance, by packaging all the bits and bobs needed for an accessible public toilet, such as grab rails, basins, taps, and toilet seats, into their range of Carekits™.

Each of the 8 kits satisfy AS1428.1 requirements, making them a perfect solution for builders, architects, designers, and facility managers.

Key features include:

• IFO Increased height freestanding WC with integral back rest, raised flush buttons, and 4.5/3L flush

• White or stainless steel grab rail options • 600mm wide basin or 770mm wide basin with left or right bowl and shelf space

• Pressalit Anthracite Grey toilet seat with heavy duty stainless steel hinges and colour contrast. The seat is specifically designed for wheelchair users with a flat profile for easy transfer. Side buffers also provide extra stability.

• Electronic, sequential thermostatic, or extended lever mixer options

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