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Giving access to ducts, cable shafts and spaces that are not otherwise accessible, wall and ceiling doors are an indispensible tool for service and repair.

Gorter wall doors and ceiling doors are made of strong, durable steel sheets and come with a sturdy cam lock.

Designed for installation in system walls, brick walls and ceilings, Gorter wall and ceiling doors come in two versions: Universal and Fire Rated.

The Fire Rated wall and ceiling door provides the ultimate in fire safety technology, with performance as follows:

System walls: EW-60 and R-90
Brick walls: EW-90 and R-120
Ceilings: EW-120 and R-180

EW – fire resistance class in minutes
R – smoke impermeability class in minutes


Gorter wall and ceiling doors allow access to otherwise inaccessible service elements such as ducts and cable shafts. Made of KTL treated steel and finished with a powder coat, doors are equipped with a CAM lock and can be installed in ceilings and brick or stud walls.

Gorter Roof Hatches can be combined with existing stairs of lift services to allow safe and convenient roof access. Hatches incorporate an interior ladder or stair system and can be installed on roofs with pitches of up to 30 degrees. All Gorter Hatches can be operated with one hand, lock in open position, and are thermally insulated.

Available with a hinged or detachable cover, Gorter floor doors are fabricated from checker plate and suitable for indoor and outdoor applications. Supplied including a door cover and frame, the floor door is installed to be flush with the floor surface, though mounted options are available. Floor doors are compatible with numerous Gorter stair and ladder products.

The Australasian division of the Gorter Group, Gorter Hatches supplies access products for entry into roof, floor, ceiling, and wall spaces. All products are maintenance free and equipped with an assisted opening system for ease and safety of operation. Gorter Hatches products can be customised and combined to address a variety of design requirements.

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