How Much Does Polished Concrete Cost? [2022]

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Several factors go into determining the overall cost of polished concrete floors, like:

  • Polishing method: Mechanically polished concrete, honed concrete and grind and seal all have different price tags.
  • Size and shape: It costs more to polish a small and awkwardly shaped area because it requires more detailed work and setup time than a large area.
  • Level of finish: A matte finish will cost less than a gloss finish.
  • State the concrete is in: A cracked surface area that needs repairs before polishing will cost more.
  • Design options: A more complex project will cost more for both labor and flooring materials.

How Much does Polished Concrete Flooring Cost in Australia?


Polished concrete has been around for a while and isn’t about to lose appeal any time soon because of its modern and timeless look.

Prices vary depending on several factors like location, size, level of finish and polishing method, but on average it costs anywhere from $50 to $100 per square metre. The average overall concrete polishing cost in Australia is approximately $2,500.

Concrete Polishing Cost Per Square Metre

Type of Polished Concrete Floor Pricingsquare metre
Grind and seal method$50
Honed concrete$75
Mechanically polished concrete$100
Type of Polished Concrete Floor Pricing per square metre $

Polished Concrete Installation Cost

Concrete polishing floor costs vary depending on several things like state the concrete is in, design, level of finish, size and shape among other factors. According to the site Hipages, grind and seal method is the least expensive of the three flooring options costing around $50 per square metre while honing is $75 and mechanical grinding method is the most expensive one of the three costing around $100 per square metre.

Cost To Polish Existing Concrete

To come up with the overall pricing of polishing existing concrete, you’ve to include the manual labour costs of removing existing floor and concrete slab preparation work which will cost approximately $4 per square foot, concrete repairs at around $4 per square foot, screed overlay at around $7 per square foot and underlay at around $7 per square foot. Add this to the design option you choose depending on your budget and desired gloss level, whether it is grind and seal, honed concrete or mechanically polished to get the final price estimate. When choosing a concreter, you can seek quotes from several before hiring.

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