Plywood EPD Provides Solid Environmental Data for Specifiers

Specifying products with low environmental impact is critical to meeting Green Star ratings and gaining necessary approvals. Not to mention, a requirement most customers now demand.

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WoodSolutions has developed Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) for industry-average, Australian-produced timber products such as Ecoply ® , manufactured by Carter Holt Harvey. Each published EPD is independently verified and registered, and provides transparent and comparable information about the environmental impact of the timber product through its entire life-cycle. Data reported in an EPD is collected using internationally recognised life cycle assessment and ISO 14025.

The Plywood EPD helps to showcase the environmental credentials of Australian ply products and provides life-cycle data for calculating the impacts at a building level.

Ecoply is proven, durable and easy to work with. Manufactured from sustainably-grown Australian and New Zealand plantation pine. Unlike some other common alternatives that are carbon intensive to manufacture, Ecoply is a low embodied energy product that is actually a natural carbon store. On a limited Life Cycle Analysis basis, building in wood sourced from sustainably-managed plantations represents a net removal of carbon dioxide away from the atmosphere for the life of the timber.

Versatile Ecoply Structural Square Edge plywood is ideal for bracing, interior linings, membrane substrates, hoardings and DIY projects. It is available in a wide range of surface appearance grades, sheet sizes, thicknesses and treatments.

Ecoply also has Super E0 formaldehyde emissions – making it compliant with the Green Star Formaldehyde credit. And it’s EWPAA ‘Product certified’ for peace of mind. The EPD provides data on the entire lifecycle of plywood, so specifiers can compare with imported and local products and other building materials – Ecoply is sure to compare favourably. To download the EPD follow this link

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