Parents’ Room Feature Wall, Bateau Bay

Parents’ rooms in shopping centres offer designers, architects and builders interesting challenges. While the environment needs to be bright and colourful, the construction needs to be sufficiently robust to overcome the energetic behaviour of toddlers and at the same time maintain a safe environment for children of varying ages.

Recently, Allplastics were approached by Mainbrace Constructions to fabricate a range cylinders of different diameters for a centre on the Central Coast of New South Wales. White opaque acrylic was chosen and a 20mm White Acrylic Collar secured the cylinder to the front of the dividing wall, while the opposite end was sealed with an unbreakable clear polycarbonate disc allowing a clear vision inside the cylinder. The cylinders were supported by a number of CNC Routered MDF panels which cradled the white acrylic cylinders across the wall dividing the parents’ room.


Daniel Saggus from Mainbrace commented “our customer was more than pleased with the outcome.” He added “Allplastics managed to offer a number of solutions and managed to deliver the fabricated cylinders within a tight deadline.”

Allplastics offers Australia’s widest range of architectural and building materials as well as an expertise in the fabrication of plastics for a diverse range of projects. These include PERSPEX Frost in more than 20 colours, coloured Acrylic mirrors, Dekodur high-pressure Laminates and much more.


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