NUVO audio system: connect, control and cruise to the beats

Designed by musicians, NUVO delivers a completely integrated approach when it comes to home audio, music streaming, supreme sound and ultimate convenience.

For music-lovers, Legrand’s state-of-the-art NUVO multi-source, multi-zone distributed audio system can be integrated into the home automation system for an incredible, musician-designed sound experience.

With supreme quality audio streaming, the wireless player amplifiers are optimised for lossless digital signal flow. It also allows for customisation across rooms, so everyone can listen to different tunes simultaneously wherever they are in the home. And, with perfect syncing.

Features include:

-Mastering grade, high fidelity audio
-World renowned Audyssey™ music technology – optimises listening experience
-Supports both wired ethernet and wireless 802.11n configuration options
-Includes use of both 2.4 and 5Ghz bands offering the fastest signal and the broadest coverage
-Accesses an almost limitless gallery of audio: iTunes and -Windows media libraries, Spotify, online radio stations, and content from personal devices
-Connects any Bluetooth device, wirelessly, using the lossless aptX™ Bluetooth feature (120W player – NVP200AU)
-Connects to storage devices, analog equipment, or home theatre receivers through audio inline, line-out and USB ports
-Expandable – up to 16 zones can be created
-The player is equipped with USB port for flash/ hard drives
-Ultimate flexibility for contractors: you can expand the NUVO system by adding in the other zones depending on your client’s future requirements.

The NUVO wireless multi-room audio system is based around robust dual band wireless players, which communicate with one another, as well as the user’s Internet access point. This enables easy access to music, or smooth audio streaming from countless online options.

The perfect entertainment buddy

If you are working on a project where entertainment is key, Legrand’s NUVO sound system will instantly create the scenario for fantastic ambience. With just one button, users can dim the lights on their verandah or patio, crank up the tubes and light up the garden for the ideal party setting.

Whether you’re getting the party started, or want to create your ideal ‘zen’ moment, just follow NUVO’s triple C Rule: connect, control and cruise.

For your next project, include the high-fidelity NUVO system for top quality, multi-room sound diffusion.

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