New look at Morecambe Bay's seaside mussel-shaped greenhouses

On the coastline of Morecambe Bay, in Lancashire, UK, are five curving forms that resemble giant mussel shells. The seaside pavilions, with their unique, wedge-like forms, are part of an ecological resort designed by London-based studio, Grimshaw.

[Image: Grimshaw Architects]
“Morecambe Bay is a truly unique location of outstanding natural beauty, which in combination with Eden’s distinctive approach will make this a landmark destination of national and international significance,” stated Grimshaw’s partner, Jolyon Brewis.

Grimshaw have proposed the project for Cornwall’s environmental charity Eden Project International, creating a coastal attraction that evokes its rich surrounding ecosystem.

The Eden Project first opened in a former china clay quarry in 2001. It focuses on big global challenges surrounding specific localities, such as soil, water, food, and biodiversity. Each global project is a major collaboration, involving a web of organisations, companies, communities, research and conservation groups.

[Image: Grimshaw Architects]
The Morecambe Bay resort is multi-purpose, mixing both indoor and outdoor experiences. Designers have created the complex for twenty-first century tastes, fostering well-being and sustainability. It includes reimagined lidos, gardens, performance spaces, immersive experiences and observatories.

Each central mussel-shaped building is a greenhouse, containing different marine environments. Accordingly, these features introduce visitors to the “internationally significant” environment of Morecambe Bay, promotion conservation. A network of walkways and plazas surrounds the complex, extending from the bustling pavilions to the vast sea.

“We’re incredibly proud to present our vision for Eden Project North and hope that the people of Morecambe and the surrounding area are as excited about it as we are,” said Dave Harland, chief executive of Eden Project International Limited.

[Image: Grimshaw Architects]
We aim to reimagine what a seaside destination can offer, with a world-class tourist attraction that is completely in tune with its natural surroundings.”

Developers of the project aimed to mirror the impact of the original Eden Project in Cornwall. Similarly, the project aims to create a boom in Morecambe socially, economically and environmentally. Grimshaw has previously worked with Eden Project North, designing the world-famous Rainforest and Mediterranean Biomes.

Eden Project North is now seeking funding.

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