Multi Head Split Systems (Price & Costs) [2022]

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If you have limited space in your home a multi-head split system air conditioning is the best choice for you. All indoor units work separately as an air conditioning system while the outdoor unit powers and runs all of them. 

Multi Head Split System Air Conditioner Prices

The price for this type of air conditioner varies a lot in Australia. When you have multiple indoor units and just a single outdoor unit it’s important for that unit to be powerful enough and be able to run each indoor unit separately. Most of these systems have around 7-8 basic kW rating and can go all the way up to 14-15 kW. Most of these air conditioners allow for the multi split system air to circulate. 

It usually allows up to 5 indoor units to be connected to that one outdoor unit. The price range varies a lot and sometimes you can save a lot of money when there are sales going on and if you decide to choose a different model, different brands but, overall this type of service will cost you around 2000 to 3000 Australian dollars.

Average kW coolingAverage KW heatingMax # of connectable indoor unitsAverage Price
7.1 kW7.4 kW3$2,000
9.6 kW9.7 kW4$2,400
13.3 kW14.5 kW5$3,000
Estimated Average Multi Head Split System Prices in Australia

Installation Costs of a Multi Head Split System

It would make sense that a multi head split air conditioning system would cost less to install but this is where you’d be wrong. Multi split systems have a higher installation cost because of the pipe length, which goes from the outdoor unit to all air conditioners that are indoors. The work involved also takes longer than a simple split system since most of them have a hole next to the wall mounted air conditioners and then the outdoor unit is almost always behind it. No more than a few meters of tape, pipes or wires. 

Multi Head Split System vs Single Split System

There are a few pros and cons when choosing either a multi split air conditioner or a single split one. Unlike the single split system, the biggest pro for multi head systems is that you save a lot of space by having just one outdoor unit installed and have it connect to all the rooms separately. This solution works great for people who are lacking space and this way they are saving a lot of it. On the other hand, having a single split system costs a lot less to run, is more energy-efficient and can cool each room individually so if the outdoor unit breaks your whole house won’t “melt” or “freeze” from the lack of cooling or heating, respectively. 

Multi Head Split System vs Ducted Air System

These types of systems are fairly similar in terms of temperature control but they both have a different capacity for different services. The systems use outdoor units. Duct systems might cost more than the multi head split system air conditioners, due to the fact that not everyone has enough ceiling space that is required for duct installation in all the rooms. Ducted vents usually are on the ceiling but it all depends on the room and modern systems allow for individual control for the temperature of each zone, not just per floor but even per room. 

Multi Head Split System Pros and Cons

A multi split system has a lot of pros and a lot of cons. The biggest pro is that  

  • It requires just a single open-air unit, 
  • It has a lot of different stylish options to choose from, 
  • Requires no ducts but does require pipes installed between outdoor and indoor units. 

On the other hand, 

  • When the outdoor unit breaks all other air cons stop working, 
  • It costs a lot to purchase and have it installed, 
  • The fan can be considered loud, especially when working at full capacity.

Some of the most famous brands are Fujitsu, Daikin, Mitsubishi Electric and many more. 

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