Modular Contactors: The best soldier for time switches

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Used for an array of electrical applications in dwellings, Legrand’s family of Time Switches is a fantastic energy saver. When paired with our CX3 Modular Contactors, the Time Switches operate with utmost precision.

The Modular Contactor works like a soldier for the Time Switches. It does this by following orders from the Time Switch to control multiple circuits (or channels) of much heavier current appliances.

The range of 25A to 63A allows for the reliable control of many different load types (i.e. motors, lighting, or pumps) and levels of loading without affecting the operation or the life expectancy of the Time Switch.

Our Modular Contactors are ideal for automaton, allowing for smooth, top-quality operation among different types of appliances. They also come with a manual override switch. This enables any testing or repairs to be carried out safely and reliably, without interrupting other automatic functions.

The CX3 Modular Contactors also come in a low noise power range and are ideal for any premises that are sensitive to sound, such as hospitals or hotels.

Available in 2, 3 and 4 poles, as well as all contacts, Legrand has made sure these soldiers are the complete package for reliability, longevity and superior performance! Visit for more information.

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