Mirror – Mirror on the Wall!

Silver Acrylic Mirrors on Wall-2

Allplastics provided silver acrylic mirrors for a newly opened home display suite at Wentworth point in Sydney. The project managers Thomsen Building Services were given a challenging brief by the interior architect.

Silver Acrylic Mirrors on Wall-3

“Standard glass mirror was not feasible due to safety concerns” commented Jason Thompson, managing director of Thomsen Building. “Allplastics offered a practical solution by cutting and gluing the 3m x 2m sheets in a tight frame of time.”

Silver Acrylic Mirrors on Wall-4

The result is a stunning look as reflected in the photos recently received. Allplastics provides acrylic mirrors in silver as well as colours for a diverse range of applications where glass is not practical or economical to use.

Silver Acrylic Mirrors on Wall-6

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