LIION raises the bar for Emergency Lighting

The wait is over and Legrand’s LIION Emergency Lighting range has arrived! The luminaires come with the latest Lithium-ion battery technology, known as Lithium Ion Phosphate (LiFePO4). A previous article in Specifier discusses why the LIION technology has raised the bar when it comes to Emergency Lighting battery technology – from its superior performance and reliable operation, to busting myths about the ‘risk’ of fires. But we’ll wrap up a few key points for you:

  • Has an operational lifespan of up to 10 years (4 times the expectancy that traditional NiCd/lead-acid batteries).
  • Environmentally friendly battery by not containing heavy toxic metals
  • LiFePO4 batteries do not require frequent charging as they can hold their charge over long periods resulting in reduced energy consumption.
  • Has integrated iSmart TM  temperature sensing technology, ensuring the battery remains within a safe charging temperature.
  • Has an on-board Protection Circuit Module (PCM), which will protect the battery pack from over-charging and over-discharging.
  • Backed with a 5 year warranty.
  • Designed and Manufactured in Australia to meet Australian and New Zealand standards for Emergency escape lighting.

For top-quality operation, LIION is extra safeultra green and super reliable. So, raise the bar for your next commercial or residential project with this latest Emergency Lighting solution.


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