Legrand’s new telecare unit brings freedom, confidence and security

The median age in Australia is on the rise and over the next several decades, the trend will continue. This has significant implications on work and everyday living, particularly within the health and aged care sectors.

Growing older is often identified with negative connotations, but meeting the ‘suave senior over 60’s club’ can have a silver lining; especially when knowing that our ageing population can live with independence, confidence and freedom.

A market leader in the health and aged care industries in the UK, Legrand has recently introduced ‘Reach Plus 3G’. As part of TYNETEC’s Technology Enabled Care Solutions, Reach Plus 3G is an at-home alarm unit, providing round-the-clock telecare assistance. By pressing a red button located on the unit, or by using a pendant, a signal will be sent from the user to a 24 hour monitoring centre or nominated responder. Once the call is activated, the user can directly communicate, using the built-in high quality digital speaker-phone. Other telecare sensors are linked wirelessly to the alarm, allowing for a smooth signal transfer between all communicators. This YouTube clip gives a great snapshot of how the system works:


TYNETEC’s Reach Plus system allows for people to live independently for longer in their own home by bringing together the most sophisticated electronics. Consider this solution for your next project and let’s work towards independence, confidence and freedom together. www.legrand.com.au


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