Legrand’s LIION: the future battery for Emergency Lighting

Legrand is soon to release its latest emergency lighting luminaires incorporating the latest technology in Lithium-ion batteries. The range name titled ‘LIION’ is specifically designed and manufactured in Australia to suit Australian and New Zealand conditions. With an operational lifespan of up to 10 years, the LIION range of emergency lighting products will deliver a greatly extended battery life far beyond the expected lifespan of traditional NiCd/lead-acid batteries. Moreover, this lightweight battery uses ‘green technology’; that is, it incorporates methods of energy storage and manufactured from materials that are far less harmful to the environment than more conventional ways of storing energy.

Let’s ‘put the fire out’, so to speak

But don’t lithium-ion batteries cause fires? You may have heard about phones and laptops bursting into flame from overly-heated lithium-ion batteries, but let’s set the record straight – there are different formulations of battery chemistry that make up lithium ion. Lithium-Cobalt-Oxide (LiCoO2) for example, has been known to catastrophically fail if the battery is faulty or overcharged. However, a new chemical makeup of lithium ion was developed in the 1990’s, known as Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4). Batteries with this mix are non-combustible, making them a much safer option.

Yes, Legrand uses the good stuff!

By this, we mean that Legrand’s LIION range incorporates the safe, smart and durable LiFePO4 technology. Legrand go above and beyond safety for emergency lighting by integrating iSmartTM temperature sensing technology. iSmartTM is the name given to the electronics that have been designed to ensure that the battery is not charged outside its specified ambient temperature zones. Furthermore, each battery pack has an onboard Protection Circuit Module (PCM), which will protect the battery pack from over-charging and over-discharging.

Super-fast charge, super-low maintenance

The LIION charging/discharge circuit that Legrand has designed will automatically switch to charging mode after discharging the battery as per AS2293, this is to avoid deep discharging of the LIION battery, resulting in an extended battery life and much lower maintenance costs. With their eco-friendly energy storage, safe chemical makeup, excellent durability and prolonged performance, Legrand’s LIION range is an incredibly strong candidate for re-defining the future of battery technology in Emergency Lighting! For more information, please visit www.legrand.com.au.

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