Legrand’s latest LED Satellite is up for an award nomination from its ‘super’ results!

Shining bright from high above, Legrand’s Super LED Satellite is becoming the talk of the town for commercial projects. Legrand has entered the Luminaire in the 2017 NSW Luminaire Design Award (LuDa).

Organised by the Illuminating Engineering Society (IES), LuDa is a category of the IES Design Awards, which recognises exceptional lighting installations and outstanding luminaire design.

The new Super LED Satellite has been submitted for its specialised design to illuminate from high ceilings and large areas in emergency situations. It is able to achieve this using only a single Chip on Board (COB) LED, which has a double refractive lens. By having this unique lens feature, the optical distribution becomes ultra-wide.

For Legrand, the purpose was the design a product specifically for applications operating within large premises. Thus, the satellite was born. A recent article in Specifier highlights other features, which makes this product extra special.

If your next project involves applications such as parking lots, exhibition centres, industrial manufacturing, warehousing and most general installations with high ceilings, the Super LED Satellite is the perfect solution.

The winner of the IES Design Awards will be announced on Friday 3 November, so stay tuned! www.legrand.com.au

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